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Index Best Known Date Tape.Ep # VQ/AQ Source

First Four Contestants

1st Half PGs 2nd Half PGs More Info

Raif, Cecile, Deborah, Kristina

Give Or Keep, Temptation, Poker GameBullseye, Card Game, Clock GameTaped 10-19-76; one of Anitra Ford's last shows; blurry picture and badly muffled sound

Sandy, Paul, Myra, Connie

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double PricesN/ATaped 8-19-72; first episode of the New Price Is Right starring Bob Barker. Very good 1st Showcase win (only $4 between contestant's bid and ARP)

Bertha, Christopher, Lezlie, Patricia

Shell Game, Money Game, Double PricesN/ATaped 11-23-74

Andrea, Marsha, Nellie, Theresa

Shell Game, Card Game, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 6-16-75

Kathy, Theresa, Edwina, Sandy

Hi-Lo, Most Expensive, Golden RoadN/ATaped 8-2-75; premiere of Golden Road

Yoo Sook, Janice, Sherry, Diane

Shell Game, Ten Chances, Most ExpensiveN/A

Mara, Cathy, Jeanette, Ruby

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most ExpensiveAny Number, Range Game, Give Or KeepOriginally scheduled to air on 9-8-75; first-ever hour-long show and 2nd playing of Golden Road; persistent tracking problems through most of show

Linda, Inez, Beverly, Cindy

Give Or Keep, Ten Chances, Double PricesTemptation, Shell Game, Race GameTaped 11-13-75; Bob calls a contestant named Mary "Dirty Mary" after her daughter in the audience tells him to

Ron, Linda, Faye, Debra

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, 1 Right PriceAny Number, Race Game, Grocery Game5 Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently; painful occurrence in showcase

Eva, Mary, Kathleen, Leora

Lucky Seven, Double Prices, Give Or Keep5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Most ExpensiveTaped 12-2-75; WIN TV; sound is OK but picture is kind of grainy; funny Flaky Flick showcase: "Kinky Kong"; some very "70s" items on this show

Pamela, Catherine, Guadalupe, Deborah

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Clock GameMost Expensive, Card Game, Hi-LoTaped 12-6-75. Pamela is over-excited (Bob is predictably scared) and Guadalupe can't stop crying

Valerie, Mary, Diane, Virginia

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bonus GameCard Game, Range Game, Hi-Lo

Myrna, Betty, Lorraine, Denise

Temptation, Clock Game, Grocery GameTen Chances, Give Or Keep, Range GameTaped 12-22-75; WIN TV

Rochelle, Larry, Margaret, Shirley

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most ExpensiveAny Number, Range Game, Hi-LoTaped 1-6-76. WIN TV but was "fixed" (video quality is blurry because of this); features the famous "GAS" showcase

Dawn, Glemius, Cathy, Penny

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Shell GameTemptation, Most Expensive, Grocery GameTaped 1-13-76; WIN TV; Harold buys 44 rolls of Certs in Grocery Game

Brenda, Michelle, Elisa, William

Card Game, Hurdles, 1 Right PriceAny Number, Range Game, Shell GameTaped 2-17-76; WIN TV

Carmella, Penny, Connie, Raynetta

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Grocery GameDanger Price, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices

Linda, Darlene, Rita, Caroline

Hi-Lo, Poker Game, 3 StrikesCard Game, Shell Game, Most ExpensiveTaped 3-11-76; WIN TV; Movie Of The Week showcase featuring "Ride A Wild Pony;" Caroline is moved to tears by it

Patricia, Linda, Elaine, Natalia

Grocery Game, 3 Strikes, Clock GameMost Expensive, Danger Price, 5 Price TagsTaped 4-12-76; show features the infamous "This Is Your Strife" showcase, one of the earliest appearances of the Beanstalker, and one of the least expensive grocery products ever in PG1

Mary, Yvonne, Cynthia, Corrine

Golden Road, Hurdles, Double PricesDice Game, Bonus Game, Race GameTaped 4-26-76; premiere of Dice Game - car has an 8 in the price

Marilyn, Gail, Carol, Patricia

Bonus Game, Temptation, Danger Price3 Strikes, Bullseye, Most ExpensiveOriginally scheduled for 9-3-76; Marilyn and Patricia meet for the first time in 16 years after having been classmates as kids - Bob calls it "a Truth Or Consequences reunion"

Brenda, Christine, Joseph, Cheryl

1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameClock Game, 5 Price Tags, Double PricesTaped 6-7-76; originally scheduled to air on 9-10-76

Linda, Anna, Marilyn, Mary

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Range GameMost Expensive, Ten Chances, HurdlesTaped 6-15-76; originally scheduled to air on 9-22-76; WIN TV

Velinda, Kellie, Gwendolyn, Lorraine

Switcheroo, Clock Game, Race GameHi-Lo, Dice Game, Danger PriceTaped 10-5-76; WIN TV; Switcheroo played for an expensive (for the time) car not frequently seen on the show; Clock Game played for a car; price of car in Dice Game has a zero in it

Evangelina, Lea, Linda, Regina

1 Right Price, Ten Chances, HurdlesCliffhangers, Temptation, Most ExpensiveFun but no-so-smart contestant in Cliffhangers

Becky, Robinetta, Sherry, Marlene

Danger Price, Temptation, Give Or KeepMoney Game, Hi-Lo, Clock GameTaped 1-10-77;early appearance by Holly; episode features contestant "Bouncing" Becky; DSW

Irma, Linda, Kashela, Tracy

Any Number, Grocery Game, Race GameDanger Price, 5 Price Tags, Range GameGrainy and muffled

Susan, Lori, Carolyn, Nanette

Lucky Seven, Give Or Keep, Clock GameGrocery Game, Ten Chances, Danger Price

Gail, Judy, Linda, Temeria

5 Price Tags, Safecrackers, Danger PriceHurdles, Money Game, 1 Right PriceTaped 3-30-77; exciting show; believed to be first time a game other than Golden Road is played for a 5-digit car (and it's quite the funky ride, too); Flaky Flick showcase "Socky" (parody of Rocky)

Georgine, Bridget, Dolores, Shelley

Any Number, 1 Right Price, Hi-LoDanger Price, 5 Price Tags, Race GameFur coat offered in showcase

Kimberly, Elizabeth, Peggy, Darilyn

Most Expensive, Temptation, Give Or KeepRace Game, Bullseye, Money GameMovie Of The Week showcase featuring Benji (Benji himself makes an actual appearance)

Kyna, Linda, Katherine, Melinda

Most Expensive, Hole In One, Clock GameRange Game, Dice Game, Give Or KeepElijah wants to be the next Johnny Olson; one of the earliest shows where Dice Game is played with its normal rules

Deborah, Sharon, Patricia, Grace

Any Number, Range Game, Grocery GameMost Expensive, Cliffhangers, 3 StrikesBob shows off a Daytime TV Magazine award that declares TPIR best game show; nail-biting Cliffhangers win

Robin, Sarah, Jennifer, Brenda

Clock Game, Dice Game, Hi-LoRange Game, Card Game, Bonus Game

Karen, Sabrina, Janice, Rhonda

Switcheroo, Clock Game, 1 Right PriceDanger Price, Give Or Keep, Ten ChancesShow features hilariously emotional contestant "Crying Rhonda," funny showcase "Everything You Need To Survive A Blind Date" with guest appearance by Lyle Waggoner; almost $8000 given away in PG3

Susan, Yolanda, Janis, Betty

Clock Game, Secret X, Any NumberDouble Prices, Ten Chances, HurdlesTaped 6-27-77; the infamous Yolanda tube top incident; premiere of Secret X; some sources indicate airdate as 9-15-77

Priscilla, Suzanne, Laura, Trudy

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Grocery Game1 Right Price, Secret X, Card GameGreat playing of Lucky Seven; exciting Clock Game win

Wanda, Glenda, Madeline, Michael

Grocery Game, Card Game, Squeeze PlayMost Expensive, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameHilarious (as well as lengthy and expensive) showcase "Everything You Need To Compete With Your Neighbor"

Jennifer, Nancy, Candy, Sandy

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Secret XRange Game, Temptation, Bullseye

Pamela, Kathleen, Clifton, Alice

Bonus Game, Poker Game, Professor PriceDouble Prices, Any Number, Grocery GameTaped 9-27-77; Premiere of the infamous Professor Price; Grocery Game played for a car

Cynthia, Heidi, Rebecca, Wanda

Clock Game, Card Game, Shell GameDouble Prices, Hole In One, Danger PriceOriginally scheduled to air on 11-30-77

Cherie, Roseann, Elizabeth, John

Give Or Keep, Dice Game, SafecrackersDouble Prices, Grocery Game, Card GameTaped 10-10-77

Richelle, Sherrie, Dianne, Robert

Double Prices, Hole In One, Clock GameDice Game, Give Or Keep, Squeeze Play

Millie, Christy, Kathleen, Linda

Lucky Seven, Bullseye, Range Game1 Right Price, 5 Price Tags, Double PricesMillie (who would rather be called Pam) is a nervous wreck; she and Bob have a funny conversation about pregnancy; one of very few episodes from 1977 to NOT use the Family Feud theme with a car

Sherill, Nancy, Michele, Constance

Dice Game, Secret X, Race GameCard Game, Hurdles, Double PricesLast airing of 1977; Constance jumps around so much that she bangs into the giant price tag; Janice crashes a car in the showcase; Michele is a guy

Lynn, Linda, Florence, Raymond

Golden Road, Danger Price, Give Or Keep3 Strikes, Grocery Game, 1 Right PriceCrazy contestant Florence attacks Bob, causing a lump on his head; contrary to what some sources indicate, this is NOT the first aired show of 1978; 5th contestant's name is a mouthful

Eileen, Joyce, Flossie, Cynthia

Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, Grocery GameDouble Prices, Ten Chances, Secret X

Patricia, Gerie, Carole, Lynne

Clock Game, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceMost Expensive, Cliffhangers, Dice GameOne of the earliest shows where the $500 bonus in Hole In One is won; HIO played for a car not seen on the show frequently; surprising occurrence in Dice Game

Rocky, Dena, Tawny, Elisapeta

Switcheroo, Double Prices, Poker GameTen Chances, Hi-Lo, Squeeze PlayCrazy Samoan Elisapeta grabs Bob around the rear; 5 out of 6 onstage contestants come from the same spot in Contestant's Row

Deborah, Shari, Theresi, Susan

Danger Price, Dice Game, Secret XMost Expensive, Hurdles, Any NumberFunny "Plotzopoly" showcase - Janice and Dian are game pieces on a giant gameboard in a game played with fixed dice (one of which ends up rolling incorrectly)

Teri, Sonja, Jim, Nalani

Lucky Seven, Bullseye, Most ExpensiveDouble Prices, 5 Price Tags, SafecrackersTaped 1-10-78

Eda, Sylvia, Terri, Edward

Shell Game, Danger Price, Card GameDouble Prices, Grocery Game, Ten ChancesEdward is a nervous wreck (you can hear him whimper from time to time); Double Showcase Winner today

Janice, Barbara, Ray, James

Clock Game, Any Number, Bonus GameDouble Prices, 3 Strikes, HurdlesTaped 2-8-78; Ray is a girl; says her parents were expecting a boy when Bob asks her about her name

Bayon, Kathleen, Diane, Linda

Most Expensive, Secret X, Any NumberRange Game, Temptation, Hi-LoMost Expensive played for 3 trips; Bob asks contestants during SCSD1 what they would do with $1000 and gets a funny and unexpected response from Bayon; boat in PG4 more expensive than one of the cars

Nona, Linda, Valerie, Audrey

Clock Game, Dice Game, Grocery GameMost Expensive, Temptation, Give Or KeepDice Game won without any decisions; showcase salute to Sir Alec Guiness; $5 DSW

Barbara, Dawn, Jural, Thomas

Clock Game, Cliffhangers, Money GameDouble Prices, Hurdles, Card Game2 of the first 4 contestants are men (unusual for 1978), and the male contestants generally do better in this episode than the females

Maria, Linda, Donald, Leslie

Range Game, Hole In One, Poker GameSqueeze Play, Secret X, Money GameTaped 4-11-78; Maria is nervous and barely understandable; funny showcase where Johnny plays a washed-up boxer who pumps his way back into shape with the help of a tire inflator

Patricia, Diana, Malcolm, Charlotte

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Shell GameSqueeze Play, Hurdles, Money GameOne of the first shows with the new, one-piece white floor in front of Contestant's Row; Bob and Diana get flirty and have a funny conversation about plastic surgery; back half found first in PG6

Linda, Denise, John, Ella

Bonus Game, Poker Game, 3 Strikes1 Right Price, Hurdles, Any NumberTaped 1-16-79; WIN TV; probably the only show from the 1978-79 season available anywhere on the trading circuit right now

Sandra, Debra, John, Debra

5 Price Tags, Poker Game, Range Game1 Right Price, Bullseye, Dice GameTaped 6-6-79 and originally scheduled for 7-30-79; showcase winner's bid off by $101

Elaine, Cathy, Peggy, Richard

Give Or Keep, Money Game, Race GameSqueeze Play, Hole In One, Clock GameTaped 6-11-79; originally scheduled to air on 8-2-79

Beatrice, Florencio, Jewel, Ocelia

Switcheroo, Range Game, Safecrackers1 Right Price, Grocery Game, Ten ChancesTaped 6-12-79 and originally intended for 8-6-79; car in PG1 not on the show frequently; PG3 played for a car; Bob makes Florencio out as quite the ladies man; $7 nailed with a single purchase in PG5

Evelyn, Erin, Carol, Consuelo

Bullseye, 3 Strikes, Clock Game1 Right Price, Bonus Game, It's OptionalTaped 6-20-79; originally scheduled to air on 8-16-79

Karen, Jenice, Deanna, Vernie

Safecrackers, Ten Chances, Shell GameSqueeze Play, Hole In One, Take TwoTaped 6-25-79; originally scheduled to air on 8-20-79; 2 of first 4 contestants share a last name

Annette, Karen, George, Abla

Double Prices, Lucky Seven, BullseyeSqueeze Play, Card Game, CliffhangersTaped 7-2-79; originally scheduled to air on 8-24-79; WIN TV; excellent Card Game win; Card Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Maureen gives the car to her sister

Judy, Robert, Susan, Deborah

Bonus Game, Dice Game, Danger Price1 Right Price, Hole In One, Poker GameTaped 7-3-79; WIN TV

Stephanie, Hattie, Teresa, Tarese

Golden Road, Hi-Lo, Clock GameSqueeze Play, Punch-A-Bunch, Take TwoTaped 8-7-79; WIN TV; Bob asks Teresa what she would most like to win and gets a less-than-expected response; grand prize in PG1 is $18,000+; Punch-A-Bunch supercedes a 2nd car game today

Margaret, James, Lisa, Mary

Safecrackers, Grocery Game, Dice GamePoker Game, Shell Game, Any NumberTaped 8-14-79; WIN TV; no-decision Dice Game win

Anna, Joan, Kathleen, Bobby

Bullseye, Race Game, Dice GameDouble Prices, Poker Game, 5 Price TagsTaped 8-16-79; WIN TV

James, Toni, Joann, Virginia

Hi-Lo, Any Number, Clock GameRange Game, Give Or Keep, Dice GameWIN TV; supposedly taped on 10-22-79 according to GSN, however this is most likely wrong given the airdate

Toni, William, Rosejean, Myrtle

Grocery Game, Double Prices, 3 StrikesRange Game, Any Number, Bonus Game

Michelle, Leray, Betty, Donna

Safecrackers, Take Two, SwitcherooMost Expensive, Ten Chances, HurdlesTaped 9-11-79; Bob really gets hung up on trying to explain what a Screwball socket wrench is; disaster in Switcheroo

Fred, Alison, Cheryl, Martha

Lucky Seven, Hurdles, Squeeze PlayRace Game, Shell Game, Money Game"Filmy residue" picture quality and noticeably muffled

Raissa, Dorothy, Leila, Robert

Safecrackers, Danger Price, Hole In One1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Secret XTaped 11-5-79; WIN TV; Safecrackers played for a car; terrible playing of Ten Chances - Robert gets several at the car but just can't seem to grasp the significance of the zero

Kimberly, Cheryl, Margie, Lucille

Grocery Game, It's Optional, Most ExpensiveRange Game, Give Or Keep, Money GameTaped 11-19-79; Cheryl calls Bob "the best looking Thanksgiving turkey in town"; DSW

James, Rochelle, Melodie, Terri

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, BullseyeDouble Prices, Shell Game, 3 Strikes

Enriquetta, Russell, Arthurette, Patricia

Grocery Game, Temptation, Most ExpensiveTake Two, Money Game, CliffhangersPainful Temptation loss - Bob builds it up to an exciting climax (which is usually a sign of a win); also one of the last shows where the car price in Temptation ends with something other than 0 or 5

Sabrina, Lori, Serena, Eloise

Any Number, Take Two, Hi-LoSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Dice GameSecond-closest DSW ever; Bob karate-kicks the Squeeze Play board; some sources list airdate as 2-20-80

Heather, Paul, Carlina, Gloria

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Danger PriceMost Expensive, Dice Game, HurdlesTaped 1-15-80; WIN TV; Pamela really, really loves Bob; Time Capsule showcase

Sheryl, Grace, Janet, Linda

Clock Game, Temptation, Shell Game1 Right Price, Hole In One, Danger Price

Angie, Gregg, Teri, Lynda

Clock Game, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceRace Game, Dice Game, CliffhangersBAD bid by Teri on IUFB1; Gregg gets lucky in Clock Game; Hole In One played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Colleen, Sonja, Michael, Vikki

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most ExpensiveTake Two, Hurdles, Card GameTaped 3-10-80; Bob gets kissed on the lips in this episode; somewhat muffled and picture messes up when car in PG1 is being shown

Thelma, Craig, Monica, Louise

Give Or Keep, Race Game, Money GameDouble Prices, Any Number, Hi-LoTaped 3-11-80

Eleanor, Charlotte, Kathy , Kenneth

Grocery Game, Danger Price, Ten ChancesSqueeze Play, Secret X, It's OptionalTaped 3-26-80

Pamela, Emilia, Carol, Ricky

Lucky Seven, Take Two, Penny AnteMost Expensive, Ten Chances, Trader BobTaped 3-31-80; premiere of Trader Bob

Lisa, Jody, Shirley, Michael

Grocery Game, Temptation, Clock GameSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Money GameTaped 4-23-80; WIN TV; not to be confused with episode 3592D from 3-11-80, whose pricing game lineup is identical

Lorae, Shawna, Theresa, LaRita

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Hi-LoBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Ten ChancesTaped 5-5-80; WIN TV; Episode features the dubious distinction of having the first contestant ever to NOT get the big wheel all the way around in a bonus spin

Lydia, Betty, Rosetta, Leslie

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Race GameDouble Prices, Shell Game, Card GameTaped 5-7-80; WIN TV; Movie Of The Week showcase featuring "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back); Charles has some difficulty fitting into the car he's won

Michelle, Richard, Bertha, Vanna

Hi-Lo, Lucky Seven, Poker GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, CliffhangersVanna White is a contestant on this show; Bob chides her for acting vain

Donna, Suzanne, Jacqueline, Marcel

Any Number, Trader Bob, 1 Right PricePoker Game, 3 Strikes, Penny AnteTaped 5-20-80; WIN TV; Marcel kisses Bob when he's not looking

Tina, Marilyn, Dorothy, Sharon

Golden Road, Shell Game, Barker's Bargain BarDanger Price, Ten Chances, Hi-LoCrazy lady in PG5 keeps grabbing Bob's finger and bending it back; not-so-smart move in Golden Road; Bob and Stoney have a lengthy and frustrating discussion about how he got the name "Stoney"

Madeline, William, Cynthia, Brenda

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Squeeze PlayPoker Game, Hurdles, Dice GameSuper-painful losses in 5 Price Tags & Clock Game; funny contestant William "the horse ventriloquist"; problems with bells & buzzers today; Dice Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Daniel, Jane, Carole, Katherine

Clock Game, Hole In One, Poker GameSqueeze Play, Shell Game, Any NumberHole In One played for a car not seen on the show frequently, and a pretty expensive one for the time

Kelli, Alda, Debra, Kenneth

Money Game, Cliffhangers, 1 Right PriceN/ATaped 3-12-80; Bob Barker's last show as host of the Nighttime TPIR

Teresa, Mary, Melinda, Sharen

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Now...And Then, Dice GamePremiere of Now...And Then; Mary gets frustrated in 3 Strikes

Nancy, Ann, Marcia, Annette

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, Barker's Bargain BarTake Two, Shell Game, Money GameHilarious contestant Leroy in Shell Game; Lori gets the back half of the car first in Money Game

Connie, Leo, Tamara, Teresa

Clock Game, Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, HurdlesLeo is a singer and Bob has him sing his answers in Danger Price; PG3 replaces a car game today; one of the first shows where a contestant gets booed for not getting the wheel all the way around

Glenda, Donna, John, Jean

Switcheroo, Double Prices, Take TwoClock Game, Hurdles, Any NumberFuturistic-themed home-viewer showcase shown; picture quality mostly good but freezes and repeats several times near the end (may hinder copying); Willie is HUGE (over 400lbs)

Sandra, Judith, James, Lori

Golden Road, Hit Me, Race Game1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Secret XFirst taping of Hit Me (though it was aired second)

Octavis, Therese, Gertrude, Susan

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Poker Game1 Right Price, Money Game, BullseyeMoney game won without any mistakes

Nicholas, Sandra, Rita, Sherry

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, 1 Right PriceRace Game, Secret X, 3 StrikesSherry almost loses her top spinning the big wheel; Christine really hates 3 Strikes

Melisa, Leonora, Stormy, Shirley

Give Or Keep, 3 Strikes, Race GameMost Expensive, Card Game, BullseyeBob guesses that Phillip works for the FBI, Phillip responds by saying he drives a bus for the "FBI" (Full Blooded Italians)

Judith, Walter, Elisa, Pamela

5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar, Danger PriceSqueeze Play, Grocery Game, 3 StrikesChristmas show. Producer Barbara Hunter fills in for Holly; 5 Price Tags played for a 5-digit car

Yvonne, Dorothy, Joe, Joan

Safecrackers, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceTake Two, Secret X, Card GameAnn brings her husband's boxers along for good luck - Bob waves them in the air like a victory flag after she wins; Bob calls Joan "Joann" repeatedly and she never corrects him

Virginia, Anthony, Karen, Clara

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Poker GameDouble Prices, Shell Game, It's OptionalHazel, who plays It's Optional, has 12 mostly adult aged children - she and Bob try to discuss a way for them to all be able to use the new cars; Porsche offered in showcase

Diane, Starlet, Christine, Flora

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Danger PriceSqueeze Play, Give Or Keep, Money GameStarlet has a doozy of a last name; she and Bob have hilarious conversation about it; audience boos Bob after he blames his recent lack of good putts on having been sick

Catherine, Lupe, Edythe, Karen

Any Number, Most Expensive, Grand GameRace Game, Secret X, Dice GameSeveral ex-Miss USAs/Miss Universes in audience today; Any Number won without any mistakes; Bob nearly gets trampled by a basketball team after their coach ends up the big winner of the day

Darren, Kathleen, Gracie, Brenda

Danger Price, Hole In One, Clock GameSqueeze Play, Superball, Money GamePremiere of Superball

Tawnya, Catherine, Augustine, Barbara

Lucky Seven, 1 Right Price, Punch-A-BunchRace Game, Hit Me, Any NumberCatherine says she's a "retired housewife" - Bob is understandably confused; Any Number played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Donna, Rosalie, Valerie, Harriet

Range Game, Poker Game, Hole In OneBarker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Secret XTaped 1-19-81; Ex-Pro Wrestler Douglas "Ox" Baker is a contestant; Bob tells him, if he doesn't win, to "pick up the producer and throw him clear through the wall"

Carolyn, Mary, Libby, Deborah

Golden Road, Bullseye, Take TwoMost Expensive, Card Game, CliffhangersFormer Chargers LB Cliff Thrift is a contestant today

Gina, Sabrina, Horace, Beverly

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch1 Right Price, Hit Me, Money GameBeverly's outfit is very similar to the ones the models are wearing today; SCSD1 won with 25 cents and no spinoffs; Sally Field Great Entertainer showcase

Cindy, Mary, Gustava, Sally

Shell Game, Ten Chances, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Money Game, BullseyeSally wins a fur coat, and Bob actually places it on her himself

Deanne, Hersley, Lynda, Sally

Temptation, Danger Price, CliffhangersDouble Prices, Hit Me, Any NumberApril Fools show. Bob enters through the audience for the first time; showcase full of nothing but small prizes; contestant believes that's all she's getting until they roll in a Cadillac

Susan, Rebecca, Ivory, Keturah

5 Price Tags, Take Two, Range Game1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Hi-Lo

Keely, Lydia, Helen, Agnes

Danger Price, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain BarClock Game, Card Game, Give Or KeepHole In One played for a $14,000+ car; fur coat offered in showcase

Donna, Steven, Jacqueline, Kristi

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Race GameTake Two, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain Bar

Susan, Carol, Grace, Lillian

Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game, Hole In OneSafecrackers, 3 Strikes, CliffhangersTaped in April or May of '81 and originally scheduled to air 6-11-81; hilarious PG6 - contestant misses the 3 small prizes by exactly $25, but the mountain climber goes over the cliff anyway; $4 DSW

Luz, Bonnie, Loretta, Diana

Any Number, Hit Me, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Dice Game, Shell GameLast show of 10th Season Premiere Week; George somehow manages to get a lady's nametag stuck to his rear end as he makes his way out of the audience

Diane, Mary, Edwin, Julie

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Punch-A-BunchMost Expensive, Ten Chances, BullseyeRajinder wins more than $27,000 worth of stuff, including a Cadillac; Bob and the models dance to "Celebration" during the credits and at one point, one of Holly's boobs pops out

Ralf, Joann, Evelyn, Carol

Give Or Keep, It's Optional, SafecrackersDouble Prices, Grocery Game, Any NumberJoann wins 3 cars (2 in It's Optional, plus another in the showcase)

Howard, Julie, Colleen, Shelley

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Clock GamePoker Game, Secret X, Dice GameOriginally scheduled for 11-13-81

Rose, Karen, Nancy, Mario

Lucky Seven, Bullseye, Squeeze PlayRace Game, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameOriginally scheduled for 11-17-81; Marla seems to be among very few contestants (at least that I've seen) who seems genuinely pleased about winning an organ

Pamela, William, Patricia, Katrina

Give Or Keep, It's Optional, Race GameSqueeze Play, Ten Chances, Grocery Game

Susan, Don, Karen, Elizabeth

Superball, Range Game, Any Number1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, BullseyeChristmas Week show

Linda, Melody, Elizabeth, Suzanne

Temptation, Double Prices, Hit MeSafecrackers, Cliffhangers, Money GameChristmas Eve show

Cynthia, Deborah, Lydia, Samuel

Clock Game, Card Game, Punch-A-BunchBarker's Bargain Bar, Hi-Lo, Money GameLady who plays Money Game is really tall; Bob looks fairly short standing next to her

Della, Willietta, Lana, Patricia

Danger Price, Trader Bob, 3 Strikes1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Penny Ante

Thomas, Patricia, Styliani, Deborah

Lucky Seven, Now...And Then, Range GamePoker Game, 5 Price Tags, Most ExpensiveFirst airing of 1982; Darvin obviously watches the show a little too much - he confidently and correctly guesses the price of an oddly-priced IUFB; Bob is shocked

Lopeta, Edith, Robin, Michael

Danger Price, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceBlank Check, Dice Game, CliffhangersEdith has a serious bidding problem; claims that what she wants to bid and what she actually says don't match; salute to Elvis Presley showcase

Sandra, Brenda, Derrick, Mary Kay

Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, BullseyeClock Game, Give Or Keep, Money GameTaped 12-1-81; Derrick is a retired L.A. Rams cheerleader-turned-male exotic dancer and does a little breakdancing on stage

Donna, Andrea, Dianne, William

Danger Price, Switcheroo, Safecrackers1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Hurdles

Marvin, Virginia, Rebecca, Ingrid

Superball, Blank Check, Any NumberDouble Prices, It's Optional, BullseyeJohnny flubs a contestant's unusual name; responds "that's your problem," when she tells him how to say it correctly; above contestant is poor sport who cheers everytime she beats somebody

Patricia, Marcy, Tammy, Elbie

Safecrackers, Double Prices, Punch-A-BunchTake Two, Hit Me, Money GameSafecrackers played for a car

Judy, William, Kimberly, Dolores

Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check OutRace Game, Give Or Keep, Any NumberPremiere of Check Out; Bob mentions at the beginning that there's a new game; when Judy gets on stage to play Lucky Seven, she asks Bob if it's the new game

Julia, Anthony, Emma, Joan

Card Game, Hi-Lo, Range Game1 Right Price, Temptation, Secret XJulia quits over $2000 short in Card Game

Penelope, James, Cynthia, Kristen

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Grand GameRace Game, 5 Price Tags, Clock GameSandra's bra breaks when she runs down to contestant's row after being called

Debbie, Rachel, Maria, Cindy

Any Number, Poker Game, Punch-A-BunchSqueeze Play, Check Out, Money GameShowcase salute to various movie heroes; "Rocky" theme plays during credits

Lori, Anita, Diane, Joanne

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Danger PriceSqueeze Play, It's Optional, Bonus GameTaped 3-15-82; WIN TV

Nancy, Louise, Leah, Daniel

Any Number, Check Out, Most ExpensiveTake Two, Switcheroo, SafecrackersTaped 3-16-82

Raylene, Debra, Cynthia, Harold

Superball, Range Game, Any NumberTake Two, 3 Strikes, Hi-LoTaped 3-22-82; WIN TV

Bridget, Cynthia, Joyce, Deanne

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Barker's Bargain BarRace Game, Card Game, HurdlesTaped 4-6-82; WIN TV

Karen, Alice, Steven, Laurie

Superball, Range Game, Most ExpensiveSqueeze Play, Hit Me, Double PricesTaped 4-19-82; WIN TV; Range Game and Double Prices played for cars; one of only about 10 shows in history not to have a proper car game

Nancy, Victor, Holly, Evelyn

Most Expensive, Pick-A-Pair, It's OptionalSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Any NumberTaped 4-21-82; WIN TV

Susan, Julia, Jane, Patrick

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Now...And Then1 Right Price, Trader Bob, Any NumberTaped 5-5-82; WIN TV

Teresa, Frank, Mary Ann, Michelle

Superball, Poker Game, Range GameMost Expensive, Money Game, Hi-LoTaped 5-17-82; WIN TV; Superball win; Range Game played for a car; Baptist minister not happy being offered a bar cart

Marilyn, Bradley, Eleanor, Laurie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Hit MeSqueeze Play, Switcheroo, Double Prices

Gail, James, Caroline, Adoris

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Pick A PairTake Two, Card Game, Bonus GameBob asks James what he does for a living and is NOT thrilled by the answer; Adoris is a game show veteran, having also appeared on Press Your Luck and Hollywood Squares; Bert Convy drops by

Rebecca, Richard, Terri, Barbara

Double Prices, Check Out, Dice GameSafecrackers, 5 Price Tags, Blank Check5 Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Keri, Donna, Kelli, Yvona

Blank Check, Double Prices, Trader BobClock Game, Ten Chances, Penny AnteSome sources indicate the airdate for this show as 9-6-82 and that it's the 11th season premiere - as far as I can tell, this is not true; Double Prices played for a car

Sharon, Dudley, Imogene, Barbara

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Pick A PairPoker Game, Switcheroo, Range GameUnbelievably painful loss in Poker Game

Yvette, Deborah, Yvonne, Gwynne

Most Expensive, Money Game, Hit MeRace Game, Bonus Game, Any NumberDuring the credits, Johnny announces that Yvonne is not an eligible contestant

Valerie, Dana, Regina, Diane

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Take TwoBlank Check, Double Prices, SwitcherooTaped 6-29-82; WIN TV

Karen, Kathy, Denise, George

Any Number, Trader Bob, 1 Right PriceRace Game, Card Game, Penny Ante

Janice, Loretta, Dennis, Karen

Lucky Seven, Grand Game, SafecrackersDanger Price, Squeeze Play, Secret XTaped 6-30-82; Safecrackers door gets stuck; Squeeze Play played for a car, and one that's not on the show frequently

Jamie, Deborah, Mark, Becky

Superball, Most Expensive, Dice GameRange Game, Pick A Pair, Money Game

Brenda, Theresa, George, Marcelle

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Poker Game1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Give Or KeepTaped 7-5-82; 3 Strikes won in the most perfect way possible; car in Golden Road is probably the least special one ever offered in the game

Michelle, Holly, Betty, Phillip

Money Game, Punch-A-Bunch, SafecrackersDouble Prices, Temptation, Bullseye

Valerie, Mark, Julie, Debra

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Blank CheckDanger Price, 5 Price Tags, 1 Right Price

Gregory, Elizabeth, Georgann, Nancy

Shell Game, Double Prices, Take TwoClock Game, It's Optional, Penny AnteTaped 7-7-82; WIN TV; Double Prices played for a car

William, Natalie, Deborah, Jimmie Lee

Range Game, Secret X, Ten ChancesSqueeze Play, Hurdles, Dice GameHurdles is lost on the first hurdle

Kristy, Suzanne, Barbara, Joseph

Temptation, Blank Check, Grand GamePoker Game, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices

Rhonda, Anitrea, Vicki, David

Shell Game, Range Game, Take TwoClock Game, Hi-Lo, Any NumberRange Game played for a car; last episode with the "orange dots inside green squares" background when Bob comes through the big doors - replaced next episode with the multicolored hexagons

Barbara, Elaine, Carrie, Joan

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Double PricesDanger Price, Ten Chances, Bonus GameBob enters the studio with his new Emmy jacket on, but doesn't keep it on long for fear that contestants will get lipstick stains on it

Carole, Yolanda, Maryanna, Martin

Card Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-BunchSqueeze Play, Bullseye, Dice GameUnbelievably painful occurrence in Punch-A-Bunch; must see to believe

Glynda, Mark, Geraldine, Virginia

Card Game, Safecrackers, Grand GameRace Game, 5 Price Tags, Most Expensive

Esther, Celia, Ala, Steven

Superball, Money Game, Barker's Bargain BarSqueeze Play, Grocery Game, Dice Game

Celine, Allan, Gwen, Betty

Danger Price, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceClock Game, 3 Strikes, Secret X

Ann, Belle, Laura, Richard

Lucky Seven, Give Or Keep, Take TwoDouble Prices, Check Out, Any Number

Paula, Mary, Sandra, Dora

Golden Road, Poker Game, Pick A PairRange Game, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar

Jennifer, Keith, Valeria, Kathleen

Temptation, Clock Game, CliffhangersMost Expensive, Hit Me, Money GameKeith gets into some trouble in Temptation; Valeria is one very sunburned contestant

Melani, Scott, Ernestine, Vickie

Safecrackers, Poker Game, Hole In One1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game

Kathy, Leticia, Lolly, Karen

Shell Game, Range Game, Ten ChancesDouble Prices, Bullseye, Any NumberLolly's wearing quite a suit

Esther, Mozelle, Jennifer, Vivian

Card Game, Now...And Then, Barker's Bargain BarDanger Price, Dice Game, Trader BobDuring the showcases; it is discovered that the contestants' positions as top winner and runner up were inadvertantly switched, but this is only discovered after viewing the first showcase

Donna, Mary, Richard, Lori

Give Or Keep, Dice Game, Barker's Bargain BarPoker Game, Penny Ante, Any NumberFirst show where all of the panels on the turntable stage have the new purple/red/orange color scheme, however because of shows airing out of order, this change doesn't become permanent until 12-29-82

John, Karen, Christine, Yvonne

Lucky Seven, Secret X, Clock GameRange Game, Pick A Pair, Money Game"Family Christmas" home viewer showcase shown during this show, as well as all shows from this week; frustrating Money Game disaster - Carla fails to get either half of the car

Maria, Colleen, Zula, Harmon

Bonus Game, 3 Strikes, Most ExpensiveTake Two, Double Prices, Grand GameDouble Prices played for a car

Michael, Vicky, Charlene, Betty

Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye1 Right Price, Money Game, CliffhangersCharlene gets the back half of the car first in Money game

Julie, Martha, Ross, Brenda

Squeeze Play, 5 Price Tags, Range GameDanger Price, Hi-Lo, Any NumberRoss declines to spin again on 40 cents, despite being first in line; episode also features wacky, camera-hugging contestant Marlene, who really trips over herself explaining why she took the long way

Tanya, Jean, Bernice, Rosalie

Lucky Seven, Hurdles, Double PricesBlank Check, Switcheroo, Safecrackers

Gina, Carlene, Limae, Richard

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Hit MeTake Two, Cliffhangers, Money GameBad playing of Temptation (at least to those of us who know something about the prices of cars used in the game); Squeeze Play gets stuck; Kim misses 1 prize in Cliffhangers by $28

Cindy, Christine, Thomas, Meda

Superball, Any Number, Most Expensive1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Grocery GameBob makes a big deal about the contestants stepping in gum that's been left on the stage; after declaring the gum gone, he playfully tells one contestant to "watch out for the snake"

Alton, Nancy Lou, Yvonne, Kathleen

Golden Road, Clock Game, Grand GameBlank Check, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices

Lisa, Linda, Margaret, Debra

Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Trader BobRange Game, Now...And Then, Dice GameTaped 10-6-82

Victoria, Michelle, Nancy, Karl

Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In OneSafecrackers, Card Game, Bonus GameThe Squeeze Play button won't work today; Bob has to punch and kick it to make it open

Kevin, Viola, Minerva, Mildred

Temptation, Blank Check, Hi-LoDouble Prices, Switcheroo, Range GameBob gets attacked by Mildred

Terri, Nancy, Crisanto, Susan

Lucky Seven, Give Or Keep, Barker's Bargain BarPoker Game, Ten Chances, Penny AnteCindy is wearing a HILARIOUS shirt

Julie, Susan, Rosemarie, Doreen

Clock Game, Hole In One, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Secret X, Money GameTaped 10-12-82; models cover Bob's head with poster of Tom Selleck during credits; with my help, contestant Gary was able to see the episode for the first time in years

Deborah, Patrick, Mayumi, Bessie

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, 1 Right PriceRace Game, Pick A Pair, Any Number$500 Bonus won in Shell Game; Bob gets mauled by Dece

Julie, Anita, Lance, Lora

Card Game, Hurdles, Double PricesBarker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Bonus Game

Gina, Lisa, Nancy, Damaris

Golden Road, Poker Game, Give Or KeepSqueeze Play, Dice Game, Grocery GameFirst show of 1982 Christmas Week; great conversations throughout this episode

Esther, Lori, Broderick, Susan

Most Expensive, Temptation, Now...And Then1 Right Price, Trader Bob, Any Number

Kimberly, Sheldon, Karen, Joretta

Lucky Seven, Safecrackers, Punch-A-BunchTake Two, 3 Strikes, BullseyeChristmas Eve show; the models' old-fashioned get-ups are really something

Jeanne, Anthony, Tamara, Sandra

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 StrikesPoker Game, Any Number, Penny AnteLast episode with the orange, unpadded stage panels

Leane, Robin, Glynis, Patricia

Shell Game, Card Game, Danger PriceDouble Prices, Check Out, Money GameOutstanding show with lots of exciting wins and great contestants; Double Prices played for a car; Glynis was also on Card Sharks a few years later

Antoinette, Margaret, Janet, Donna

Clock Game, Take Two, Hole In OneSqueeze Play, Dice Game, CliffhangersTPIR New Years Eve Celebration; Bob, Johnny & the models dance to "Celebration," drink champagne and throw confetti during the credits; Lisa's not so good at Cliffhangers

Judy, Susan, Barbara, Loretta

Any Number, Plinko, Most ExpensivePoker Game, 3 Strikes, Pick A PairPremiere of the legendary Plinko

Denise, Arominta, Susan, Diane

Temptation, 1 Right Price, Grocery GameTake Two, Card Game, Give Or Keep

Deborah, Anne, Barbara, Darien

Double Prices, Hurdles, Lucky SevenBlank Check, Secret X, Dice Game

Connie, Judy, Teresa, Ilean

Range Game, Safecrackers, Hole In OneSqueeze Play, 5 Price Tags, Race GameEpisode features Holly's second "appliance battle"

Adrienne, Mark, Roberta, Terri

Bonus Game, Ten Chances, Barker's Bargain BarDanger Price, Hit Me, Money Game

Kalyn, Ineta, Sheila, Eugene

Squeeze Play, Plinko, Most ExpensiveSafecrackers, Check Out, Any NumberPlinko's second playing; Squeeze Play played for a car, and a special shout out to Kalyn, whom I helped to reunite with this episode

Phyllis, Abram, Karen, Susan

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Danger PriceDouble Prices, It's Optional, Shell GameIt's Optional is won perfectly; Bob excitedly claims that it's the first time ever, but it actually happened on episode 4314D from 12-17-81

Linea, Carrie, Sonia, Sherri

Lucky Seven, Trader Bob, Clock Game1 Right Price, Now...And Then, Card GameError of sorts in Lucky Seven - either the wrong car is brought out, or the wrong car plug is read (I'm not sure which); Elizabeth draws 3 aces consecutively in Card Game

Donna, Michele, Lillian, Rebecca

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Grand GameTake Two, 5 Price Tags, Range Game

Monica, Vernell, Marisa, Robert

Superball, Most Expensive, Money GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Hi-LoShowcase where the models try to impress their celebrity crushes, Dian likes Arnold Schwarzenegger; Janice likes Tom Selleck; Holly likes Burt Reynolds

Jacki, Patricia, Bernice, Jan

Give Or Keep, Temptation, Squeeze PlayPoker Game, Ten Chances, Penny AnteTaped 11-30-82; Dian has trouble maneuvering a prize onstage in Temptation; Bob says it's because it's her birthday; she won't reveal her age when Bob asks (it was 38 at the time)

Laura, Flora, Jane, Arthur

Range Game, Plinko, Take TwoSafecrackers, Grocery Game, Dice Game$11K SCSD win; tallest female contestant ever; Bob can't stand being next to her; pretty, statuesque contestant Cassandra climbs phone poles for a living; Plinko replaces a car game today

Janine, Heidi, Hettie, Diana

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, 1 Right PriceClock Game, Card Game, Pick A Pair$10K Punchboard win; Hettie inadvertantly makes a comment that insults Bob - Bob gets even later; car price in Lucky Seven is for an '83 model of the car; but the actual car onstage in an '82 model

June, Shereen, Elsie, Dorothy

Squeeze Play, Safecrackers, Hole In OnePoker Game, Secret X, Money GameOne contestant on this show has a ridiculously long name that I couldn't possibly spell or pronounce here; Hole In One played for a car not seen on the show frequently; painful HIO loss

Patricia, Henry, Gayla, Karen

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Range GameTake Two, Temptation, BullseyeRange Game played for a car

Laurie, Theresa, Celinda, Oliver

Most Expensive, Check Out, Any NumberRace Game, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameLaurie's a Hawaiian hula dancer

Sara, Michael, Bibi, Wanda

Shell Game, Double Prices, Ten ChancesRange Game, Grand Game, Dice GameBibi's wearing some weird sneakers

Rodi, Christine, Andrea, Ronnie

Any Number, 1 Right Price, Punch-A-BunchDanger Price, Card Game, Pick-A-PairSamoan contestant called; she's surprisingly well-behaved and doesn't seem to pose any threat to Bob, but Bob gives her the Samoan lecture anyway

Cathy-Ann, Deborah, Wanda, Sandra

Lucky Seven, Now...And Then, Most ExpensivePoker Game, Safecrackers, Switcheroo

Connie, Marilyn, Lynn, John

Barker's Bargain Bar, Superball, Dice GameTake Two, 3 Strikes, Grocery GameContestant Beverlie has also appeared on Press Your Luck

Andrea, Willie, Vali, Fran

Golden Road, Blank Check, Hi-LoDouble Prices, Cliffhangers, Money GameVali blows Golden Road on the first prize; surprising occurrence in SCSD2

Shari, Betty, Anna, Helen

Clock Game, Temptation, Trader BobSqueeze Play, Penny Ante, It's Optional

Ann, Frances, Laura, Nana

Most Expensive, Squeeze Play, HurdlesRace Game, Shell Game, 3 StrikesSqueeze Play played for a car; Nana's name is pronounced "Nay-na", but Bob wants it to be "Nah-Nah"

David, Joyce, Bobbi, Connie

Blank Check, 1 Right Price, Hole In OnePoker Game, Range Game, Bonus GameFirst airing of 1983 actually taped in '83; Range Game played for a car; James is a former Chicago Cubs ballplayer; one of only about 3 shows with a car whose price ends with three zeroes

Edwina, Kyle, Lorraine, Victoria

Money Game, Check Out, Barker's Bargain BarSafecrackers, Card Game, Give Or Keep

Mary, Mark, Jill, Blauna

5 Price Tags, Double Prices, Poker GameClock Game, Ten Chances, Grocery Game

Christine, Carol, Constance, Louetta

Temptation, Pick A Pair, Squeeze PlayRace Game, Cliffhangers, Money GameBob and Constance have funny conversation in which he comments on her apparent resemblance to TPIR staffer Sam Governale

Barbara, Karen, Janet, Patricia

Safecrackers, Switcheroo, Range GameDanger Price, Any Number, Penny AnteExciting Switcheroo win; Bob determines that the car most likely has been won, and it gets Janice excited to the point that she actually hits the button a split second BEFORE the check mark lights up

Bonnie, Karen, Betty, Lynette

Bullseye, 3 Strikes, Take TwoBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Card Game

Janelle, Sandra, Christine, Lynnda

Safecrackers, Punch-A-Bunch, Barker's Bargain BarTake Two, Hit Me, Money GamePunch-A-Bunch replaces a car game today; some tracking problems in this episode

Jeffrey, Gail, Glenda, Mamie

Range Game, Clock Game, Hole In One1 Right Price, Card Game, Bonus Game

Elaine, Arlene, Debra, Heidi

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Poker GameMost Expensive, Hi-Lo, Ten ChancesBad stagehand work leads to a technical 1-2-3 Ten Chances win; Bob is especially rude in getting the audience to boo Elaine for not getting the wheel all the way around (even though she actually does)

Patricia, Joann, Mary, John

Double Prices, Blank Check, PlinkoRace Game, Dice Game, HurdlesPlinko takes the place of a car game today

Mary, Patricia, Helene, Doris

Temptation, Trader Bob, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Penny Ante, Any Number

Sherry, Linda, Laura, Charles

Danger Price, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In OneDouble Prices, Ten Chances, Bonus Game

Cindy, Marvel, Diane, Faye

Temptation, Squeeze Play, CliffhangersRace Game, Pick A Pair, Any NumberEpisode features the infamous Salvatore (Colonel Sanders lookalike) who picks Bob up after winning Any Number

Judith, Rosemary, Charles, Joanne

Superball, Clock Game, Card GameMost Expensive, Grand Game, 1 Right PriceGrand Game replaces a car game; tracking difficulties throughout

Martha, Caryn, Kena, Rosalind

Most Expensive, It's Optional, Hit MeDanger Price, Switcheroo, Range Game

Terri, Carolyn, Roberta, Elise

Golden Road, Penny Ante, Blank CheckBarker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Trader Bob

Stephanie, Barbara, Mildred, James

5 Price Tags, Blank Check, Danger PriceBarker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Any NumberHilarious April Fools showcase: A clock that breaks, a dining room with crappy furniture; a chandelier that crashes through the table; and an old, beat-up car. The real prize is 2 Camaros

Jean, Barbara, Janet, Ralph

Now...And Then, Card Game, 1 Right PriceClock Game, 3 Strikes, Trader BobTaped 2-23-83; Janet is Janet Jones-Gretzky, wife of NHL Hall Of Famer Wayne Gretzky and actress who appeared in the movie "The Flamingo Kid."

Jacinta, Tina, Maryanne, Glenda

Blank Check, 1 Right Price, Hole In OneDanger Price, Bonus Game, 3 StrikesOdd but most likely unintentional occurrence on today's show: same music cue used for both cars today

Jillane, Bette, Beverly, Phyllis

Golden Road, Double Prices, Shell GameRace Game, Money Game, Penny AnteFunny contestant Beverly thinks she gets to play Race Game for 20 minutes; from this episode on, Bob starts identifying the second number in the price of Golden Road's grand prize before it is shown

Desiree, Karen, Darlene, Ronald

Superball, Poker Game, 3 Strikes1 Right Price, Bullseye, SafecrackersSafecrackers played for a car; Holly almost gets knocked off of a moving platform

Roxanne, Yvonne, Gary, Christine

Double Prices, Clock Game, Hole In OneTake Two, Card Game, Bonus GameGary is a children's book writer whose works include "I Heard Of A Nerdbird"; exciting PG3 win with emotional contestant

Jeanne, Margaret, Karen, James

Range Game, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarRace Game, Grocery Game, Dice GamePlinko replaces a car game today

Larry, Lori, Carol, Kimberlee

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Pick A PairSafecrackers, Any Number, CliffhangersGolden Road's middle prize has a premature price reveal

Thomas, Cynthia, Diane, Mercilla

Give Or Keep, Ten Chances, 1 Right PricePoker Game, Penny Ante, Money GamePerfect show; Mercilla's a mess; first appearance of the "Spelling Bee" car music; 6-foot hoagie offered as a prize in one showcase

Kim, Elizabeth, Barbara, Diana

Shell Game, It's Optional, SafecrackersBarker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, Dice GameFinal playing of It's Optional; show also features the first appearance of the "Truck/Van" car music; Elizabeth politely apologizes to Barbara after bidding $2 to Barbara's $1

Peter, Deidra, Charlotte, Merri

Squeeze Play, Poker Game, Hole In One1 Right Price, Any Number, Secret X

Marsha, Cindy, Annie, Cheryl

Superball, Danger Price, Money GameMost Expensive, Hi-Lo, 3 StrikesBelieved to be taped 4-5-83

Kathryn, Lorenzo, Virginia, Kathryn

Lucky Seven, Blank Check, Grand GameRange Game, Master Key, Take Two

Nadine, Patricia, Alexis, Pamela

Now...And Then, 3 Strikes, Poker GameBlank Check, Punch-A-Bunch, 1 Right PricePamela says her son's name is "Spider", Punch-A-Bunch replaces a car game

Laura, Wilma, Sandra, Rose Marie

Range Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In OneTake Two, Card Game, Bonus GameGeorgette loses a car by $7 in Card Game; she's also an out-of-work nanny who plugs her services on the show

Diane, Suzanne, Nancy, Jerome

Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Clock GameSafecrackers, Hit Me, Any NumberClock Game played for a car; Olivia's always checking in with her mother

JeffLynne, Henry, Linda, Judith

1 Right Price, Pick A Pair, Ten ChancesRace Game, Squeeze Play, PlinkoJudith is literally a very shaky contestant; turntable gets stuck bringing Squeeze Play around; Plinko replaces a car game

Susan, Dawn, Louise, Dixie

Safecrackers, 5 Price Tags, Double PricesDanger Price, Temptation, Grocery Game"Me?! No way", Katie is genuinely surprised at being called; Dawn gets 3 numbers wrong in Temptation

Debra, Mable, Diane, Janice

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Penny AnteRange Game, Trader Bob, Dice Game

Trina, Claudia, Billie, Lavon

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, 1 Right PricePoker Game, Shell Game, Ten ChancesDisaster in Lucky Seven - Lavon gets first 3 numbers exactly right then blows it on the last one; DSW

Lynn, Charlene, Colleen, Blanche

Any Number, Bonus Game, Most ExpensiveN/AAtypical prize presentation in Any Number; Bonus Game played for a fur coat; unusually inexpensive prize (even for 1972) offered in Most Expensive

Suzanne, Mia, Michal, Karissa

Blank Check, Take Two, Master KeyBarker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Bullseye

Christina, Yvette, Karla, Thomas

Superball, 1 Right Price, Dice GameRange Game, Pick A Pair, Money Game

Shirley, Glenda, Erika, Dane

Temptation, Double Prices, Check OutTake Two, Card Game, Give Or KeepBob and Shirley have funny conversation about Shirley's off-the-beaten-path hometown of Slick, Oklahoma

Kari, Yolanda, Barry, Carol

Safecrackers, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarDanger Price, Hit Me, Any NumberWhiny, nervous contestant in Any Number; Plinko takes the place of a car game

Aleta, Vicki, James, Laura

Squeeze Play, Race Game, Hole In OneClock Game, 3 Strikes, Secret XPat Berlly's last day as head stage manager; as usual, where Pat goes, a funny conversation about the ERA follows

Carolyn, Dean, Ardelia, Carrie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Blank Check, 5 Price TagsSafecrackers, Bullseye, 3 Strikes

Kathryn, Kaye, Dawn, Karen

1 Right Price, Hole In One, Poker GameMost Expensive, Card Game, Bonus GameIn an unusual repetitiveness for Hole In One, today's playing of it makes for AT LEAST 8 times just in season 11 alone that it's played for the same car

Tina Marie, Ann, Soni, Eugene

Any Number, Trader Bob, Danger PriceDouble Prices, Now...And Then, Dice GameAny Number won without getting any non-car numbers; one of the very few shows where the 4 sets of L.A. sports teams tickets are actually won; Bob has some hilarious fun with Tina Marie

Mary, Dorothy, Fernando, Marilyn

Grocery Game, Temptation, Squeeze PlayRace Game, Master Key, Range Game

Sean, Joanne, Mary Beth, Diana

Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit MeDanger Price, Bonus Game, SafecrackersCameo appearances by then-21-year-old Meg Ryan and Frank Runyeon of As The World Turns; Joanne is hilariously emotional contestant; Safecrackers played for a car

Mary, Linda, Fred, Pamela

Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Double PricesPoker Game, Any Number, Penny Ante

Allyon, Kathy, Ida, Karen

Money Game, Race Game, Pick A PairSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Dice GameFirst contestant's name pronounced "Ay-Lon", Race Game played for the 4 sets of L.A. sports teams tickets

Valarie, Buddy, Barbara, Shanna

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Blank Check1 Right Price, Card Game, Hi-LoAppearances by Bill Beyers and Rory Calhoun of Capitol; questionable loss in Card Game - may have been lost due to a misunderstanding; Plinko in place of a car game

Clara, Tracy, Kathleen, Karen

Any Number, Check Out, Clock GameRange Game, Give Or Keep, 3 StrikesWrapping up Soap Opera week, contestant in showcase receives several free "My Life Is A Soap Opera" bumper stickers

Deborah, Lorenzo, Gena, Margaret

Money Game, Secret X, Safecrackers1 Right Price, Bullseye, Dice GameGena gets El-Cheapo'd in Money Game and gets a look on her face like she can't believe that it happened

Phyllis, Michelle, Thomas, Gwendolyn

Card Game, Grand Game, Most ExpensiveTake Two, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes

Ellen, Ramona, Armand, Elizabeth

Give Or Keep, Poker Game, Money GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Penny Ante

Evelyn, Ronald, Evette, Essie

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Pick A PairDouble Prices, Cliffhangers, Any Number1982-83 season finale; Evette misses prizes in Cliffhangers by more than $25, but mountain climber gets stuck trying to go over the cliff, so she ends up winning anyway

Debra, Suzanne, Dolores, Marvin

Range Game, Danger Price, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Card Game12th season premiere; premiere of the Phone Home Game; Range Game played for a car

Cynthia, Diane, Mary Ann, Barbara

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Race Game1 Right Price, Deluxe Dice Game, Now...And ThenSecond show of 12th Season Anniversary Week; PG5 win

Margaret, Patricia, Debra, Josephine

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Give Or KeepDouble Prices, 5 Price Tags, Poker Game

Cynthia, Sandra, Stephen, Constance

Safecrackers, Phone Home Game, Most Expensive3 Strikes, Cliffhangers, Money Game

Lillian, Rebecca, Viola, Priscilla

Golden Road, Double Prices, Pick A PairClock Game, Plinko, Poker GameGolden Road win; Plinko replaces a car game

Judith, Robert, Elizabeth, Willa

Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Phone Home GameTake Two, Any Number, Secret XSqueeze Play played for a Zoe Zipper 3-wheeled electric car (standard car music cue is used); instrumental track to Frank Stallone's 1983 hit "Far From Over" plays during one of the showcases

Therese, Travis, Aldora, Christy

Superball, 3 Strikes+, Most ExpensiveBlank Check, 1 Right Price, Grand GameBarbara met Bob at one of his Fun And Games shows and has been on his tail ever since; Grand Game replaces a car game

Pamela, Bronwyn, Fleetward, Janet

Master Key, Range Game, Take TwoClock Game, Hole In One, 1 Right Price

Barbara, Virginia, Karen, Debra

Squeeze Play, Phone Home Game, Barker's Bargain BarBlank Check, 5 Price Tags, Danger PriceSqueeze Play played for a $9000 boat; Phone Home Game replaces a car game today

Cynthia, Mona, Brenda, Robert

Golden Road, Penny Ante, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Money Game, Trader BobRobert earns the nickname "Legs" for his short shorts (which look suspiciously like boxers); Bob gets confounded by a container of baby powder

Eve, Jeffrey, Lela, Jessica

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Clock GameMost Expensive, Plinko, Range GameEve has a mouthful of a last name (sounds something like "yes-chen-ya-vich"), but I couldn't possibly spell it; Plinko takes the place of a car game

Peggy, Michele, Galen, Lisa

Superball, Race Game, 3 StrikesDouble Prices, Any Number, Penny AnteSuperball win with very excited contestant; Galen has to stand up in order for Michele to get out, and is barely back in his seat when his own name is called

Raylene, Albert, Shirley, Betty

Blank Check, Hole In One, Take Two1 Right Price, Cliffhangers, Money GameRenee's hair is 4 feet long

Sandra, Maria, Rozlyn, Melinda

Card Game, Danger Price, Punch-A-BunchSafecrackers, Squeeze Play, Check OutSqueeze Play played for a car

Nancy, Adriana, Alvin, Nita

Master Key, 1 Right Price, Race GameRange Game, Pick A Pair, Any NumberIn PG1, Bob takes the first key away after it wins 1 prize; though the car is won with the second key, Bob's actions prevent us from finding out if prize 2 was won, or if either key was the Master Key

Deborah, Marsha, Erma, Richard

Lucky Seven, Now...And Then, Take TwoDouble Prices, Ten Chances, Trader BobPicture mostly OK but has some tracking issues during opening and PG1

Claudia, Cynthia, Patricia, Deanna

Superball, Most Expensive, Dice Game1 Right Price, Check Out, Money Game

Adele, Vickie, Lisa, Thelma

Range Game, Phone Home Game, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Any Number, CliffhangersPhone Home Game replaces a car game; fun contestant in Phone Home Game; 2nd calldown and IUFB missing because of GSN technical difficulties

Diana, Kathy, Susan, Samuel

Golden Road, Barker's Bargain Bar, BullseyeClock Game, Card Game, Secret X2 of the first 4 contestants share a last name; hilarious contestant in Card Game who doesn't understand anything about playing cards

Theresa, Kathryn, Renae, Bonita

1 Right Price, Hit Me, 3 StrikesSafecrackers, Race Game, Plinko"Salute To Famous Cats" showcase - Stray Cats "Rock This Town" playing in background; Plinko replaces a car game

Kristine, Joseph, Susan, Ernestine

Safecrackers, Phone Home Game, Most ExpensiveDouble Prices, Bonus Game, 3 StrikesPhone Home Game replaces a car game

Karease, Melody, Shirley, Marsha

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Barker's Bargain BarRange Game, Ten Chances, Grand GameBob and Marsha get flirty during PG1; directly contrasting showcases - "Ways To Enjoy The North" vs. "Ways To Enjoy The South"

Judy, Margaret, Najmah, Frances

Blank Check, Pick A Pair, Dice Game1 Right Price, Master Key, Race Game

Ruby, Mary, Maria, Beatrice

5 Price Tags, Squeeze Play, SafecrackersPoker Game, Temptation, Grocery Game

Cindy, Theresa, Colleen, Dawn

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Danger PriceClock Game, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarGreat playing of Lucky Seven - Bob seems surprised by one of Theresa's guesses, but it's exactly right; Plinko replaces a car game

Patricia, Linda, Michelle, September

Card Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Double PricesTake Two, Ten Chances, BullseyeGreat all-around show; Laura is utterly hilarious - actually seems unhappy about being called, then drives Bob crazy onstage; Double Prices for a car; SCSD won with 30 cents and no spinoffs; DSW

Scot, Toni, Linda, Cynthia

Master Key, Take Two, Most ExpensiveSafecrackers, Any Number, Hit MeOne of the last shows where the value of the prizes in Master Key is revealed; DSW

Angela, Valerie, Marla, Gina

Squeeze Play, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceWalk Of Fame, Card Game, Bonus GamePremiere of Walk Of Fame; great contestant in Hole In One

Rachel, James, Cynthia, Sandra

Switcheroo, Range Game, Most ExpensiveTake Two, Ten Chances, Pick A PairAmazing Switcheroo win; funny SCSD2

Maria, Susan, Theresa, Rosemary

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Squeeze Play3 Strikes, Punch-A-Bunch, Blank Check

Naomi, Patricia, Catherine, Trixie

Hi-Lo, Clock Game, Plinko1 Right Price, Card Game, Walk Of FameBob asks cosmetolegist Catherine to comment on his makeup and gets an unpleasant mouthful; Trixie is mother or other close relative of contestant Cynthia from 2-20-78 ep; Plinko replaces a car game

Arlene, Charlene, Tracie, Melody

Temptation, Double Prices, Grand GameRange Game, Master Key, Race Game

Rosemarie, David, Elvira, Jennie

Give Or Keep, Walk Of Fame, 3 StrikesSafecrackers, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante"Home For Christmas" home viewer showcase shown; terrible playing of 3 Strikes; Squeeze Play played for a car

Tamara, Blanca, Shanda, Lamont

Any Number, Grand Game, Most ExpensiveBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, Money Game

Karen, Edna, Denise, Carmine

Golden Road, Range Game, Now...And ThenDouble Prices, Trader Bob, Money GameFun contestant in Money Game

Stephanie, Sandra, Joan, Alice

1 Right Price, Hole In One, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Plinko, Blank CheckDuring the calling of the first 4 contestants, Johnny mistakenly calls Joan "John", Sandra's wearing a ton of hairspray; Plinko replaces a car game

Donna, Bibi, Evelyne, Tammi

Master Key, Walk Of Fame, Most ExpensiveBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, Money GameBibi's an overall cute contestant but brags during Walk Of Fame about being financially secure

Christine, Glenda, Maria, Debra

Safecrackers, Switcheroo, Danger PriceSqueeze Play, Walk Of Fame, Hi-LoWalk Of Fame played for a car

Leslie, Christine, Bobbie, Geneva

Clock Game, Hole In One, Walk Of FameDouble Prices, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameLeslie is a hilarious nervous wreck; Janice tries to trick Bob into making his putt with a cement golf ball; Geneva complains that she's too old for some of the prizes

Lisa, Carole, Shelly, Linda

Blank Check, Plinko, Most ExpensiveRange Game, Ten Chances, Pick A PairGood VQ; sound not terrible but kind of low (same for most of my Jan. & Feb. '84 airings); Plinko replaces a car game today; camera is dead-on the first contestant's face right before she's called

Deborah, Jeffrey, Carol, Theresa

Temptation, Shell Game, Double PricesRace Game, Money Game, Grand GameJeffrey gets as excited about a tool set in Temptation as he does about the car; $10K Grand Game win

Martha, Judy, Fong, Wanda

Lucky Seven, Trader Bob, Squeeze PlayWalk Of Fame, Dice Game, Now...And ThenAll 4 prizes won in Walk Of Fame today

Janey, Loma, John, Susan

Blank Check, Danger Price, Hole In OneDouble Prices, Bonus Game, Card GameTaped 11-16-83; show features the infamous Susan Derbeck incident; she doesn't get up for a while after her name is called; Bob gets even by letting the big doors open but not coming out right away

Angela, Joyce, Victoria, Durand

Master Key, 1 Right Price, Take TwoClock Game, Ten Chances, BullseyeEpisode marks the last time ever that the hillbilly music from Family Feud is used as a car music cue

Felicia, Denise, Kathryn, Louise

Superball, Most Expensive, 3 StrikesPoker Game, Any Number, Penny Ante

Gretchen, Julie, Sondra, Debra

Blank Check, Plinko, 1 Right PriceTake Two, Money Game, Hi-LoPlinko replaces a car game today

Theresa, Honorai, Jean, Candy

Golden Road, Pick A Pair, Clock GameMost Expensive, Switcheroo, Range GameTaped 11-29-83; 85th B-day boy Angelo is a funny contestant; gets one of the longest conversations (and biggest laughs) ever out of Bob

Phyllis, Carol, Rodney, Bebe

Temptation, Shell Game, Barker's Bargain Bar3 Strikes, Poker Game, Grand Game

Jami, Richard, Daria, Kimberly

Any Number, Hit Me, Double PricesDanger Price, Bonus Game, Ten ChancesTaped 11-30-83; perfect Hit Me playing; nail-biting playing of Ten Chances; substitute model Pat caricatured in one of the showcases

Rita, Dorothy, Theresia, Wanda

Lucky Seven, Secret X, Squeeze PlaySafecrackers, Deluxe Dice Game, Grocery Game

Lori, Lynne, Maureen, Noel

Master Key, Range Game, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Temptation, Pick A PairTaped 12-5-83; William is not the greatest player Race Game has ever seen, and he recently posted footage of himself from the show on Youtube, calling himself "the biggest loser"

Patti, Viveca, Judy, Ida Marie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Blank CheckTake Two, Punch-A-Bunch, Squeeze PlayHole In One played for a car not seen on the show frequently; special shout out to Viveca, who with my help, was able to see the episode for the first time in years; PG5 in place of a car

Deborah, Janet, Charles, Tamara

Superball, 1 Right Price, Dice GameDanger Price, Bullseye, 3 StrikesDeborah brings a rabbit's foot for good luck, Bob the animal lover characteristically points out that it might be good for her, but not for the rabbit

Cathy, Angela, Judy, Jack

Most Expensive, Phone Home Game, Poker GameSafecrackers, Money Game, CliffhangersTaped 12-12-83; Phone Home Game in place of a car game; fun contestant in Money Game

Pamela, Tammi, Bert, Shannon

Any Number, Trader Bob, Clock GameWalk Of Fame, Now...And Then, Double PricesDouble Prices played for a car

Judith, Tammie, Christine, Rupert

Give Or Keep, 3 Strikes+, Race GameDouble Prices, Any Number, Check OutNot sure whether it's due to nervousness or perhaps something else, but Rupert is a very "out there" contestant; he and Bob have a strange and mostly meaningless conversation

Rosa, Dolores, Beth, Kathleen

Range Game, Clock Game, Hole In OneBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money GameBetty is a hilarious contestant; later contestant has a major mouthful of a name; Hole In One played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Elizabeth, Arthur, Janet, Joycelyn

5 Price Tags, Take Two, 1 Right PriceTen Chances, Blank Check, Grand GameOpening missing

Cheryl, Cynthia, Paul, Karen

Any Number, Trader Bob, Clock GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Now...And Then, Card GameAs close a Clock Game win as there probably ever was; Lamont is nearly 7 feet tall; Bob correctly assumes that he is or was a basketball player

Gary, Pamellia, Kathie, Helene

Most Expensive, Blank Check, Phone Home GameSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Deluxe Dice GamePhone Home Game replaces a car game

Denise, Robert, Deborah, Phyllis

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, SafecrackersTake Two, Master Key, 1 Right PriceTwo well-known contestants in this episode - "Hayloft Ethel" and "Nervous Patricia" (the latter named so because her knees won't stop shaking)

Kristine, Barry, Julia, Cynthia

Clock Game, Danger Price, Phone Home GameDouble Prices, Switcheroo, Range GameClock Game played for a car; fun contestant in Phone Home Game

Alexa, Tammy, Patricia, Donna

Shell Game, On The Nose, Squeeze PlayPoker Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand GamePremiere of On The Nose; Grand Game replaces a car game

Teri, Stacy, Sandra, Barbara

Bullseye, On The Nose, Barker's Bargain BarRange Game, 3 Strikes, Give Or Keep

Cynthia, Kristine, Mark, Shawn

Most Expensive, On The Nose, Balance GameSqueeze Play, 3 Strikes, Grand Game

Lori, Francine, Margie, Trancle

Barker's Bargain Bar, On The Nose, Trader BobRange Game, Money Game, Penny Ante

Susan, Marcy, Rita, Timothy

Give Or Keep, Safecrackers, One AwayBarker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Deluxe Dice GamePremiere of One Away; no horns or "do I have x numbers right" yet, Bob simply asks for a bell to be sounded once for each number that is right

Lillian, Herbert, Jamie, Caroline

Most Expensive, One Away, Balance GamePoker Game, Any Number, Hi-LoMonday show of Christmas Week '84

Cynthia, Diane, Anna, Sherry

Double Prices, Clock Game, Hole In OneRace Game, Squeeze Play, PlinkoThursday show of Christmas Week '84; pregnant contestant wins Race Game in 9 seconds

Edward, Carol, Christine, Leanne

Blank Check, 1 Right Price, Master KeyWalk Of Fame, Money Game, Pick A PairFriday show of Christmas Week '84; show features the infamous playing of Pick A Pair where Bob spoils the game while it's still in progress

Cathy, Ann, Stephanie, William

Bonus Game, On The Nose, Range GameMost Expensive, Money Game, Hi-LoOn The Nose played for a 5-digit car; Double Showcase Winner today

Vicki, Natalie, Stacey, Sharon

Safecrackers, Dice Game, Phone Home GameSqueeze Play, Secret X, 3 Strikes

Cari, Gayle, Gregory, Jennifer

Lucky Seven, Now...And Then, Barker's Bargain BarRace Game, Safecrackers, Punch-A-BunchTaped 5-28-85; WIN TV; 14th Season Premiere; Punch-A-Bunch replaces a car game

David, Sherilyn, Vergie, Renee

Clock Game, Hole In One, BumpPoker Game, Money Game, Balance GamePremiere of Bump

Annina, Veronica, Glenn, Lauraline

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 StrikesRace Game, Range Game, Hi-LoJohnny Olson's death acknowledged at end of show; Range Game played for a car; Annina's last name is "Tickle"

Calleen, Alexandria, Scott, Connie

Superball, Range Game, 3 Strikes+Bump, One Away, Grand Game

Clarence, Phyllis, Adrienne, Lana

Grocery Game, 1 Right Price, Deluxe Dice GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money GameGene Wood announces; "Christmas Wishes" home viewer showcase shown; features Gene dressed as Santa
1985.5945D1-3-86 MWise1.2.7/7OB

Maria, Brian, Alice, Collette

Bump, Hit Me, TemptationSafecrackers, Cliffhangers, Deluxe Dice GameOriginally to air on 1-10-86; Rich Jeffries announces; Bob Eubanks drops by to plug Card Sharks; Collette really needs to win a car - her boyfriend's mad at her for dropping the garage door on his car

Wendy, Barbara, Stephen, Gerri

Master Key, 1 Right Price, Take TwoClock Game, Temptation, BullseyeTaped 1-6-86; first 1986 show taped in '86 and Rod's first day as permanent announcer; new record set for the most won on a daytime show - over $54,000

Krista, Donna, Lee, Heather

Blank Check, 3 Strikes+, Phone Home GameMost Expensive, Card Game, Secret XGreat show; 3 Strikes played for a Corvette and won in the most perfect way possible; great Card Game win also - third best that I've ever seen

Rosalinda, Douglas, Mary, Dawnette

Most Expensive, One Away, PlinkoClock Game, Hole In One, Take TwoFirst 1986 Primetime special; Most Expensive played for 3 trips; $1000 instead of the normal $500 bonus in Hole In One, and it's won tonight; Bob and William have an unflattering conversation

Suzanne, Graham, Anne, Keith

Lucky Seven, Race Game, Grand GameRange Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Any Number2nd 1986 Primetime Special; episode features the well-known Lucky Seven blooper where the wrong door opens; also features loudly-dressed contestant "Ann the Fruit Lady" in Punch-A-Bunch

Velma, Virginia, Karen, Wendell

Clock Game, Hole In One, Money GameRace Game, Punch-A-Bunch, One Away3rd 1986 Primetime Special; Bob gets mauled by Velma after she wins $11K on the wheel; Bob and Genette have funny conversation about poker and a turkey

Kimberly, Ronald, Michelle, Trina

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Danger PriceGrand Game, Temptation, Range Game4th 1986 Primetime Special; overall not as exciting as some of the others

Teri, Ralph, Toletha, Lawrence

Safecrackers, Any Number, Grand GameClock Game, Double Prices, SwitcherooTaped 5-27-86; 15th Season Premiere; lengthy speech from Mark Goodson; 3 games (including Safecrackers) played for cars; also, in a fairly unusual move, all 3 of today's cars are Chrysler products

Christine, Theresa, Richard, Rita

Danger Price, Add 'Em Up, Plinko1 Right Price, Money Game, Pick A PairTaped 6-9-86; WIN TV; premiere of Add 'Em Up; Bob gets noticeably frustrated by Richard's difficulty understanding the game
1986.005PAired 9-11-86 PrimetimeCArnold2.2.8/8GSN

Carol, Jeffrey, Janice, Joseph

Any Number, Superball, Most ExpensiveGrand Game, Race Game, Shell Game5th 1986 Primetime Special and probably the most exciting and talked about of the '86 specials; Maryella faints upon winning 2 Mustangs; Shell Game for a car; Joseph only bids what his wife tells him

Tamara, Carl, Kym, Kelly

Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, 3 StrikesTaped 6-9-86; WIN TV; $11K won in Phone Home Game
1986.006PAired 9-18-86 PrimetimeYTube.7/8OB

Donna, Gloria, Emma, Gail

Superball, Money Game, Danger PricePlinko, One Away, Clock GameThe last and probably least exciting of the 1986 Primetime Specials aside from a hilarious contestant in Plinko

Michael, Annmarie, Lawrence, Barbara

Give Or Keep, Card Game, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Add 'Em Up, Penny AnteTaped 6-23-86

David, Patricia, Corinne, Elizabeth

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Phone Home Game1 Right Price, Bonus Game, One AwayTaped 6-23-86; WIN TV; Lucky Seven played for a 5-digit car

Scott, Mary, Cerreta, Karen

Give Or Keep, Most Expensive, Any NumberPoker Game, Add 'Em Up, Penny AnteTaped 6-30-86; WIN TV; Most Expensive played for 3 trips

Robinn, Donna, Belinda, Ronald

Card Game, Plinko, Race GameSqueeze Play, 3 Strikes, Pick-A-PairShow is being celebrated as the 3000th episode, but it's actually only the 2996th; Play Along in Plinko

Sherry, Virginia, Robert, Karen

Master Key, Range Game, Clock Game1 Right Price, Temptation, Grocery GameTaped 7-2-86; WIN TV

Rena, Christina, Fred, Rosalinda

Barker's Bargain Bar, 5 Price Tags, Clock GameRace Game, Add 'Em Up, Grand GameTaped 9-3-86; WIN TV; part of opening missing; first contestant's name pronounced like "Renee"

Rebecca, David, Paul, Terri

Blank Check, Plinko, 3 Strikes+Bump, Temptation, Hi-LoTaped 9-8-86; WIN TV; lengthy but worthwhile playing of 3 Strikes

Beverly, Joann, Michael, Shirley

Danger Price, Double Prices, SwitcherooSqueeze Play, Ten Chances, Hit MeTaped 9-9-86; WIN TV; Switcheroo played for a 5-digit car

Vicki, Alan, Terence, Sharon

Clock Game, Plinko, TemptationSqueeze Play, Deluxe Dice Game, Pick A PairTaped 9-10-86; WIN TV

Teri, Marilyn, Patricia, John

Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Race GameDouble Prices, One Away, Grocery Game

Suann, Michael, Rebecca, Bertha

Blank Check, Hole In One, Danger Price1 Right Price, Any Number, Cliffhangers

Ellen, Gregory, Dawn, Mary

Bump, Temptation, Grand GameSafecrackers, Switcheroo, Range Game

Kathy, Mary, Theodore, Margarita

Double Prices, Clock Game, Hole In OneDanger Price, Plinko, 3 StrikesTaped 10-6-86; WIN TV

Lorraine, Pamela, Joseph, Janel

Bullseye, Add 'Em Up, SafecrackersTake Two, Double Prices, SwitcherooShirley's a fun contestant

Carmen, Jacqueline, Jerome, Victoria

Now...Or Then, 3 Strikes, Poker GameClock Game, 5 Price Tags, 1 Right PriceTaped 10-15-86; from this episode on, Now...And Then becomes Now...Or Then; Victoria doesn't play it smartly but still wins; 5 Price Tags played for a 5-digit car

Donna, Brian, Judith, Carol

Double Prices, Grand Game, TemptationSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Deluxe Dice GameBob refers to a bunch of raucous audience members as "mental problems", only to find out that they're a leadership team whose job is actually to keep people sane

Kathy, Joseph, Janet, Geri Lee

Double Prices, Safecrackers, Hole In OneRace Game, Card Game, Bonus GameBob has Geri Lee read a plug for the home viewer's showcase

Tyrone, Patricia, Susan, Kenneth

Shell Game, Most Expensive, Add 'Em UpBump, Penny Ante, One AwayBob has Kenneth read a plug for the home viewer's showcase

Jacquelin, Hans, Marquita, William

Double Prices, Hole In One, Poker GameSqueeze Play, Dice Game, CliffhangersChristmas Week show

Linda, Darsalee, Michael, Maryanne

Grocery Game, Temptation, Squeeze PlayTake Two, Punch-A-Bunch, Money GameFirst airing of 1987; Double Showcase Winner (off by $25)

Tammi, Nancy, Lawrence, Cynthia

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, PlinkoBump, Add 'Em Up, Pick A Pair

Toni, Lynn, Alfred, Debra

Golden Road, Check Out, Barker's Bargain BarPoker Game, Give Or Keep, 3 StrikesTaped 11-18-86; WIN TV

Patricia, Carol, Delores, Curtis

Master Key, Range Game, Race GameMost Expensive, Any Number, Hit Me

Jana, Gordon, Edda, Vivette

Safecrackers, Ten Chances, BullseyeDouble Prices, Shell Game, One Away

Linda, Nancy, Leona, Elizabeth

Danger Price, Clock Game, Hole In One1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Secret XHole In One win from the first line

Marjorie, David, Bonnie, Lynne

Safecrackers, Add 'Em Up, Grand GameDouble Prices, Ten Chances, Bonus GameShow marks the first appearance of the current prop used in Double Prices (though it's black here instead of blue); Ruth asks Bob a VERY ridiculous question during PG2

Julia, Sandra, Kelvin, Kathryn

Now...Or Then, One Away, Poker GameRange Game, Switcheroo, Most ExpensiveSapphire ring presented as IUFB, Sandra wants to know if it really is a genuine sapphire; Bob thinks Randall's ogling Dian (he's not, but Bob goes off on him about it anyway)

Patricia, Sheila, Lynda, John

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, PlinkoSqueeze Play, Ten Chances, Grocery GameSqueeze Play played for an unusual (and distinctly 80s-looking) entertainment center; great Ten Chances player

Sherrie, Susan, Carole, Max

Most Expensive, Pick A Pair, Money GameRace Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Card GameTaped 12-9-86; WIN TV; every number on Money Game board ends with 9

Rita, Doreen, Bennetta, Oscar

Superball, Range Game, Poker GameBump, 3 Strikes, Check OutSuperball played for a car; great playing; Bennetta gets better with each ball after really blowing the practice ball; painful double overbid in showcases

Laurie, Robert, Jane, Vincent

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Race GameMost Expensive, Money Game, Hit MeLaurie gets 3 straight zeroes in Plinko before making a $5000 comeback; she's also clearly visible in the audience when her name is called, but she doesn't get up for several seconds

Irene, Amy, Lisa, Richard

Barker's Bargain Bar, Phone Home Game, Any NumberPoker Game, Cliffhangers, Deluxe Dice GameIrene calls herself a "domestic goddess"; Irene and Delnata have some very bluntly competitive words with each other during SCSD1; surprising occurrence in Deluxe Dice Game

Ronnell, Aya, Matthew, Diana

Give Or Keep, 3 Strikes, Race GameSqueeze Play, Temptation, Grocery GameAl blatantly attempts to cheat in Grocery Game after realizing he's screwed and gives Bob a dirty look when Bob doesn't fall for it

Deborah, Rochelle, Gilbert, Mary

Danger Price, Card Game, PlinkoBump, One Away, BullseyeDirectly contrasting showcases - "Wonderful Ways To Get Wet" vs. "Wonderful Ways To Keep Dry"; Dry showcase has TACKY convertible; Rod badly bungles a not-that-unusual name

Suzanne, Kim, Patrick, Tomasia

Golden Road, Penny Ante, BumpTake Two, Give Or Keep, One AwayOne of the earliest regular shows to offer 5-digit cars in both car games

Dena, Jack, Gail, Wayne

Temptation, Plinko, Clock GameDouble Prices, Pick A Pair, Range GameTaped 3-2-87; today's show makes TPIR longest-running daytime network game show ever, beating Classic Concentration; Range Game played for a car; tons of TPIR staffers gather during the credits

Shawn, Gregory, Laronda, Julia

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, CliffhangersApril Fools showcase featuring trips to some desolate, dead locales, along with similarly crappy accommodations; the real prize is a pair of Thunderbirds

Ada, Timothy, Leonora, Ruth

Check Game, Pathfinder, Poker GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Deluxe Dice Game, Grocery GameTaped 3-9-87; premiere of Pathfinder and it's won perfectly

Marie, Michael, Tracy, Yvonne

Superball, Dice Game, BumpPoker Game, One Away, BullseyeVery funny episode; Yvonne turns Superball into a terrible fiasco; several spinoffs and a contestant falls in SCSD2; Bob mentions Yvonne's name in dismay every time something goes wrong

Sherrie, Debra, Duane, David

Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Clock GameRace Game, Grand Game, Card Game16th Season Premiere

Julie, Michael, Angela, Jeannine

Lucky Seven, Check Out, Poker GameDouble Prices, Temptation, PlinkoBob's last dark hair day; featuring the wacky but cute Alexandra (one of my favorite contestants of all time) in Plinko; she later wins the showcase and the look on her face is priceless

Shari, William, Natalie, Phyllis

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Punch-A-BunchTake Two, Pick A Pair, Any NumberBob's first gray hair day; he makes up a wild and wacky story about how it got that way; Play Along 3 Strikes win; yesterday's and today's shows originally scheduled for 10-21-87/10-22-87

Linda, Robert, Christy, Karinda

Master Key, Range Game, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Grand Game, Money GameHalloween ep with 2 Halloween-themed showcases; oddly, the instrumental track from Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear It For The Boy" plays during one of them

Beverly, William, Evangeline, Annette

Master Key, Range Game, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Hi-Lo, Card GameEvangeline is a very "exotic" looking contestant

Shelden, Katherine, Lisa, Sally

Credit Card, Hit Me, One AwayMost Expensive, Plinko, Any NumberPremiere of Credit Card

Lisa, Harold, Pamela, Janice

Card Game, Clock Game, Phone Home GameMost Expensive, Secret X, Deluxe Dice GameResults of Card Game missing (not my fault); Deluxe Dice Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Linda, Romeo, Anita, Doris

Most Expensive, Superball, 3 Strikes+Safe Crackers, Lucky Seven, Grand Game

Kimberly, Lisa, Peggy, Julius

Bump, Temptation, Grand GameCredit Card, Range Game, Master KeyRay Combs drops by to plug Family Feud; refers to the models as "Combs's Cuties"

Janet, Thomas, Joseph, Juanita

Most Expensive, Plinko, Add 'Em UpTake Two, Penny Ante, Any NumberAll on-screen graphics, including the opening phrases and credits look noticeably different today

Michele, Brian, Angela, Hue

Hole In One, Danger Price, BumpCheck Game, Secret X, One AwayBob enters from the turntable; Betty White makes the inspiration putt in Hole In One; Michele appears to be very fond of Betty

Greta, Martin, Timothy, Paula

Spelling Bee, Range Game, Race GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Add 'Em Up, Grand GamePremiere of Spelling Bee; as Bob describes it, he mistakenly says that it has 11 Cs, 11 As, 9 Rs and 2 car cards; however, this would make for 33 cards, which the board clearly doesn't have

Vicki, Claire, Deborah, Earl

Bump, Ten Chances, Penny Ante1 Right Price, Temptation, Shell Game

Brent, Carol, Cynthia, Bruce

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Danger PriceBarker's Bargain Bar, Squeeze Play, Penny AnteTaped 9-12-88; Squeeze Play played for a car

Ashley, Joseph, Denise, Wilhelmina

Bump, Range Game, Master KeyClock Game, 3 Strikes, Check OutOriginally scheduled for 12-7-88

Michael, Margarita, June, Dorothy

Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, BullseyeMost Expensive, 3 Strikes, Secret XAt the end of the show, Bob calls the winner of the home viewer showcase

Janice, Jonathan, Marena, Samuel

Bump, Hole In One, Poker GameDouble Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, One AwayUnintentionally costly episode; empty hole in PG5 leads to automatic 10K win; screwed-up numbers in PG6 also result in automatic win; left-handed putter wins PG2 from 1st line

Denise, Anthony , Dena, Janet

Bullseye, Lucky Seven, Squeeze PlayRace Game, Master Key, Range Game

Amy, Robert, Rhonda, Sharon

Money Game, Hi-Lo, Credit Card1 Right Price, 5 Price Tags, Check Game

Christeen, Anita, Joan, Pierre

Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, Super SaverMost Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, One AwayPremiere of Super Saver; One Away perfect win; Bob and Joan have funny conversation before PG1; airdate listed in some places as 5-11-89

Jeffrey, Beverly, Renee, Yvonne

3 Strikes, Double Prices, Give Or KeepPoker Game, Ten Chances, Grocery Game

Kathleen, Darrell, Diane, Harry

Make Your Move, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarDouble Prices, 3 Strikes+, Grocery GameTaped 6-5-89; 18th Season Premiere; premiere of Make Your Move and it's played for a car

Gloria, Robert, Denise, Elisio

1 Right Price, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveBarker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Lucky Seven

Kathy, Willie, Barbara, Lisa

Check Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain BarCredit Card, Grand Game, Dice Game

Carla, Emelie, Bolivar?, Shelly

2 For The Price Of 1, Hit Me, Money GameRange Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Any NumberPremiere of 2 For The Price Of 1

Paula, Minnie, Laura, Frances

Golden Road, Check Game, Hi-LoDanger Price, Spelling Bee, 1 Right PriceGrand Prize in Golden Road is most expensive ever up to that point; Laura wins over $65,000 to set new daytime record

Carmen, Noelle, Carlos, Susan

Golden Road, Clock Game, Grand GameSafecrackers, Dice Game, Give Or KeepTons won today including $50,000+ in PG1 alone; pricing error (that we don't get the details of) results in both showcase contestants receiving their showcases

Robin, Susan, Margaret, Carlos

Squeeze Play, Penny Ante, TemptationPoker Game, Pathfinder, Bump

Joseph, Jacqueline, Carla, Evelyn

One Away, Squeeze Play, Hit MeRange Game, Lucky Seven, Bonus GameDisaster in One Away; Jacqueline gets no numbers right on the first try; Bob is so shocked that he thinks it's a mistake at first

Sally, Rex, Mary, Angela

Golden Road, Plinko, Gallery GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye19th Season Premiere; new record for most expensive Golden Road prize; premiere of Gallery Game; painful loss in PG5; picture has tendency to freeze, so may not be tradeable

Mia, Reva, Christine, Donald

Squeeze Play, Grand Game, One Away2 For The Price Of 1, Pathfinder, Gallery GameGreat contestant Carmen; nice enough to pass on a showcase with a sportscar in it, only to have the other showcase practically handed to her after severe overbid by the other contestant

Casey, Sherry, Vincent, Mae

Squeeze Play, Grand Game, One AwayClock Game, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveChristmas Day, 1990 show; many of TPIR's standard music cues are replaced by special holiday ones today; One Away played for a Corvette (and an unusually expensive one for 1990)

Kathleen, John, Gregory, Marilyn

Most Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, Card GameSafecrackers, Temptation, Now...Or ThenKathleen's on a major lucky streak today; wins 5K in PG2 (after giving back 1K); then 11K on the wheel; then a showcase with a car; Bob mentions that she's been kissing the stagehands' lottery tickets

Donald, Paige, Carol, Linda

Grocery Game, 3 Strikes+, Make Your MoveRange Game, Ten Chances, Bonus GameNerve-wracking playing of 3 Strikes+

Illuminada, Katherine, Kim, Michael

Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar, Gallery GameClock Game, One Away, Grocery GameShell Game sign accidentally hung in Grocery Game; Illuminada gets my vote for one of the best names ever; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Kimberly, Gwendolyn, Lloyd, Tiffini

Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-Bunch, TemptationTake Two, Lucky Seven, Hit MeTaped 4-1-91; hilarious contestant "Cheap Car Julia" who really wants a car but "just a cheap one"; funny line from Bob: "Rod, scratch that Lincoln off the list and put something cheap on it"

Julie, Matthew, Cheryl, Laura

Most Expensive, Plinko, Lucky SevenSqueeze Play, Pick-A-Pair, Money GameTaped 7-22-91; 2nd show of 20th Anniversary Week; Most Expensive played for 3 trips

Margaret, Mabulusa?, Laura, Helen

Check Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Any Number2 For The Price Of 1, Squeeze Play, Penny AnteTaped 7-24-91; last show of 20th Anniversary Week; painful P-A-B loss - Mabulusa gives back $1000 and ends up with $50; Squeeze Play played for a car

Tamiko, Jennifer, Charles, Stephen

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money GameMake Your Move, Pick A Pair, Any NumberFirst show taped with the current Money Game board; George finally gets called after 44 trips to the show, interestingly, on numerous shows for years afterward, he can still be seen in the audience

Diana, Willie, Lucy, Dennis

Golden Road, Poker Game, Grand GameClock Game, Master Key, Squeeze PlayTaped 5-28-91; WIN TV; exciting Golden Road win for a car not offered frequently even for that game

Gwendolyn, Daniel, Alan, Heather

Squeeze Play, Hit Me, Ten Chances2 For The Price Of 1, Punch-A-Bunch, Any NumberTaped 6-3-91; WIN TV; Ten Chances played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Richard, Patrice, Luke, Kimberly

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Swap MeetRange Game, 3 Strikes+, BullseyeTaped 6-3-91; On this early playing of Swap Meet, the price tags are not built into stands; the models have to turn them around as they would with the price tags in Most Expensive

Brandi, Robert, Lucella, Kermit

Money Game, Poker Game, Grand GameCheck Game, Safecrackers, SwitcherooTaped 6-4-91; WIN TV; terrible playing of Money Game - Lucella doesn't get either half of the car, and makes such poor choices overall that it's doubtful that she actually understands the game

Melanie, Shirley, Curtis, Marilyn

Superball, Lucky Seven, BumpMost Expensive, Any Number, Hit MeShow features 2 legendary contestants; Crazy Sweater Melanie, who mauls Bob in PG4, and Perpetual Motion Marilyn, who can't stop shaking to the point that everybody starts imitating her

Robert, Mary, Alex, Kelli

Card Game, Now...Or Then, Race GameClock Game, Most Expensive, 5 Price TagsTaped 9-9-91; WIN TV

Devon, Jeffrey, Mohini, Paul

Superball, Double Prices, Credit CardBump, Super Saver, Dice GameTaped 9-11-91; show features hilarious contestant Mohini, who makes quite a fiasco out of Superball; Superball played for a car

Lisa, Albert, Patricia, Deanna

Swap Meet, One Away, Hi-Lo1 Right Price, Ten Chances, CliffhangersTaped 9-11-91; WIN TV; some slight tracking difficulties during part of opening; but otherwise good; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Ernesto, Crystal, Douglas, Cynthia

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, TemptationMake Your Move, Shell Game, SafecrackersTaped 9-17-91; WIN TV

Julie, John, Gina, Joseph

Clock Game, One Away, Hi-LoSwap Meet, Pathfinder, 2 For The Price Of 1Taped 9-30-91; PG2 win (for a Lincoln Town Car!!); Pathfinder perfect win

Travis, Marianna, Marjorie, Pamela

Danger Price, Plinko, One AwayBarker's Bargain Bar, Super Saver, Dice Game

Linda, David, Errol, Anita

Clock Game, Card Game, Penny Ante2 For The Price Of 1, Ten Chances, Bonus GameTaped 10-9-91

Albert, Christi, Christopher, Nellie

One Away, Plinko, Most ExpensiveSqueeze Play, Temptation, Super SaverWIN TV; Christmas Day, 1991 show; PG1 played for a Cadillac; Navy picture of Bob shown during credits

Yancy, Ellen, Saradel, Julian

Clock Game, Check Out, Ten ChancesDanger Price, Range Game, SwitcherooFirst airing of 1992; Yancy and Theresa seem to have a thing for each other; they end up in showcase together and he grabs and lifts her high off the ground after he wins

Douglas, Jane, Didi, Aline

Super Saver, Lucky Seven, Clock GameSqueeze Play, Pathfinder, Danger Price

Julie, Pamela, Leslie, Donald

Spelling Bee, Swap Meet, Check GameSafecrackers, Bullseye, Dice Game

Karen, John, Cherie, Lonila

Clock Game, Check Out, Any NumberTake Two, Money Game, Secret XA display of small appliances that drops down from the ceiling almost falls on Holly

Shawn, Nathan, Kathryn, Lawrence

Superball, Dice Game, Barker's Bargain BarMake Your Move, Grand Game, Card Game

Renee, Brenda, James, Mary

1 Right Price, Hi-Lo, Ten ChancesDanger Price, Spelling Bee, Most ExpensiveTen Chances perfect win; Mary first met Bob back in the 70s when he was eating at a restaurant where she was a waitress at the time; grandmotherly-looking Dolores is a tow truck driver

James, Chrystal, June, Cecil

Bullseye, Race Game, Money GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Any NumberTaped 12-3-91

Thomas, Laurie, Luis, Debbie

5 Price Tags, Pick A Number, Credit CardSafecrackers, Grand Game, Dice GameShow celebrated as TPIR's 4000th, but it's actually the 3992nd

Remigio, Donia?, Glenda, Sean

Clock Game, Danger Price, Hole In One1 Right Price, Secret X, Lucky SevenTaped 1-6-92; WIN TV

Kristin, Dixon, Aimee, Gerald

Barker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Shell GameSwap Meet, One Away, Grand GameTaped 1-8-92; loyal-friend-and-true contestant Gerald loses a car by $72 in PG2; contestant named Robert "Bob" Baker - leads to funny conversation with Bob about a dog named "Mr. Baker"

Kevin, Annabel, Leslie, James

Most Expensive, Safecrackers, Hit MeMake Your Move, Spelling Bee, Double PricesTaped 1-13-92; WIN TV; Safecrackers played for a car

Lisa, Jerald, George, Alice

Golden Road, Poker Game, Punch-A-BunchRange Game, Pick A Pair, Money Game

Emily, Susan, Renee, John

One Away, 1 Right Price, Grocery GameSqueeze Play, Lucky Seven, Plinko

Bridget, Gwyn, Sherise, Vanessa

Superball, Dice Game, Most Expensive1 Right Price, One Away, Now...Or Then

Michael, Roger, Alissa, Emma

Lucky Seven, Cliffhangers, Pick A NumberN/AShow only 30 minutes today; Pick A Number played for a car

Connie, Davina, Bradley, Jeanne

Clock Game, Grand Game, 3 Strikes+Danger Price, Check Game, 5 Price TagsThe infamous "Toni's Porsche" incident; Toni wins a $45,789 Porsche in PG3, but is believed by most to have cheated; 3 Strikes+ not played again for rest of season; Toni wins almost $80,000 total

Maria, Robert, Marta, Alan

Golden Road, Grand Game, Race GamePick A Number, Secret X, Dice Game

Ann, Vincent, Kimberly, Garland

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Buy Or SellPick A Number, Lucky Seven, BullseyePremiere of Buy Or Sell, however it is not mentioned as a new game; funny playing of Pathfinder - a number lights up prematurely and audience goes berserk trying to get the contestant to take it

Renee, Mario, Suzanne, Susan

Spelling Bee, Buy Or Sell, Squeeze PlaySafecrackers, Money Game, Now...Or ThenExciting Spelling Bee win; David does an impromptu (and good) Price Is Right rap

Raymond, Stacie, Roger, Kelly

Barker's Bargain Bar, Check Out, Dice GameRace Game, Pathfinder, Pick A NumberTaped 3-11-92

Lori, Julio, Robert, Adrian

Golden Road, 1 Right Price, Hit MeRange Game, Any Number, Punch-A-BunchThe 2 prizes in PG2 total over $10,000 today

Scott, Patricia, Jason, Daniel

Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Plinko1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Hit MeCarol Burnett makes a quick appearance before PG6; last show with the green stage carpeting

Rita, John, Jackie, Maria

3 Strikes+, Magic #, Grand GameDouble Prices, One Away, CliffhangersFirst show of 21st season; premiere of Magic # and the first playing of 3 Strikes+ since the infamous "Toni's Porsche" incident last February

Maureen, Diane, Terry, Elaine

Superball, Check Game, Dice Game1 Right Price, Any Number, Penny AnteOne of the greatest moments the show has ever seen; Maureen wins all 3 prizes in PG1 without having to use the Superball, gets chance for $3000 if she can get the SB in the WIN circle, which she does

John, Jacqueline, Sailesh, Carla

Clock Game, Pick A Pair, Card GameRace Game, Pathfinder, Most Expensive

Adriana, Kimberly, Carol, Rebecca

Any Number, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarCredit Card, Dice Game, Penny Ante

Jeremy, Lisa, Emile, Sheila

Clock Game, Master Key, Pick A NumberMagic #, One Away, Super Saver

Brandee, William, Richard, Melissa

Squeeze Play, Cliffhangers, TemptationClock Game, Bullseye, Any NumberTaped 10-6-92; contestant Cherish deliberately spins the Big Wheel backwards in SCSD2

Bertha, Gayla, Debra, Mario

3 Strikes+, Swap Meet, Grand GameSafecrackers, Pathfinder, Pick A NumberStrange occurrence during opening - when Bertha is called, someone who clearly isn't her stands up and runs down, but when Gayla is called, Bertha gets up, as if on cue; Y&R tribute SC

Maureena, Kevin, Sheri, Jimmy

Spelling Bee, Danger Price, Magic #Double Prices, Dice Game, Pick A Pair

Christopher, Deborah, Michael, Danielle

3 Strikes+, Swap Meet, PlinkoSwitch, Lucky Seven, Check OutChristmas Day, 1992 show; exciting win in 3 Strikes+

Julia, Lance, Graciela, Marx

Clock Game, Master Key, Range GameMake Your Move, Card Game, Super SaverRod makes big flub at opening - mistakenly calls Marx "Mary"

Denise, Yancy, Eric, Judy

3 Strikes+, Bullseye, Most ExpensiveMagic #, Plinko, Money Game

Elise, Milagros, Tony, Charles

Squeeze Play, Swap Meet, Hole In OneDouble Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky Seven

Deanna, Thomas, Thomas, Kristi

Check Game, Poker Game, Secret X2 For The Price Of 1, Grand Game, Dice GameFunny contestant in Secret X; Secret X played for a car; contestant line-up shown here is NOT a typo - the actually were 2 Thomases called consecutively

Kristen, Joseph, Gwyneth, Jeff

Clock Game, Pick A Pair, Any NumberDanger Price, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar

Linda, Lydia, Sheri, Daniel

Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, CliffhangersSqueeze Play, Dice Game, Now...Or ThenNames of several play-at-home winners are announced today; Squeeze Play played for a car; Lydia's having a bad hair day

Edwina, Bernardo, Kelly, Rita

Barker's Bargain Bar, Now...Or Then, 3 StrikesPick A Number, Shell Game, One Away

Queen, Deborah, James, Susan

Cover Up, Poker Game, Check OutSwitch, Money Game, Cliffhangers

Dana, Ike, Daniel, Christa

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, PlinkoSqueeze Play, Card Game, Hi-Lo

Sharon, Cheri, Ronald, Lisa

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Check Game2 For The Price Of 1, One Away, Cliffhangers

Christina, Craig, Theresa, Paul

Golden Road, Check Game, Hit MeClock Game, Master Key, Range Game

Domonique, Ronald, Lorenzo, Desiree

Hi-Lo, Swap Meet, Any Number1 Right Price, Shell Game, Lucky Seven

Bryan, Monica, Jodi, Samantha

Range Game, Split Decision, Punch-A-BunchMost Expensive, Ten Chances, Super SaverEpisode features the famous Bryan, who gives back $5000 in PG3 and ends up with $10,000

Rona, Jason, Eileen, Angela

Lucky Seven, Plinko, One AwayN/ATaped 7-24-96; 25th Anniversary Primetime Special featuring numerous clips of great moments in TPIR history; Angela wins over $120,000 total including a Corvette, a Lincoln Town Car, and a Jeep

Sergio, Tamara, Annakarina, Yolanda

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Eazy As 1-2-3Double Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, Split Decision

Cherie, Rose, Angelina, Thomas

Any Number, Eazy As 1-2-3, It's In The BagFreeze Frame, Secret X, One AwayPremiere of It's In The Bag

Arthur, Joyce, Anna, Amber

Money Game, Fortune Hunter, Cliffhangers1 Right Price, Check Out, Dice GameFirst airing of 1998

Lee, Robin, Becky, Robert

Grocery Game, Barker's Markers, Magic #Squeeze Play, Plinko, Dice GameTaped 1-6-98; ep features well-known contestant Scott, who twists his knee during PG6 and has to be in a chair for the rest of the show; PG1 for a truck; Robert put off surgery to be on the show today

Susan, Monique, Kevin, Janice

Range Game, Line 'Em Up, Punch-A-BunchMost Expensive, Card Game, Hi-LoJanice tries to butter up Bob by wearing a South Dakota shirt, but she's really from Minnesota

Florita, John, Sibyl, Bridget

Lucky Seven, Cliffhangers, Any NumberDouble Prices, One Away, 5 Price TagsTaped 3-11-98; show celebrated as TPIR's 5000th, but it's actually the 5132nd; EVERY game is played for a car

Lorraine, Emei, Edward, Brooke

Spelling Bee, Swap Meet, SafecrackersSide By Side, Hit Me, Line 'Em Up

Kelly Anne, Kelly, Akel, Douglas

Golden Road, Now...Or Then, 1 Right PriceMost Expensive, Plinko, Card GameToday's Golden Road grand prize a first for TPIR

John, Jamie, Sarah, Tabitha

Lucky Seven, Poker Game, It's In The BagDouble Prices, Any Number, CliffhangersFunny contestant in PG1

Margarita, Ernest, Christopher, Jeannie

Plinko, Credit Card, One AwaySqueeze Play, Hi-Lo, Eazy As 1-2-3First show (not including 25th Anniversary Special) to feature $50,000 Plinko; Hi-Lo played for a car; price of car not given

Kristina, June Marie, Derek, Michelle

Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, It's In The BagFreeze Frame, Cliffhangers, Any NumberJune Marie is so worried about not getting onstage that she says hi to all her children while still in Contestant's Row; but when she does get on stage, she makes quite a comeback

Kimberly, Gary, Kenneth, Julie

Swap Meet, Check Out, Cover UpBarker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-Bunch, SafecrackersSafecrackers played for a car

Stephanie, Aimee, Brian, Joneric

Spelling Bee, Buy Or Sell, Double PricesHi-Lo, Any Number, Range Game

Bridgett, Rachel, Traci, William

Eazy As 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, CliffhangersDouble Prices, Dice Game, BullseyeVery excited (and high-leaping) contestant in 3 Strikes (this girl really knows how to jump around)

Daniel, Yakimba, Armand, Jeanette

Master Key, Range Game, Swap MeetIt's In The Bag, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game

Angel, Craig, Condra, Sally

1 Wrong Price, Plinko, TemptationSide By Side, Cover Up, Penny AnteA couch is brought on stage in PG3, Bob has Craig sit down on it while one of the models gives him a shoulder massage

Melinda, Eduardo, Valerie, Colin

Golden Road, Money Game, Secret XMost Expensive, Hit Me, Line 'Em UpMelinda has funny shirt: "Bob, Happy Gilmore couldn't beat you up, but we 3 sisters could"; $66K grand prize in PG1

Bridget, Tony, Carey, Jonathan

Most Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, Any NumberRace Game, Money Game, Hi-LoCarey gives Bob a shirt with a computer-generated picture of her and Bob, then tries to make him think they met before; very excited contestant in Money Game

Amy, Maria, Matthew, Brad

Eazy As 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, Secret XBarker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Grand Game

Benjamin, Joann, Evelyn, Mary

Switch?, Punch-A-Bunch, Line 'Em UpBarker's Bargain Bar, Check Out, Cover UpEvelyn takes so long to bid, that at one point, Bob bends down and taps her on the head; crazy lady in PG6 - "PLEEZE let it be my car!"

Cathy, Arthur, Bonnie, Cerenia

Make Your Move, Dice Game, CliffhangersFreeze Frame, Hole In One, 1 Wrong Price

Toni, Virginia, Stacy, Nicholas

Shopping Spree, Let 'Em Roll, Squeeze Play2 For The Price Of 1, Master Key, Double Prices

Ann, Bryant, Jennifer, Vicki

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Push OverEazy As 1-2-3, Bonus Game, Card GameRod sounds very congested today

Ralph, Maritza, Patti, Matthew

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Dice GameCredit Card, One Away, Secret X

Daniel, Nancy, Brian, Bonnie

Temptation, Push Over, Punch-A-BunchDouble Prices, One Away, Hit MeOriginally scheduled for 10-18-00; Janice Pennington's and Kathleen Bradley's last episode

Ruben, Sheila, Brian, Margaret

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Push OverSwitch?, Cover Up, Cliffhangers

Julie, Samora, Daniel, Jennifer

Cover Up, It's In The Bag, Switch?Secret X, Card Game, Push Over

Tanesha, Patricia, Michael, Karin

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Double PricesBarker's Markers, Now...Or Then, Dice GameMichael gets down to the wire in PG5

Mariam, Jeremy, Patricia, Michelle

Freeze Frame, Master Key, BonkersClearance Sale, Hole In One, 1 Right Price

Rachel, Elizabeth, Robert, Julie

Shopping Spree, Range Game, Pass The Buck1 Wrong Price, Switcheroo, Side By SideTaped 7-23-01; early playing of Pass The Buck with the 8-number board; 6 grocery products, and no free chance

Foy, Jennifer, Arvester, Kimberly

Triple Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, BullseyeMost Expensive, One Away, Bonus GameMost Expensive played for 3 trips

Monica, Christina, Percy, Karri

Money Game, Range Game, It's In The BagJoker, Any Number, Double PricesExciting Money Game win; Range Game played for a car

James, Alyssa, Christy, Steven

Eazy As 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, Grand GameBonkers, Master Key, Squeeze PlayOriginally scheduled for 2-27-02 but was pre-empted that day by a Pillsbury Bake-Off

Christopher, Becky, Elex, Michael

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, BonkersTake Two, Money Game, Secret XEx-Saints running back Derek Brown is a contestant and does very well for himself

Juanita, Roberto, Kelli, Denise

Range Game, Temptation, Switch?Secret X, Cover Up, Hi-LoRange Game played for a car

Christopher, Gary, Christina, Gregory

Lucky Seven, Grand Game, 1 Wrong PriceFlip Flop, That's Too Much, Cliffhangers

Andrew, Shelley, Nola, Brandon

Clearance Sale, Pass The Buck, Bonkers1 Right Price, Line 'Em Up, Bonus Game

Sherri, Kathy, Preston, Elizabeth

Any Number, Swap Meet, PlinkoSqueeze Play, One Away, Now...Or Then

Carley, Quiana, Jennifer, Joshua

Grocery Game, Ten Chances, Clock GameDouble Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, Card Game

Raylia, David, Angeline, Dawn

Step Up, Let 'Em Roll, Switch?Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game

Robert, Meredith, Michael, Lawrence

Credit Card, Pathfinder, 1 Right PriceFlip Flop, That's Too Much, Penny Ante

Rebecca, Daniel, Jason, Barbara

Triple Play, Make Your Move, Secret XDanger Price, Pass The Buck, Push Over

Elizabeth, Enrico, Lindsay, Katherine

Golden Road, Clock Game, Grand GameDouble Prices, Any Number, Cliffhangers

Leslie, Rita, Brendan, Laura

Most Expensive, Plinko, Card GameSwitch?, One Away, Check Out

Julie, Breana, Nathaniel, Tracey

Spelling Bee, Bonkers, 1 Wrong PriceGrocery Game, Switch?, Any Number

Scott, Travis, Danny, Julianna

Shopping Spree, Range Game, SwitcherooStep Up, Money Game, Hit Me

Trisha, Essie, Carrie, Brent

1 Right Price, Ten Chances, PlinkoDouble Prices, Now...Or Then, One AwayEpisode features well-known contestant Brent, who really makes a fiasco out of PG2

Mark, Kelly, Jennifer, Rosean

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Barker's Bargain BarRace Game, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play

Monica, Richard, Andrew, Robert

Push Over, Card Game, Grand GameRace Game, Pick A Number, Master KeyPush Over played for a car

Kristen, Jonathan, Candace, Bobby

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Any NumberPenny Ante, One Away, Step Up

Marie, Fernando, Ahmad, Sabrina

Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, It's In The BagBuy Or Sell, Cover Up, Secret XCover Up perfect win (and with an odd price, too -- not something ending in "50" or "95")

Jeffrey, Jeanine, Daniel, Remedios

Range Game, Ten Chances, Punch-A-BunchDouble Prices, One Away, Grocery GameTaped 4-29-02; MY episode (I didn't get called, but I was there); that's me shouting the price REALLY LOUDLY during One Away; Roumel wins only 1 punch in PG3

Lisa, Rufus, Bertha, Roneal

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Dice GameSqueeze Play, Card Game, Pick A PairBurton Richardson announces today's show

Joel, Judy, Blake, Billy

Range Game, Let 'Em Roll, BonkersPlinko, Cover Up, Most ExpensiveBurton announces today; Range Game played for a car; Most Expensive played for 3 trips

Candice, Jennifer, Zachary, Siena

Let 'Em Roll, Any Number, Make Your MovePlinko, Lucky Seven, Double PricesMDS episode; wheel stops painfully short of Jennifer winning $1,000,000; PG5 played for a Hummer

Vermelle, Haydee, Ivan, Adriane

Any Number, Race Game, 1/2 OffDouble Prices, Card Game, Pick A Pair

David, John, Susan, Bethany

Pocket Change, Grand Game, Coming Or GoingSecret X, Dice Game, 1 Right Price

Herman, Nancy, Jennifer, Tanya

2 For The Price Of 1, Plinko, TemptationSqueeze Play, Pass The Buck, Most Expensive

Wendy, Adam, Janice, Christopher

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder, Shopping SpreeIt's In The Bag, Range Game, Money Game

Janae, Freda, Dena, Gary

Golden Road, One Away, It's In The BagComing Or Going, That's Too Much, Push OverMDS episode; originally scheduled for 4-16-05; 6-digit prize offered in Golden Road; Push Over played for a truck; Saleen Mustang in showcase

Gina, Timothy, Unyaa, Wendy

1/2 Off, Lucky Seven, Range GameCliffhangers, Grocery Game, Double PricesMDS episode; one of the less exciting ones overall; Range Game and Grocery Game played for cars; originally scheduled for 3-14-08

Beverly, Janice, Verona, Judith

Shell Game, Ten Chances, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 8-2-75

Janice, Virginia, Kimylene, Dolores

5 Price Tags, Range Game, Race GameN/ADSW that sets then-record for biggest daytime winner; Five Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Carolyn, Patricia, Oletta, Brenda

Clock Game, Ten Chances, Poker GameRange Game, Hi-Lo, Money GameTaped 1-20-76; this is the Patricia Bernard episode (lady who's in bathroom when her name is called); good sound but blurry, grainy picture

Carol, Lola, Norma, Patricia

5 Price Tags, Race Game, Range GameN/ANighttime episode with Dennis James

Janet, Tari, Charlene, Earlee

Clock Game, Switcheroo, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Grocery Game, Dice GameTaped 11-27-79; WIN TV; Christmas Day show; BAD playing of Switcheroo; showcase with 3 cars

Tina, Manuel, Nancy, Dorothy

Switcheroo, Range Game, 1 Right PriceRace Game, Penny Ante, Ten ChancesTaped 5-18-80 according to GSN, but probably wrong as it was a Sunday; WIN TV; great comeback win in Ten Chances - something suddenly clicks for Tina after she makes a few not-so-intelligent guesses

Jesus, Cindy, Deborah, Phyllis

Shell Game, Danger Price, Dice GameMost Expensive, Grand Game, Range GameShow features well-known contestant Pauline, who chases Bob all over the stage during PG5; Shell Game bonus win; Phyllis from Walnut, CA calls her people "The Walnuts"

Wendy, Ann, Janet, Albertha

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Squeeze Play3 Strikes, Punch-A-Bunch, Danger Price

Catherine, Patricia, Harold, Pearl

Card Game, Trader Bob, Range GameRace Game, Ten Chances, Penny AnteTaped 3-15-82; Double Showcase Winner today

Nancy, Cindy, Travis, Jacque

Clock Game, Check Out, Dice GameDouble Prices, Poker Game, SwitcherooTaped 3-30-82; WIN TV; credits missing

Susan, Leola, Leticia, Cheryl

Shell Game, 1 Right Price, TemptationPoker Game, Bullseye, Dice GameShow features well-known incident where a fridge won't stay shut for Holly; Cheryl's a bit of a nervous wreck; Susan is second contestant in less than a week to be declared ineligible

Patricia, Janice, Alberto, Velma

Safecrackers, Hole In One, 1 Right PricePoker Game, Cliffhangers, Money GameBill Cullen stops by to plug his new show "Child's Play" - one clip shown where a little boy talks about Bob and TPIR; first show with the multi-colored hexagon background behind Bob as he enters

Martha, Monica, Carolyn, Jeannette

Card Game, Bonus Game, Take TwoDouble Prices, Check Out, Any NumberPremiere of New Card Game; very painful loss on this initial playing of it; Holly trips over Bob's microphone cord and drags the microphone right out of his hand; he and Jeannette both make fun of her

Gloria, Joan, Linda, Gladys

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Pick-A-Pair1 Right Price, Master Key, Range GameTaped 2-16-83; Premiere of Master Key and it's won perfectly; hilarious contestant "Wanda The Donut Lady"

Cathy, Roberta, Donna, Theresa

Lucky Seven, Hurdles, Clock GamePoker Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Double PricesHurdles played for the last time; Punch-A-Bunch takes the place of a car game; amazing occurrence in Punch-A-Bunch; picture suffers occasional second-long blackouts

Karen, Joanne, Jeanne, William

Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, Phone Home GamePoker Game, Dice Game, Secret XFunny conversation between Bob and Albert, who may be hiding a dirty secret; PG3 takes the place of a car game; one of the earliest appearances of the grocery product cue used in PG3

Jennifer, Keri, Dorothy, Howard

Superball, 3 Strikes, Barker's Bargain BarPoker Game, Clock Game, Grand GameHoward causes some trouble for Bob at the beginning; Grand Game replaces a car game; PINK Volkswagen convertible in showcase (no apparent reason as to why they chose that color)

Patricia, Rosalie, Jerome, Joan

Master Key, Clock Game, Walk Of FameBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick-A-PairA couch almost falls off of the TPIR train after Janice loses control of it

Karen, Heather, Doris, Chauncey

Temptation, Trader Bob, Double PricesTake Two, Dice Game, Now...And ThenNumber gets stuck in Temptation and Heather takes matters into her own hands and whacks the Temptation board until it does what it's supposed to; premature price reveal in Trader Bob

Jeanne, Martha, Shelley, Jerry

Master Key, Squeeze Play, Walk Of FameSafecrackers, Bullseye, 3 StrikesXMAS week show and last airing of 1983; Janice holds mistletoe over Bob's head and kisses him; contestant Janice is a SSA who inquires about those $1000 bills that Johnny supposedly makes himself

Diane, Jerene, Carroll, Karen

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Hi-LoMost Expensive, Bonus Game, SafecrackersFirst 1984 airing actually taped in '84; great come-from-behind win in Lucky Seven; painful Bonus Game loss; Safecrackers played for a truck

Deborah, Donna, Etta, Sheila

1 Right Price, Hole In One, Take TwoSafecrackers, Balance Game, Money GameTaped 6-12-84; WIN TV; car in PG6 not seen on the show frequently

Kelly, Marisa, Paul, Esperanza

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Away, Phone Home GameTake Two, Cliffhangers, Money GameTaped 6-30-86; big Phone Home Game win

Carol, Janet, Jimmy, Sue

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, Add 'Em UpRace Game, Card Game, Give Or KeepTaped 9-16-86; 2 great car wins today; Rod (or possibly the producer in charge of contestant selection) flubs a contestant's name

Katherine, James, Charlotte, Mary

Bump, 3 Strikes, Hi-LoDouble Prices, Cliffhangers, Any NumberHome viewer "Christmas Party" showcase shown; amazing Cliffhangers win with funny contestant

Elizabeth, Lorenzo, Susan, Carla

Master Key, Range Game, BumpTake Two, Any Number, Hit Me

Moira, Thomas, Wanda, Tracy

Most Expensive, One Away, Check Out1 Right Price, Shell Game, TemptationDian behaves weirdly during PG6

Judith, Jennifer, Dean, Anna

Any Number, Take Two, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, CliffhangersBob acknowledges recent death of executive producer Frank Wayne; VQ suffers noticeably for about 30 seconds during PG3; frustrating playing of Money Game

Michael, Shelly, Sheri, Eileen

Money Game, Credit Card, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Lucky Seven, Bonus GameTrina ultimately blows her opportunity to be on the show (gets called but is in bathroom and is not seen or heard from again for the rest of the show); one of lowest-winning PG3's ever

Donna, Robert, Tori, Lavon

Golden Road, Now...Or Then, 1 Right PriceTake Two, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes17th season premiere

Rose, Cynthia, Loretta, Jacob

Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, One AwayJanice absent from this show after being knocked unconscious by a spinning camera; one of the last shows where One Away is played for a 4-digit car

Janice, Barbara, Timothy, Katherine

Superball, Gallery Game, Lucky SevenRange Game, Any Number, Pick-A-PairBarbara gets on Bob's nerves; PG5 played for a 5-digit car; opening and IUFB1 missing

Stacie, Maria, Christopher, Lisa

Safecrackers, Switcheroo, Double PricesBump, Hi-Lo, Make Your MoveThursday show of 20th Anniversary Week; PG6 played for a car; for some unknown reason, the "Beanstalker" cue is used for both cars today

Corinne, Antonio, Kimberly, Lynann

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Range GameSwap Meet, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky SevenTaped 6-10-91; WIN TV; unusually cheap car (for 1991) offered in PG2

Delia, Cynthia, Daniel, Ernest

3 Strikes+, Safecrackers, BullseyeClock Game, Secret X, Temptation3 perfect bids today; problems and confusion with sound effects today

Heather, Margaret, Megan, Naji

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Swap MeetCheck Game, Pick-A-Pair, Any NumberTaped 7-9-91; WIN TV; for some unknown reason, the Any Number board is brought out BEFORE the prizes are shown

Laura, Johnny, Myrna, Brian

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Away, Pick-A-PairDanger Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Money GameEpisode features well-known model-hugging contestant Brian, a loyal-friend-and-true who gives several dead-on explanations of TPIR during the show

Jill, Paul, Kimberly, Helen

3 Strikes+, Grand Game, Make Your MoveSwitch?, Pathfinder, Check GameXmas show; sub model named Tina; Jill wins a near-$30,000 car and $11K on the wheel; painful PG5 loss; nice showcases today

Harry, Carla, Christopher, Christine

Switch?, Pathfinder, Pick A NumberBuy Or Sell, Grand Game, Ten Chances

Ralph, Michelle, Thomas, Annette

Safecrackers, Barker's Markers, SwitcherooFreeze Frame, Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo

Jessica, Janet, Deborah, Gary

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Take TwoFreeze Frame, Cliffhangers, Any Number

Laura, Elaine, Richard, Allyson

Check Game, Pathfinder, Eazy As 1-2-3Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Grand GameOriginally scheduled for 9-22-98; every game won; this is supposedly the only 6-for-6 show of the 1998-99 season; Charles claims to be bad at PG5, then turns around and wins it quite nicely

Jeffrey, Sharon, Robert, Tracy

Most Expensive, One Away, Shell Game1 Right Price, Line 'Em Up, Grand Game

Aretha, Garrett, Lora, Christopher

Switch?, Plinko, TemptationEazy As 1-2-3, Grocery Game, Dice Game

Sam, Margaret, Andrew, Rebecca

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Punch-A-BunchSwitch?, Bullseye, Money Game

Laurie, Bruce, Monica, Nonelon

Range Game, That's Too Much, Shell GameDouble Prices, Check Out, Money GameOriginally scheduled for 10-8-01; Range Game played for a car

DeMorrow, Lauren, Joel, Angela

Bonkers, Grand Game, Line 'Em Up1 Right Price, Any Number, CliffhangersNo "Big Banana" in Line 'Em Up today

Madeline, James, Sheila, Alicynne

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Danger PriceSqueeze Play, One Away, Hi-LoBob mentions the $9000 surfboard lady

Wendy, Evelyn, Maximo, Ina

Safecrackers, Pass The Buck, Buy Or SellFlip Flop, Pathfinder, Most ExpensivePainful loss in Pass The Buck; very rare occurrence of 4 black contestants in contestant's row at same time (no offensive connotation intended); 4 of 6 onstage contestants win money on the Big Wheel

Joshua, Laurene, Kristen, Linda

Triple Play, It's In The Bag, Squeeze PlayPlinko, One Away, Double PricesTaped 1-17-02; TPIR 30th Anniversary Special; taped at Harrah's in Las Vegas

Tallameasha, Luis, Evelyn, Katherine

Lucky Seven, 2 For The Price Of 1, Check OutSqueeze Play, Switcheroo, Magic #2 For The Price Of 1 played for a car

Andre, Denice, Kimberly, Jeannette

Swap Meet, Pathfinder, Push OverSwitch?, Line 'Em Up, Hi-Lo

Gina, Bryan, Kathryn, Mary Alice

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Bonkers1 Wrong Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Money GameHeather putts today

James, Kimberly, Bruno, Katarzyna

Step Up, Plinko, Dice GameDouble Prices, Cover Up, Pick-A-PairPremiere of Step Up

Lindsey, Priscilla, Donald, Stephanie

Flip Flop, That's Too Much, Grocery Game1 Right Price, Shell Game, Any NumberLast episode taped in 2001

Sheila, Rosalie, Ethan, Monica

Step Up, Grand Game, Money GameSafecrackers, Card Game, Secret X

Corey, Jennifer, Jeremy, Robert

Make Your Move, Spelling Bee, Most ExpensiveBullseye, One Away, Side By Side

Carleen, Linda, Richard, Meghann

Check Game, Temptation, PlinkoSwitch?, Now...Or Then, Dice Game

Danny, Karen, Sarah, Brian

Clock Game, Pass The Buck, Clearance SaleSqueeze Play, That's Too Much, CliffhangersDanny makes an outlandish bid on IUFB1

Tya, Andrew, Elizabeth, Samuel

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Eazy As 1-2-3Pick A Number, Master Key, BonkersExcruciatingly painful PG2 - you have to see this one to believe it

Lauri, Justin, Norma, Vanessa

Credit Card, One Away, BullseyeSwitch?, Secret X, Dice Game

Janay, Natasha, Barbara, Nadia

Triple Play, Step Up, Cliffhangers1 Right Price, Cover Up, Hit Me

Kerri, Derek, Ellen, Ben

1 Wrong Price, That's Too Much, PlinkoPush Over, Card Game, Penny AntePainful Card Game loss

Elizabeth, James, Jenelle, Cutter

Freeze Frame, Pass The Buck, Race GameSqueeze Play, Pathfinder, Magic #

Jared, Patrick, Charlotte, Andrew

5 Price Tags, Push Over, Barker's MarkersDouble Prices, Line 'Em Up, Pick-A-Pair

Anne, Bryan, Tasha, Maria

Grocery Game, Buy Or Sell, Money GameSwitch?, Plinko, Dice Game

Ernest, Iris, Mario, Chad

Flip Flop, Step Up, Let 'Em RollBarker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much, Cliffhangers

Stacey, Joshua, LaWanda, Gary

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, 1 Right PricePoker Game, One Away, Now Or ThenContestant gets 5 9's in PG4

Todd, Duane, Astacia, Christian

Cover Up, Plinko, Most ExpensiveCheck Out, Any Number, Push OverPush Over played for a car

John, Ana, Adelaide, Thomasena

Golden Road, It's In The Bag, Squeeze PlayCliffhangers, Dice Game, Switch?Complete win in PG2

Aaron, Christina, Max, Ecstacy

Lucky Seven, 1 Wrong Price, Punch-A-BunchDouble Prices, Ten Chances, BullseyePrinceton U acapella choir sings the Prince song "Kiss"; 10K win in PG3

Antonio, Crystalynn, Daniel, Judy

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Step UpFreeze Frame, Pass The Buck, 1 Right PriceTechnical problems with the showcase podiums today

Jeffrey, Laurice, Patricia, Anne

Shopping Spree, Spelling Bee, Flip FlopHit Me, 3 Strikes, Double Prices

Curtis, Liliana, Andrew, Kendra

Check Game, It's In The Bag, Card GameBonkers, Master Key, Switch?Exciting Card Game win

Allyson, Harry, Teresa, Vanessa

Switcheroo, Step Up, Magic #Squeeze Play, Pass The Buck, Safecrackers2 of the first 4 contestants have the same last name; $11K SCSD win

James, Sicily, Tiffani, Ralph

Eazy As 1-2-3, One Away, Pick-A-PairPunch-A-Bunch, Push Over, Money Game

Sean, Scott, Lynnette, Shaun

2 For The Price Of 1, Hole In One, 1 Wrong PriceSqueeze Play, Punch-A-Bunch, Money Game2 For The Price Of 1 played for a truck

Anthony, Trina, Misty, Koby

Lucky Seven, Freeze Frame, BullseyeEazy As 1-2-3, Shell Game, That's Too Much

Christopher, Jameela, Lindsey, Trisha

5 Price Tags, Flip Flop, Race GameSafecrackers, Pick-A-Pair, Dice Game

Andrea, Kristopher, Lisa, Jason

Check Game, Cover Up, Most ExpensiveCliffhangers, Let 'Em Roll, Poker Game

Leroy, Rigel, Joann, Aaron

Make Your Move, Temptation, Pick-A-PairFreeze Frame, Pathfinder, Switch?

Karen, Candy, Edmundo, Farrah

Swap Meet, Pass The Buck, BonkersMagic #, Spelling Bee, Flip FlopInteresting outcome in PG2

Amy, Siri, Robert, Margaret

Clock Game, Plinko, Money GameDouble Prices, Hi-Lo, Line 'Em UpSurprise occurrence with IUFB2

Becky, Esther, Grace, John

Credit Card, Dice Game, BullseyeSwitch?, Any Number, Cliffhangers

Nathan, Karen, Lucinda, Jonathan

Most Expensive, Money Game, Grand GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Bonus GameMost Expensive played for 3 trips; very "traditional" show - every one of today's games was around for at least 20 years before this show was taped

Reginald, Jon, Lauren, Michael

Triple Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, PlinkoDouble Prices, Temptation, Pick-A-Pair

Hannah, Derrick, John, LaDawn

Range Game, Hole In One, Clock GameCliffhangers, Push Over, Cover UpTerrible loss in PG2; Christopher gets birthday kisses from the models - Claudia's leaves a noticeable lip print on his face

Cody, Deanna, David, Desmond

5 Price Tags, 2 For The Price Of 1, Squeeze PlayBuy Or Sell, Let 'Em Roll, 1 Right PriceBurton announces today; 2 For The Price Of 1 played for a car

Carolina, Stacie, Dashawnda, Matthew

Credit Card, Plinko, Dice GameDouble Prices, Card Game, Now...Or ThenScreen shrunk during part of PG2 to make way for breaking news flash

Stacey, Barbara, Adam, Nadine

Step Up, One Away, PlinkoDouble Prices, Grocery Game, Money GameTaped 11-12-02; contestant named Lily is called, but a guy named Justin comes down instead for no apparent reason

Gabriel, Mia, Richard, Amie

Push Over, Grand Game, That's Too MuchSwitch?, Shell Game, One AwayTaped 1-29-03; Shell Game played for a car; price of car not given

Nicholas, Rachel, Stephanie, Candace

Triple Play, It's In The Bag, Clock GameLucky Seven, Range Game, CliffhangersMDS #3; originally scheduled for 2-19-03; Range Game played for a truck

Lindsay, Steven, Mirian, Sheila

Barker's Bargain Bar, Lucky Seven, Grand GameShopping Spree, One Away, JokerMirian bids $5500 on a refrigerator and tells Bob that's what she paid for the one she owns; Bob looks at her blankly and advises her never to shop at the same appliance store again

Richard, Patricia, Matthew, Yvette

Make Your Move, It's In The Bag, Money GameSqueeze Play, 5 Price Tags, 1 Wrong Price

Sharlene, Adam, Elizabeth, LaTanya

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarHi-Lo, Barker's Markers, Money GameScreen shrunk during 3rd calldown and IUFB to make way for breaking news flash

Brittan, Kinetta, Anthony, Lindie

Push Over, Cover Up, It's In The BagSqueeze Play, Any Number, Secret XName belonging to both father and son called at opening; confusion ensues

Moriah, Jason, Glenn, Terry

1 Wrong Price, Let 'Em Roll, Magic #1/2 Off, Card Game, Double Prices

Jeremy, Alisha, Christopher, Laura

Eazy As 1-2-3, Pocket Change, Flip FlopCliffhangers, Pass The Buck, Switch?Contestant Danica looks a bit like Ashlee Simpson with dark hair

Kaynisha, Vania, Julia, Thomas

3 Strikes, Punch-A-Bunch, Most ExpensiveSide By Side, Dice Game, Pick-A-Pair

Linda, Adria, Don, Jamie

Shell Game, Grand Game, Ten ChancesBarker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Most ExpensiveTaped 3-7-05; bad playing of Ten Chances (so what else is new?); Bob has a "this is my life" moment during PG6

Brianna, Belinda, Donovan, Penny

Danger Price, Pathfinder, Check Game1 Right Price, Any Number, Now...Or Then

Kimberly, Laith, William, Donna

Clearance Sale, Grand Game, Master KeyPick A Number, That's Too Much, 2 For The Price Of 1

Candace, Karen Mae, Derek, Alveria

5 Price Tags, Danger Price, It's In The BagFreeze Frame, Dice Game, Most Expensive

Almira, Matthew, Dorothy, Victoria

Triple Play, Push Over, Race GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Card Game, Pick-A-PairPainful PG5 loss that could be considered Bob's fault - Dorothy takes so long that Bob eventually takes away her privileges of drawing any more cards (she would have won with just one more)

Robin, Leah, Darian, Jon

Swap Meet, 1/2 Off, Hole In OneRange Game, Switch?, Cover UpJon gets locked out at the opening and initially has to be replaced with another contestant

Blythe, Robert, Felecity, Thomas

Golden Road, It's In The Bag, More Or LessCliffhangers, Lucky Seven, Push OverThe only MDS of season 35; Felecity wins over $100,000 total

Jean, Vera, Cynthia, Penny

Most Expensive, Any Number, Hurdles3 Strikes, Range Game, Shell GameUnusually expensive prizes (for the average 1977 ep.) in Most Expensive today; contestant Hiromi jumps over 2 rows of seats to get to Contestant's Row

Mary Pamela, Loretta, Mary, Gregory

Lucky Seven, Secret X, Safecrackers1 Right Price, Money Game, Grocery GameTaped 8-10-77; WIN TV; bad playing of Secret X; Money Game played for a car not offered on the show frequently

Marilyn, Carmen, Cecelia, Peggy

Clock Game, Hole In One, Double PricesMost Expensive, 3 Strikes, Give Or KeepWIN TV; Clock Game played for a car; taped 8-28-77 according to GSN, however this is probably wrong since 8-28-77 was a Sunday

Deborah, Clifford, Joan, Renee

Range Game, Hole In One, 1 Right PricePoker Game, Dice Game, Shell GameOriginally scheduled to air on 11-19-81; Renee has a very embarrassing moment involving her pants; car in PG2 an extreme rarity even by Hole In One standards of the time

Betty, Darla, Darryl, Wanda

Superball, Money Game, Safecrackers1 Right Price, Grand Game, Dice GameHolly trips on a cord and falls during PG1 - both Bob and the contestant catch her

Norma, Mark, Sheila, April

Clock Game, Plinko, Take TwoDouble Prices, Ten Chances, Hi-LoLast show taped in 1982; models pretend to be hung over throughout the show; Plinko replaces a car game today

Shelley, Lorrilyn, Jenny, Harry

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Danger PriceBlank Check, Most Expensive, Punch-A-BunchShelley has such a hard time understanding Blank Check that Bob pleads for its retirement; Punch-A-Bunch replaces a car game today

Windi, Sandra, Michelle, Derrick

Temptation, Grocery Game, 1 Right PricePoker Game, Safecrackers, Switcheroo

Sandra Dee, Gary, Glynis, Martine

Any Number, Poker Game, PlinkoBump, One Away, BullseyeOne Away played for a 5-digit car; Johnny Olson's death acknowledged at end of credits

Ronda, Jerry, Angela, Helen

Lucky Seven, Plinko, 1 Right PriceTake Two, Grocery Game, Dice Game

Stephanie, Christine, Monty, Cynthia

Any Number, Barker's Bargain Bar, PlinkoDanger Price, Now...Or Then, One AwayChristmas Eve show and last airing of '86; was apparently re-run at Christmas in 1987 because Bob makes a voice-over comment suggesting that his hair should be white by now

Lynn, Clarence, Arlene, Traci

3 Strikes, Take Two, Phone Home GameBump, Range Game, SwitcherooOriginally scheduled for 5-18-89; some sources erroneously give airdate as 8-23-89

Shawn, Troy, Willis, Kelly

Most Expensive, Dice Game, Super SaverTake Two, One Away, PlinkoFormer Expos/Twins minor league outfielder Troy Ricker is a contestant

Andrew, Kelly, Frances, Manuel

3 Strikes+, Swap Meet, Grand GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, Double PricesTaped 7-22-91; 1st show of 20th season; PG5 played for a car (exciting win); show features the infamous Juanita "would you like me to try it again" SCSD incident

Stephanie, Ronald, Jena, Carlton

One Away, 1 Right Price, Secret XRange Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game3rd show of 20th Anniversary Week; One Away played for a Cadillac and won perfectly

Melissa, Lloyd, Cynthia, Antoinette

1 Right Price, Hole In One, Check GameRace Game, Secret X, Lucky SevenShow features Janice's Miracle Putt (ball is several inches sideways from the hole, only to suddenly and inexplicably go in); car in PG2 may well be the least expensive one offered on any '91 TPIR ep

Laurie, Tony, Jacqueline, Barbara

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Pick-A-PairMake Your Move, Punch-A-Bunch, Money Game3 out of the first 4 contestants stay in Contestant's Row for the whole show; every number on Money Game board ends with 5

Yvette, Rokki, Cathe, Victoria

Lucky Seven, Poker Game, PlinkoBarker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Range Game

Donald, Heather, Patricia, Jesse

Golden Road, 2 For The Price Of 1, Pick-A-PairRange Game, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain BarShow features well-known clip-show favorite Donald, who dashes out into the audience after winning everything in Golden Road

Holli, Janet, Richard, Brandi

Golden Road, Plinko, Swap MeetDouble Prices, Card Game, Super Saver

Agatha, Barbara, David, Diane

Cover Up, Punch-A-Bunch, Make Your MovePick A Number, Hole In One, Switch?

David, Michelle, Tammy, Christina

Golden Road, Clock Game, Penny AnteFreeze Frame, Buy Or Sell, 5 Price TagsResults of PG6 cut off (the contestant DID win; the correct price was $15,340)

Valerie, George, Jessica, Yvonne

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Grand GameSwitch?, Cliffhangers, Cover UpChristmas Week show; Rod sounds very congested; PG2 played for something not seen frequently even in higher stakes car games

Anita, Susan, Jacob, Timothy

Lucky Seven, Grand Game, Clock GameEazy As 1-2-3, Line 'Em Up, CliffhangersTaped 10-1-02; Burton Richardson announces today; one of the most exciting wins ever in Lucky Seven

Kimala, Maria, Michael, William

Lucky Seven, 3 Strikes, PlinkoPush Over, Double Prices, Most ExpensiveTaped 8-31-06; Season 35 premiere; very exciting show; $50,000+ win in PG2; Push Over & Most Expensive played for cars; Vicky Ann wins over $147,000 to set new record

Ruth, Laurie, Nancy, Sharon

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Race GameN/ALaurie can never keep track of the other contestants' bids; Bob uses a pocket watch to keep track of the time in Race Game

Marcy, Michele, Kathleen, William

Temptation, Grocery Game, 1 Right PriceTen Chances, Give Or Keep, Clock GameDonna in PG4 is very clueless about car prices - jumps from 4 to 6 to 8 to 9 for the first number; cute Thanksgiving-themed showcase

Rita, Joyce, Janice, Jodie

5 Price Tags, Safecrackers, Race GameMoney Game, Hurdles, Poker GameTaped 2-15-77 and originally scheduled for airing on 3-23-77; WIN TV; Joyce jumps all over Bob after winning PG1; Giacomo's a funny contestant

Martha, Judy, Octavia, Billie

Range Game, Hole In One, Danger PriceDouble Prices, Ten Chances, CliffhangersOnly 2nd or 3rd-ever playing of Hole In One and it's not played for a nicer-than-usual car; terrible playing of Ten Chances; surprise occurrence in Cliffhangers; funny "Johnny For President" showcase

Candy, Marlene, Sheila, Esther

Lucky Seven, Secret X, Poker GameMost Expensive, Grocery Game, Any NumberWipeout in Secret X; funny showcase where Janice & Dian duke it out in the ring; throwing prizes at each other instead of punches

Nancy, Judy, Mary Ann, Vivian

5 Price Tags, Danger Price, Clock GameDouble Prices, Hurdles, Card GameInteresting situation during SCSD2 involving a rabbit's foot; Flaky Flick showcase "The Last Dial"

Vera, Eloise, Lewis, Karen

Range Game, Any Number, HurdlesMost Expensive, Ten Chances, Bonus GameNervous, rambling contestant in Range Game; Ten Chances played for a car not seen on the show frequently; salute to Fingers Greco showcase; Lewis is a woman

Kathy, Joanne, Carolyn, Cleo-Ann

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Clock GameMost Expensive, Secret X, TemptationTaped 8-28-79; WIN TV; interesting revelation in PG1; one grocery product in PG2 is Farrah Fawcett Shampoo (her picture's on the bottle); exciting PG3 win; girl who lives in Hawaii wins trip there

William, Barbara, Darla, Rebecca

Range Game, Hole In One, Danger PriceMost Expensive, Ten Chances, Shell GameInteresting IUFB2; Bob and Barbara both have painfully close putts in Hole In One; funny conversation with Pierre (mayor of Dunham, Canada); not-so-smart playing of Ten Chances; Shell Game bonus win

David, Victoria, Raylene, Gloria

Range Game, Poker Game, Hole In OneBarker's Bargain Bar, Give Or Keep, Dice GameTaped 2-3-81; painful occurrence in Poker Game; interesting prize in PG4; Johnny says "trip to Lake Tahoe, California" but hotel photo says Nevada; VQ mostly good but has some tracking issues

Patrice, Chiyoka, Joanne, Thomas

Golden Road, Barker's Bargain Bar, Trader BobSafecrackers, Dice Game, Penny AnteDice Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently; unusual IUFB6; VQ mostly good but has minor tracking problems in some places

Barbara, Terrie, Linda, Jane

Blank Check, Hole In One, Race GameDouble Prices, Bonus Game, 3 StrikesAs seen on YouTube: Funny playing of Blank Check with Barbara Nelson; PG2 win ($12,000+)

Camille, Kyle, Mary Lorraine, Damon

1 Right Price, Bullseye, Poker GameRange Game, Bonus Game, 3 StrikesKyle Aletter is a contestant on this show (and doesn't do badly); Bullseye played for a car; Marc Breslow's son shown at opening - Johnny says happy birthday; Bob calls Deborah a ham

Teresa, Pamela, Gail, Naomi

Lucky Seven, Pick-A-Pair, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Safecrackers, Secret XA lamp falls off the wall during IUFB1; Pick-A-Pair acting up today; home viewer "Home For Christmas" showcase shown; Safecrackers played for a car

Cherie, Shellie, Edward, Roxanne

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Blank Check1 Right Price, Shell Game, 3 Strikes+Close win in Hit Me; plus sign missing from 3 Strikes+; unusual showcase in that the first prize shown is a car

Stacye, Nancy, Deborah, Christine

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Barker's Bargain BarRace Game, Give Or Keep, Dice Game

Rosa, Cassandra, Amy, Harry

Range Game, Poker Game, Hole In OneBlank Check, 5 Price Tags, 1 Right PriceBob's mother, brother and cousin are in the audience; Bob does a great attention-diverting buildup to the car in Hole In One, really taking Amy by surprise

Yvonne, Valerie, Thomas, Cindy

Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, PlinkoRace Game, Check Out, Money GameGreat Race Game win; Bob loves what Cynthia does for a living; very close showcase results; Yvonne wins money on 3 different occasions

Anita, Carla, Sandra, Vernon

Barker's Bargain Bar, Now...And Then, Ten ChancesDouble Prices, Trader Bob, Card GameVERY SMART Ten Chances player - others have won more quickly but few have played the game itself as flawlessly - Bob praises the contestant accordingly; Carol, to Bob: "I'm in love with you"

Kathleen, Katherine, Glenda, Janice

Golden Road, Poker Game, Secret XBlank Check, Grand Game, Most ExpensiveGrand Game replaces a car game today

Karen, Timothy, Denyce, Alexis

1 Right Price, Deluxe Dice Game, Grocery GameMost Expensive, Money Game, CliffhangersBob calls home viewer showcase winner at end of show; Denyce, who claims to be unlucky in general, gets very lucky in Deluxe Dice Game; contestant named "Barker"; Parthena's a 23-year-old retiree

Alesha, Barbara, Linda, Tana

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Take Two1 Right Price, Balance Game, Card GameBeautifully intact OB from 1985 that includes the original Balance Game; Alesha is a jumpy nervous wreck who really has trouble spitting her bids out - Bob yells exasperatingly at her

Sherri, Elizabeth, Anita, Dawn

Clock Game, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceTake Two, Secret X, Any NumberGreat Clock Game player; car price not given in PG2; Dian almost hurts herself on some exercise equipment; "Beanstalker" used for both cars; Sherri has a major foot-in-mouth moment during showcases

Merry, Rachel, Duane, Ann

Danger Price, Clock Game, Hole In OneCheck Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Switcheroo

Beatrice, Dawn, Gabrielle, Judy

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Range GameClock Game, Any Number, CliffhangersTaped 6-14-77; Judy claims to not know how to play Clock Game, then does quite well with it; hilarious "Nitwork" Flaky Flick showcase

Laura, Jacqueline, Curtis, Gloria

Make Your Move, Dice Game, PlinkoDouble Prices, 3 Strikes+, Grocery GameInteresting prices in PG4; Charles has interesting occupation; still-life showcase; Mimi wins BIG

John, Dora, Donald, Una

Now...Or Then, Race Game, Dice GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Master Key, Range GameSome inconsistency to the audio quality

Craig, Karen, Eugene, Kimberly

Superball, Money Game, 1 Right PriceMake Your Move, Pick-A-Pair, Any NumberRod's wearing a particularly loud suit today; Ralph's pants almost fall off; no mention of Bob's birthday made

Lena, Tyrone, Gwendolyn, Noelle

Any Number, 2 For The Price Of 1, Punch-A-BunchRace Game, One Away, Grocery Game

Cynthia, John, Shannon, Jennifer

Make Your Move, Hole In One, Range GamePoker Game, Plinko, Money Game

Angelina, Patrick, Theresa, Michael

Bullseye, Race Game, Money GameDouble Prices, Spelling Bee, 2 For The Price Of 1Taped 1-7-92; Show features the infamous unappreciative Race Game contestant who Bob becomes involved in a tug-of-war over the game's price tags with; interesting small prize in Spelling Bee

Douglas, Tamara, Cheri, Michael

Grocery Game, 1 Right Price, Ten ChancesDanger Price, Plinko, Dice GameTaped 1-8-92

Kerry, John, Wendell, Gretchen

Check Game, Hole In One, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Any Number

Gracie, Raymond, Kerri, Allan

Super Saver, One Away, Most ExpensiveSafecrackers, Punch-A-Bunch, 3 StrikesMost Expensive played for 3 trips; broadcast is from 8-28-92 summer repeat

Tracy, Grant, Laura, Aaron

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceShow features well-known crazy Samoan lady in PG3 (Bob says "I think I've been mugged"); Ray Combs helps model some prizes; Teri somehow manages to hit herself in the face with the big wheel

Lowan, Nell, Martin, Kenneth

Make Your Move, Check Out, Dice GameSafecrackers, Poker Game, SwitcherooExcellent playing of Check Out; problems with sound effects during IUFB4; lady in audience wants to give Bob a pumpkin in exchange for a kiss - Bob refuses

Fran, Todd, Tina, Robert

Make Your Move, One Away, CliffhangersRace Game, Grand Game, Money GameOne Away played for a Cadillac; buzzer-beating win and a malfunctioning timer in PG4; contestant named "Santa"; very exciting SCSD2; very close showcase results

Pat, Lisa, David, Joaquin

Range Game, Hole In One, Clock GameMost Expensive, Plinko, Money Game

Caroline, Ernesto, Carole, Waleana

3 Strikes+, Magic #, Grand GameRange Game, Ten Chances, CliffhangersGrand Game disaster; Range Game can't be restarted for 42 hours; very frustrating and nerve-wracking playing of Ten Chances; opening & credits missing

Nicky, Sabrina, Marcia, Amy

Golden Road, Joker, Take TwoBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Penny AnteGolden Road win - most expensive single prize ever won up to that point; contestant falls during SCSD

Cherry, Daniel, Graciela, Carroll

Check Game, 3 Strikes, Hi-LoTake Two, Master Key, Pick A NumberContestants do "the Tush Push" during SCSD2; 3 Strikes played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Mindy, Michael, Peggy, Douglas

Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, Super SaverDouble Prices, Spelling Bee, 2 For The Price Of 1Perfect show; opening and IUFB1 missing

Janae, Brandon, Gina, Cynthia

Split Decision, Take Two, Now...Or ThenMagic #, Most Expensive, PathfinderSplit Decision won on the first try

Cynthia, Karen, Nagatha, Vincenzo

Squeeze Play, Bullseye, Dice GameRace Game, Secret X, Money GameAbsolutely perfect Dice Game win - every number rolled correctly

Karen, Jessie, Greta, Gilda

Range Game, Poker Game, Punch-A-Bunch1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Grocery GameSmart player in Ten Chances; cash register acts up in Grocery Game; out-of-sync audio/video - picture trails dialogue by about 2-4 seconds

Janice, Rocco, Rhonda, Mary

Barker's Bargain Bar, Superball, One Away1 Right Price, Any Number, Hi-LoBob Hilton announces today; One Away played for a 5-digit car; sound quality slightly "underwater"; 5th calldown & IUFB wiped out by local weather warning

Jennifer, Jay, Elizabeth, Michelle

Bonus Game, Most Expensive, Squeeze PlayCheck Game, Dice Game, Grand GameBonus Game played for a car, and probably the cheapest one offered on the show in 1990; "Summer Fun" Home Viewer Showcase shown

Robert, Tammi, Deborah, Thomas

Make Your Move, Any Number, PlinkoSwitch?, Cover Up, Hi-LoBad screen formatting (omnipresent black border on all 4 sides of the picture); all-male contestant's row before IUFB3

Kelli, Robert, Monique, Joseph

Money Game, Bullseye, Barker's Bargain BarBarker's Markers, Spelling Bee, Pick-A-NumberBad screen formatting (omnipresent black border on all 4 sides of the picture); "Losing Horns" cue used in Money Game for no apparent reason; Bob chides the nighttime TPIR during the ticket plug

Erin, Robert, Stanley, Cynthia

Golden Road, Plinko, Barker's Bargain BarDouble Prices, Pick-A-Pair, Lucky Seven24th season premiere and it starts and ends BADLY (wipeout in PG1; one of the lowest-ever wins in PG2, and a double overbid in SCs); 77 cartons of Breyers ice cream offered in SC1

Eric, Timothy, Corrina, Pauline

Cover Up, Plinko, Range GameSide By Side, Lucky Seven, Check Out25th season premiere; Cover Up played for a Cadillac; Range Game played for a truck

Matthew, Cindy, Keith, Trudy

Any Number, Range Game, Pick-A-PairBuy Or Sell, Pathfinder, Side By SideTwo very interesting car wins today; Bob screws up PG1 in a BIG way

Esmeralda, Ray, Ernest, Marina

Hi-Lo, Squeeze Play, Dice GamePoker Game, Plinko, Money GameBad screen formatting (omnipresent black border on all 4 sides of the picture); screen shrunk during both SCSDs for local storm warning

George, Zara, Roberto, Jeanne

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Make Your MoveFreeze Frame, Most Expensive, SwitcherooBad screen formatting (omnipresent black border on all 4 sides of the picture); HUGE error in SCSD1 that goes unnoticed for a little bit before being rectified prior to PG4

Lisa, Jeffrey, Janet, Erika

Cover Up, Cliffhangers, Eazy As 1-2-3Freeze Frame, Grand Game, Lucky SevenSandy's a very wacky contestant who, among other things, takes a small IUFB out of Janice's hands and models it herself

Melanie, Tom, Evalu, Darrell

Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, It's In The BagSide By Side, Cover Up, Secret XLast airing of 1997; Nicole gets into funny bidding fiasco during IUFB5; has tendency to freeze in some spots, so tradeability questionable

LaTasha, Tania, Wilma, Jumane

3 Strikes, Cliffhangers, Fortune HunterSqueeze Play, One Away, Penny AnteFirst playing of 3 Strikes with the new one-strike rule; PG3 win; Wilma would rather have Bob than a prize; 84-year-old Lucille has a "this is my life" moment; musical guessing game SC

Susannah, Edward, Russell, Terry

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Pick-A-PairEazy As 1-2-3, Plinko, Cover UpTerry takes a major spill during SCSD1

Nicholas, Suzanne, Jeffrey, Marjorie

Barker's Bargain Bar, One Away, Punch-A-Bunch1 Right Price, Any Number, Check OutJeffrey swears by the audience and absolutely refuses to make up his own mind in PG2; Rod messes up PG3; group sings happy b-day to Bob in French; interesting story behind the origin of Tressa's name

Stephanie, Owen, Oscar, Elsie

5 Price Tags, Make Your Move, Range Game1 Wrong Price, Card Game, Grand GameExciting PG1 win; painful PG3 loss; faded, grainy picture quality with noticeable vertical hold problems in some places

Heather, Jamie, Robert, Kimberly

Danger Price, Dice Game, It's In The BagDouble Prices, Any Number, Cliffhangers

Susan, Jaime, Wesley, Genevieve

Clock Game, It's In The Bag, Dice GameFlip Flop, Most Expensive, SwitcherooSlightly abnormal screen formatting; Most Expensive played for 3 trips; perfect Switcheroo win

Rebekah, James, Phillip, Rolanda

Cover Up, 2 For The Price Of 1, It's In The BagSqueeze Play, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain BarPainful Pathfinder loss; some vertical hold issues

Duncan, Donna, Brant, Beatrice

Lucky Seven, Make Your Move, Punch-A-BunchDouble Prices, Let 'Em Roll, Barker's Bargain BarGroup of ladies calling themselves the "Barkerettes" sing a puppy song for Bob; Brant takes so long in PG2 that Bob says Y&R will have to be postponed

Paul, Pamela, Pierre, Kathleen

Grand Game, Any Number, Double PricesPlinko, Bonus Game, Double Cross40th A.S.; all of today's contestants were on the show before, including Paul Levine from 9-4-72, who plays Bonus Game just as he did in '72; Bonus Game played for a car (and an interesting one, too)

Gregory, Kristen, Alice, Winnie

Range Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In OneRace Game, Shell Game, Money GameRace Game played for the 4 sets of LA sports tickets and won; sound mostly loud and clear but has minor inconsistencies in a couple of spots

Craig, Kecia, Denise, Jane

Credit Card, Pick-A-Number, PathfinderBarker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Lucky SevenShow features the hilarious incident in PG3 where Bob gets bitten by the Crocodile Dentist

Pamela, Norman, Alexis, Reginald

Check Game, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain BarRange Game, Plinko, Money GameInteresting camerawork with IUFB1; Rod accidentally calls Holly "Holligee" before IUFB3

David, Ann, Julie, Fred

Lucky Seven, Hurdles, Clock GameDanger Price, Ten Chances*, Bonus Game*Taped 3-23-76; WIN TV; Bob has a yellow ribbon around his sprained ankle - says he got it from Tony Orlando

Janice, Jacquelyn, Alicia, Darlene

Lucky Seven, Range Game, Bonus GamePoker Game, Hurdles, Any NumberINCOMPLETE - opening and IUFB1 missing; taped 5-25-76; WIN TV; show hailed as the 1000th, but it's only the 950th; Charlene doesn't get the wheel all the way around twice

Phyllis, Cindy, Jeannie, Robert

Clock Game, Squeeze Play, Punch-A-BunchRange Game, 3 Strikes, Penny AnteOn this fairly early playing of PG3, the words "Punch-A-Bunch" are multi-colored instead of the more-familiar yellow; P-A-B replaces a car game

Carol, Okla, Leah, Eunice

Any Number, Hurdles, Poker GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, Money GameTaped 3-25-80; premiere of Barker's Bargain Bar; picture messes up before PG2 and during PG4; Carol, the very last person in line, ends up the big winner of the day

Lisa, Donna, John, Dotti

Any Number, Bonus Game, Money GameMost Expensive, Grand Game, Take Two

Janice, Teresa, Nicole, Tammy

Shell Game, Blank Check, Ten ChancesSafecrackers, Hit Me, Any NumberINCOMPLETE - Showcase results and credits missing; Robert's a bus driver who can't remember where he came from

Patti, Bonnie, Jenine, Eugene

Lucky Seven, Take Two, Punch-A-BunchSqueeze Play, It's Optional, Hi-LoINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; Bob gets a huge welcome; Holly wears some very suggestive attire during IUFB1; PG2 played for LA sports tickets and Joyce calls the Rams "the Rammers"

Diane, Jonita, Patricia, Sharon

Bullseye, Temptation, 1 Right PriceBlank Check, Dice Game, CliffhangersINCOMPLETE - SC results missing; contestant doesn't understand Blank Check (sigh) - Bob uses the Plinko stick as a pointer to demonstrate

Charlotte, Carmen, Fay, Jodi

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Hit Me1 Right Price, Blank Check, 5 Price TagsINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; funny moment during PG1; Charlotte hits a sore spot for Bob during SCSD2

Cathy, Dawn, Virginia, Deborah

Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Punch-A-BunchSqueeze Play, Hit Me, Any NumberINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; lady in audience named "Bubbles"; second show of first 1983 taping day

Susan, Michelle, Mary, Kim

Superball, 1 Right Price, Dice GameMost Expensive, Blank Check, Grand GameINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; Bob reads a letter from a fan who has a really weird explanation of Blank Check; Francis is a father of 16; PG6 replaces a car game

Linda, Bernice, Betty, Julie

Danger Price, Lucky Seven, Give Or KeepDouble Prices, Check Out, Money GameINCOMPLETE - Showcases, results & credits missing; opening titles behave weirdly today; Bob & Tracy have funny conversation before IUFB4; painful Check Out loss

Theresa, Kim, Olivia, Virginia

Clock Game, Cliffhangers, Money GameMost Expensive, Race Game, Grand GameINCOMPLETE - Showcases, results & credits missing; Bob is unusually helpful in Clock Game; PG6 replaces a car game; disastrous PG6 playing; a couple of really close spins and some confusion in SCSD2

Barbara, Judy, Dorothy, Brenda

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, Poker GameBlank Check, Most Expensive, SwitcherooINCOMPLETE - cuts out during SCSD2

Lisa, Meredith, Rondalyn, Julius

Danger Price, Any Number, Hi-LoSqueeze Play, 5 Price Tags, Range GameINCOMPLETE - Showcases, results & credits missing; production error in PG2 - some confusion ensues

Michael, Bobbie, Jeannie, Alice

Safecrackers*, Phone Home Game*, Poker GameDouble Prices, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain BarINCOMPLETE - PG1, PG2 & 3rd IUFB wiped out by technical interference; Alice asks a ridiculous question during first round of bidding

Cheryl, Jaci, Ruth, Anthony

Double Prices, Take Two, Phone Home GameSafecrackers, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameINCOMPLETE - Showcase results and credits missing; Bob sneezes during IUFB4; Jaci's name pronounced like "Jackie"

Michelle, Karen, Karleen, Renee

Money Game, Poker Game, Punch-A-BunchSqueeze Play, Temptation, Penny AnteINCOMPLETE - Showcases, results & credits missing; contestant Scott looks a lot like special effects man Johnny Franco - Bob has them stand together; Renee's a punching machine in PG3

Diana, Bernice, Jimi, Terry

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money GamePoker Game, Bullseye, Deluxe Dice GameINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; some techincal difficulty during PG1; "Godmother" showcase

Randall, Teresa, Donna, Paula

Superball, Take Two, Card GameClock Game, Grand Game, Double PricesINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; nice win in PG3; Teresa and Bob have an interesting "reunion" in PG2; Bob utters a mild expletive during PG4; PG5 replaces a car game

Valerie, Sherril, Tara, Jesse

Safecrackers, Check Out, Money GameRace Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Barker's Bargain BarINCOMPLETE - SC's, results & credits missing; Valerie runs up onstage with one shoe - there's an usher holding the other one; cuts to a close-up shot of the other shoe before commercial break

Jennifer, Beatriz, Susan, Milton

Range Game, Poker Game, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Secret XTaped 12-5-84; Woodbury, NJ (the town that the phone contestant in PG3 lives in) is just a few miles from where I live, and I've spent many happy times there; John Darby from Y&R appears in a showcase

Kathleen, Barbara, Diane, Kathryn

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Take Two1 Right Price, Bonus Game, Ten ChancesINCOMPLETE - no SCSDs; terrible aftermarket video editing throughout; screwy playing of PG1; Marjorie Goodson (Mark Goodson's daughter) appears in a showcase; some sources list airdate as 10-29-85

Shelly , Charles, Marybeth, Maureen

Master Key, Range Game, Race GameMost Expensive, One Away, Grocery GameINCOMPLETE - cuts out after PG6; taped 5-28-86; Fingers Greco and Andy Jacobsen do "The Gator" during SCSD1; Holly's wearing what appears to be a huge wedding ring; One Away played for a 5-digit car

Richard, Alaina, Steven, Candice

Money Game, Race Game, Super SaverSqueeze Play, Pathfinder, 2 For The Price Of 1Opening missing; Great Money Game win; Richard outsmarts El-Cheapo; great Race Game win

Mary Ellen, Debra, Odell, Pamela

Temptation, Squeeze Play, Punch-A-BunchTake Two, Range Game, Now...And ThenINCOMPLETE - Showcases, results & credits missing; taped 6-10-86; WIN TV; Range Game played for a car; very confusing playing of PG3; male contestant named "Honey"

Andrea, John, Valerie, Armando

Danger Price, Hole In One, BumpSafecrackers, Secret X, Any NumberINCOMPLETE - somebody (not me) edited out both SCSDs; taped 6-10-86; WIN TV

Belinda, Daniel, Robin, Sherry

Money Game*, Check Out, Squeeze PlayMost Expensive, Shell Game, Ten ChancesTaped 7-2-86; features the hilarious "Shell Game Cheater" incident ("everybody knows the damn thing's not there")

Karen, Larry, Kathlynn, Evelyn

Superball, Bump, Range GameTake Two, Grand Game, Card GameINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; taped 11-10-86; WIN TV; Superball played for a car; Bump price reveal falls apart

David, Michele, Karen, Phillip

Golden Road, Give Or Keep, 1 Right PriceDanger Price, One Away, BullseyeINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; 2nd & 6th calldowns also missing; funny model chat after PG3; PG5 perfect win

Connie, Anne, Leicia, Lewis

Master Key, 1 Right Price, Clock GamePoker Game, One Away, Now...Or Then*INCOMPLETE - cuts off after PG5; PG5 played for a 5-digit car

Donna, Nancy, Tony, Vicki

Any Number*, Take Two, Grocery Game1 Right Price, Lucky Seven, Shell GameINCOMPLETE - SCs, results & credits missing; PG1 also partly missing; long model chat after PG4 to the point that the TPIR theme ends and then starts again; first appearance of the current PG4 podiums

Dawn, Doreen, Tammi, Carolyn

Card Game, Danger Price, Phone Home GameBarker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; PG3 perfect win; Janice & Holly mess up PG3 introduction; David (PG3) also wins big on the wheel

Gwendolyn, Michael, Bobby , Sherry

Superball*, Money Game, Most ExpensiveSqueeze Play, Hi-Lo*, Ten ChancesINCOMPLETE - frequent "Special Report" interruptions - PG1 & PG5 severely compromised because of this; Kyle substitutes for Janice today

Renee, Eric, Suzanne, Pamella

Any Number, Most Expensive, PlinkoMake Your Move, One Away, Super SaverINCOMPLETE - cuts out after PG6; Samoan contestant called before IUFB2 - as usual, Bob's none too gracious in welcoming her; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Velisa, Mark, Deborah, Roger

Plinko, Any Number, Switch?*Temptation, Check Out, Double PricesINCOMPLETE - cuts out during SCSD2; premiere of Switch? and we don't get to see it due to technical difficulty

Ronald, Mary, Stanley, Frances

Most Expensive, Check Out, One Away1 Right Price, Plinko, Card GameImagery quality OK but picture jumps badly; PG3 perfect win; interesting oddity: Show features the same 2 cars in the same 2 games with the same 2 prices as the show from exactly 1 month before

Ella, Michael, Sheri, Catherine

Credit Card, Hole In One, Switch?Squeeze Play, Lucky Seven, CliffhangersShow features "Ella's Spectacular Putt" (probably the single most famous moment in the history of Hole In One); audience goes crazy for Klondike ice cream bars

Sherron, David, Nicole, Charles

5 Price Tags, Safecrackers, Buy Or SellClock Game, Pick-A-Pair, Money GameINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; taped 3-10-92; WIN TV; Bob has a yearbook with his high school basketball picture - says it was taken in 1964

Renee, Maurice, Mary, Tina

Any Number, Punch-A-Bunch, Check GameBuy Or Sell, Dice Game, Penny AnteBob gets a very raucous welcome; an error by Bob leads to Mary receiving 2 $100 bonuses; Tina's wearing a really loud yellow jacket that's perfect with her striking blonde hair; error in PG6

Kimberly, Kevin, Lupe, Jennifer

Superball, Switch?, Lucky SevenSqueeze Play, Check Out, Money GameSuperball played for a car in addition to the 2 regular car games; unusual on-screen graphics when Jalena wins money in SCSD2

Eva, John, Lori, Juan

Switcheroo, Credit Card, Squeeze PlayMake Your Move, Hit Me, Dice GameINCOMPLETE - Showcase results & credits missing

Cherie, Kristy, Ramon, David

Superball, Range Game, Dice Game1 Right Price, Pick-A-Pair, Card GameShow features hilarious contestant (and occasional bit-part actress) Edrie in PG3; renowned for her bungled explanation of the game and her hilarious reaction after she wins; contestant named "Boo"

Darrilyn, Brian, Kathy, Dawn

Safecrackers, Money Game, Check OutRace Game, Pathfinder, Pick-A-NumberContestant named "General Mills"; PG3 brought out before the prize is shown

Laura, Jose, Tiffany, Thomas

Cover Up, Plinko, Make Your MoveMost Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery GameHolly's last show; Interesting IUFB1; Holly dresses as Elvis in a showcase

Chad, Debbie, Jason, Michelle

Cover Up, Plinko, Clock GameDouble Prices, Lucky Seven, Pick-A-Pair26th Season Premiere; Cover Up played for a Lincoln; special appearances by top CBS executives Lucy Johnson, Syd Vinnedge and Marjorie Goodson; hilarious PG5; unusual occurrence with SC results

Steven, Yolanda, Amanda, Randy

Freeze Frame, Any Number, Bonus GameMost Expensive, Grand Game, One Away

Petra, Estera, Sherry, Valerie

Any Number, Secret X, Most ExpensiveDouble Prices, Hole In One, Race GameOriginal broadcast with commercials; fur coat offered in PG4; cuts out midway through credits

Martha, Amy, Nairobi, John

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Eazy As 1-2-3Squeeze Play, Cover Up, Secret XApril Fool's show featuring the "showcase with 9 cars" (only 3 of them are real); Sumiko's one of the tiniest contestants ever; Amy looks really disgusted after she loses in the showcases

Kalilah, Jovanna, Robert, Erica

Freeze Frame, Spelling Bee, 1 Right PricePush Over, Ten Chances, Hit MeINCOMPLETE - Showcase results and credits missing

Julia, Rodney, Carmen, Ralph

Barker's Bargain Bar, Let 'Em Roll, Range GameDanger Price, Punch-A-Bunch, One AwayPainful Range Game loss; bad decision in PG5

Bobbie, Joy, Staci, David

Make Your Move, Freeze Frame, Let 'Em RollEazy As 1-2-3, One Away, Secret XBob gets confused by the outcome of PG4; Desiree wins big

William, Darlene, Jennifer, Sean

Lucky Seven, 1 Wrong Price, CliffhangersRace Game, Hole In One, Squeeze PlayRod does the "TV send up"; exciting PG3 win; Bob runs for cover after Darlene wins PG6

Cynthia, Brian, Meredith, David

Golden Road, Range Game, Hi-LoSwitch?, Cliffhangers, One AwayINCOMPLETE - SC results & credits missing; new record for most expensive single prize ever won; error in PG5 - mountain climber goes a step too far on 2nd prize (never corrected)

Rachel, Leonard, David, Karlee

Spelling Bee, Race Game, Freeze FrameBarker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Dice Game*INCOMPLETE - cuts out before PG6; taped 7-17-01; error in PG5 - watch closely or you'll probably miss it

Nicole, Noah, Peter, Robert

Triple Play, 1/2 Off, Plinko*NA, NA, NAINCOMPLETE - PG3 & Adam Sandler segment missing; show celebrates Bob's 50 years in TV and features various clips of TPIR, TOC, and even the infamous "fur flap"

James, Susan, Chad, Veronica

Bonus Game, Most Expensive, Double PricesRange Game, Grocery Game, Race GameIt's a 70s disco party on TPIR; PG1 played for a '73 Mustang; many of the old familiar music cues (including The Beanstalker) used today; "Love Boat" showcase with appearance by Ted Lange

Gabriel, Monica, Steven, Ramee

Cover Up, Cliffhangers, Make Your MoveCheck Game, 3 Strikes+, Grand GameExcellent comeback win in Cliffhangers; total wipeout in 3 Strikes+

Judy, Michelle, Daniel, Frank

Money Game, Swap Meet, Shell Game1 Right Price, 3 Strikes+, Grand GameTaped 9-28-93; dog named "Licorice" up for adoption; PG5 win; Douglas has a lot of difficulty getting the wheel all the way around; huge crowd at end of show that Bob almost gets lost in

Shannon, David, Cheryl, Stella

Switch?, 3 Strikes+, CliffhangersClock Game, Hole In One, Make Your MovePG2 wipeout; interesting occupation - Robert's a magazine distributor who "puts the dirty trash in your check-out lines"; PG4 won questionably; Holly does the inspiration putt

Rebecca, Myisha, Kathleen, Birch

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Hi-LoPoker Game, Any Number, PlinkoTaped 12-7-93; 3 Strikes wipeout; winner of IUFB5 gets a copy of Janice Pennington's book "Husband, Lover, Spy"

Crystal, Gregg, Clinton, Leslee

Golden Road, 2 For The Price Of 1, Grocery GameTake Two, Pathfinder, Most ExpensiveTaped 12-2-91; Bob and Janice have silly argument about the uses and non-uses of Sunlight dish detergent

Richard, Stephen, Addie, Lisa

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes+Credit Card, Card Game, Pick-A-PairEpisode features the famous Pepperdine student Danielle Torres, who sets a new daytime winnings record that lasts for 12 years

Kristen, Selina, Christina, Michael

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, CliffhangersRace Game, Grand Game, TemptationTaped 11-27-90 and originally scheduled to air on 1-18-91

Shannon, Richard, Rosnah, Michael

Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Hit MeTake Two, Spelling Bee, 1 Right PriceTaped 11-28-89; Rosnah's originally from Malaysia; not a smart playing of Hit Me; former Phillies minor league reliever Mike Shelton is a contestant; Rod and Dian get cozy before IUFB6

Rebecca, Pamela, Mary, Blanche

Any Number, Cliffhangers, Take TwoClock Game, Ten Chances, Hi-LoTaped 11-30-88; funny contestant named Monroe who's not so good at Cliffhangers; great comeback win in Ten Chances

Kristina, Rosalind, Cheryl, Doris

Golden Road, Range Game, Give Or KeepPoker Game, Penny Ante, Money GameTaped 11-30-88; Rod sings (badly) during IUFB4 and embarrasses Bob; popcorn cart is IUFB5 - models serve Bob and contestants popcorn; all "twins" numbers on Money Game board today

Linda, Jan, Dennis, Geraldine

Lucky Seven, Now...And Then, Most ExpensiveRace Game, Punch-A-Bunch, SafecrackersColleen wins only one punch in PG5...and you won't believe what happens; showcase full of prizes "making their debut," including a really, really weird telephone

Kimberly, Ronald, Kimberly, Beverly

Safecrackers, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceDanger Price, Money Game, Give Or KeepBlooper win in PG1; Anthony (guy in audience cheering for Kimberly) was on the show himself on 1-26-81; "Starcrossed" used as car music today; Fred MacMurray Great Entertainer showcase

Pamela, Katie, Diana, Patricia

Double Prices, Lucky Seven, HurdlesRange Game, Any Number, CliffhangersTaped 4-25-77; 3 perfect bids today; superb playing of Cliffhangers; interesting showcase where a contestant (and a male, in this case) has an opportunity to be a TPIR model for a day

Nicole, Allen, Erin, Donna

Golden Road, Make Your Move, Grand GameSwitch?, Pathfinder, Eazy As 1-2-3Golden Road win; outlandish bid by Gene on IUFB4; pretty nice car in PG5 - more than half the price of the one in Golden Road today; Gene wins two $20,000+ cars

Monina, Nancy, Bruce, Stacy

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, Joker1 Right Price, Money Game, Now...Or ThenTaped 1-10-94; Golden Road win; pre-fame Chantel Dubay is a sub-model today; Holly gets bitten by a Crocodile Dentist; bad bid by Janine on IUFB3; Kathleen's b-day acknowledged; close showcase results

Leilani, Willie, Rhonda, John

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Buy Or SellDouble Prices, Hi-Lo, Cover UpBob forgets to do something VERY traditional during PG1; one showcase has no hundreds, tens, or ones in its price

Christine, Lucy, Lana, Brenda

Bullseye, Dice Game, Race GameCard Game, Give Or Keep, Poker GameTaped 8-9-76 and originally scheduled for 10-14-76; very possibly the greatest Card Game win ever; nervous, jumpy contestant in Bullseye; car in Dice Game has a 9 in the price

Cindy, Yuko, Margaret, Robin

Safecrackers, Now...And Then, Race GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-Bunch, Card GameNow...And Then played for a car; last playing of PG2 as Now AND Then; 6th contestant has a mouthful of a last name; PG5 win; bad playing of Card Game - overbid by almost $4000

Andrew, Julienne, Sherri, Marlene

Golden Road, Bump, PlinkoMost Expensive, Money Game, Hi-LoTaped 1-13-88; Bob has a fit because the Encyclopedia Of TV Game Shows doesn't have his picture on the cover; very smart and fun contestant in PG1; Marlene is a Phila. Eagles cheerleader

Eileen, Amanda, Arturo, Robert

Spelling Bee, Magic #, Take TwoDice Game, Pick-A-Number, Penny AnteDisastrous PG1 - Robert says he needs the car, but then takes the money without hesitation - and ultimately ends up VERY sorry; Penny Ante played for a car; unusual occurrence in SCSD1

Vicki, Jana, Shirley, Elizabeth

Super Saver, Ten Chances, Magic #Squeeze Play, Cliffhangers, Cover UpUnbelievable error in SCSD1 that never gets corrected; picture messes up before IUFB1; great playings of PG1 and PG2; amazing PG5 win; picture has minor skippage in some places; sub-model named Trisha

Anna, Kenneth, Kristen, Edwin

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Credit CardDouble Prices, Dice Game, CliffhangersSafecrackers played for a car; Kenneth really loves Gena; PG2 played for a $24,000 car and Rod almost says "it's a prize worth TWO THOUSAND..."; Holly does the inspiration putt today

Gwendolyn, Tyler, Nicole, Juanita

3 Strikes, Barker's Markers, Grand GameRange Game, Secret X, Lucky Seven23rd season premiere; Gena Lee Nolin announced as a permanent Barker's Beauty; excruciating PG1; premiere of Barker's Markers; one of the closest Range Game wins ever; Tyler gets a kiss from Holly;

Rosalina, Jason, Carrie, Elsie

Credit Card, Dice Game, Pick-A-PairDouble Prices, Plinko, Cover Up100 year old shot-put champion in audience - looks pretty good for age; picture blurry in some places

Lindsay, Steven, Suzanne, Lauren

One Away, Squeeze Play, CliffhangersBarker's Markers, Card Game, Hi-LoSomething very unusual about Lauren - can you figure it out?; exciting Cliffhangers win; 8th calldown cut off (the station's fault); picture blurry in some places

Louis, Tracy, Freau, Elvira

Superball, Dice Game, Make Your Move1 Right Price, Penny Ante, Card GameFreau was on T/C back in '68; bad playing of Make Your Move; Rod models IUFB6; contestants named "Caesar" and "Cleopatra" end up together in SCSD2

Teresa, Debbi, Michael, Nicole

Spelling Bee, Danger Price, Magic #Most Expensive, Any Number, Check OutEpisode features the hilarious Nicole Thornbrough/Thorenson/Barrington incident that causes considerable confusion at the beginning of the show; Bob can't get enough of teasing her about it

Lynn, Cynthia, Linda, Steven

Spelling Bee, Safecrackers, Take TwoDouble Prices, Bullseye, Dice GamePerfect show; exciting Spelling Bee win; Kyle fills in for Janice

Rhonda, James, Paul, Sunshine

Golden Road, Credit Card, Grand Game1 Right Price, Switcheroo, Most ExpensiveTaped 2-4-97; Harlene's husband was on the show from 12-9-82; Bob, to Sunshine "we're gonna change your name to "Thunderstorm" if we don't start having some winners"; showcase worth less than $10,000

Dat, Rebecca, Randolph, Annette

Golden Road, Plinko, Pick-A-NumberMost Expensive, Card Game, Pick-A-Pair$64K grand prize in Golden Road; one of the best Card Game wins ever

Judy, Lorie, Felix, Dion

Clock Game, Grand Game, 3 Strikes+Buy Or Sell, Pathfinder, Switch?Painful PG3 loss; interesting IUFB6

Ricardo, Anita, Martha, Peter

5 Price Tags, Make Your Move, Credit CardPick-A-Number, Grocery Game, Dice GameMake Your Move played for a car; solution to PG2 a major no-brainer today; painful showcase overbid

Debra, Gisele, Mary, Marc

Golden Road, Hi-Lo, Double PricesMost Expensive, Temptation, PlinkoGolden Road wipeout; 2 of the prizes in PG4 have a price difference of only $1 between them; Debra was Miss Arkansas 1978

Aurora, J.O., Julie, Edith

3 Strikes+, Punch-A-Bunch, Pick-A-NumberDanger Price, Pick-A-Pair, One AwayShow compromised for about 30 seconds because of local weather warning

David, Kristia, Carla, Carole

Golden Road, Bonus Game, 2 For The Price Of 1Squeeze Play, Any Number, Hi-LoGolden Road win ($51,000+); Bonus Game perfect win

Jenyne, Jann, Laurence, Lois

Cover Up, Cliffhangers, Barker's MarkersBarker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Grocery GameLaurence, who's about 20 years old, fails to get the Big Wheel all the way around 3 times straight, then wins money on it

Katherine, John, Johnnie, Gerald

5 Price Tags, Range Game, Credit CardPick-A-Number, Hi-Lo, TemptationRange Game played for a car; no mention made of Bob's birthday

Connie, LaTanya, Danielle, Karen

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Make Your MoveBarker's Markers, Lucky Seven, Secret XChristmas episode; set a bit more lavishly decorated than usual; great playing of Lucky Seven

Michael, Angela, Fernando, Deborah

Check Game, 3 Strikes, Hit MeClock Game, Master Key, Squeeze PlayTotally stress-free playing of Check Game; very close Clock Game win; not the smartest playing of Hit Me, but still wins

David, Valarie, Anthony, Larry

Golden Road, Clock Game, Grocery GameMost Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky SevenGolden Road wipeout; very close Clock Game win; Larry's one of the strongest wheel spinners ever

Martie, Teresa, Ronald, Alyssa

Make Your Move, 3 Strikes+, Hi-Lo1 Right Price, Pathfinder, Poker GameAlyssa wins a trip home; funny contestant in Pathfinder; showcase worth less than $10,000

Ronica, Rechienda, Suzanne, Jared

Plinko, Clock Game, 3 StrikesSafecrackers, Bullseye, Money GameTaped 1-25-95; PG3 won (and not easily, either); unlikely win in PG5

Christopher, Akila, Lawrence, Neal

Golden Road, Cliffhangers, Eazy As 1-2-3Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Now...Or ThenInteresting coincidence - contestant with a sizable stomach (no disrespect intended) wins a collection of exercise videos

Daniel, Jenita, Ronald, Presley

3 Strikes, Plinko, Most ExpensiveDouble Prices, Cover Up, Check OutTaped 12-4-96; PG1 wipeout; Bob and Mary have funny conversation where Mary confuses TPIR with Wheel Of Fortune - audience boos loudly; Mary also plays Check Out and thinks Geritol costs 51 cents

David, Margarita, Vivian, Ryan

Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar, Freeze FrameBarker's Markers, 3 Strikes, Penny AnteAll 4 contestants bid poorly on IUFB3; Rod models IUFB6

Laura, Nancy, Daryl, Arturo

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Pick-A-PairDouble Prices, Plinko, Cover UpBob and Pauline have lengthy and hilarious conversation about how she got to the show; Felice is one very exuberant contestant who whoops, shrieks like crazy and even stands on her head

Nancy, Diane, Florence, Linda

Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Hi-LoShell Game, Most Expensive, Card GameTaped 1-5-76; WIN TV; Poker Game malfunctions; one contestant is a nun in full regalia; Bob and Dorothy have funny conversation before IUFB5; salute to Mack Sennett showcase

Erlinda, Diane, Janet, Beatrice

Clock Game, Hole In One, Race Game1 Right Price, Give Or Keep, 3 StrikesTaped 8-29-77; WIN TV; superb Clock Game win; Hole In One not played for a nicer-than-usual car; very close PG5 win; no FF hillbilly music used for cars today (unusual for 1977)

Kari, Beverly, Anita, Linda

Clock Game, Hole In One, Race Game1 Right Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Squeeze PlayTaped 6-18-79 and originally scheduled for 8-10-79; WIN TV; Hole In One played for a car not seen on the show frequently; earliest playing of PG5 to air on GSN; Clark Gable Great Entertainer Showcase

Kitty, Nancy, Charles, Tammie

Safecrackers, Cliffhangers, Dice GameDanger Price, Card Game, HurdlesTaped 6-19-79 and originally scheduled for 8-14-79; not a great playing of Cliffhangers; Dice Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently

John, Daisy, Deborah, Cookie

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most ExpensivePoker Game, Hurdles, Any NumberTaped 1-26-82; show features hilarious contestant Cookie who jumps all over Bob after winning Shell Game; Bob drops his microphone during SCSD1

Vicki, Janice, Robin, Gerald

Card Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-BunchBlank Check, Hi-Lo, Money GameTaped 2-1-82; the Christopher Cross hit "Ride Like The Wind" plays during a showcase; unusual prize, a "desert scooter" offered in one of the showcases

Christine, Ruby, Paula, Terry

Give Or Keep, Deluxe Dice Game, Race GameSqueeze Play, Card Game, Hi-LoFirst appearance of the blue Give Or Keep board and first playing of Dice Game as "Deluxe" Dice Game

Darcy, Kathleen, Zula, Roy

Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain Bar, Clock GameTake Two, Grand Game, Card GameOne of the most exciting showcase finishes ever

Jeanette, Carmen, Linda, Bradley

Blank Check, Plinko, Danger PriceBarker's Bargain Bar, Check Out, Money GameContestant Teri has a stomach-exposing shirt - Bob wants to know where "the rest of it" is

Teresa, Patrick, Elizabeth, Mary

Superball, Take Two, Dice GameMost Expensive, 3 Strikes, BullseyeGreat contestant in Superball; come-from-behind win in 3 Strikes

Iris, Sarah, Debra, Gerri

Any Number, Check Out, Clock GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Switcheroo, Poker GameTaped 11-7-83; WIN TV; Christmas Week show; one of the first appearances of the robot; Sarah in PG2 isn't too good with prices but somehow still wins; TPIR News showcase

Kevin, Esther, James, Judy

Superball, Deluxe Dice Game, Most ExpensiveRange Game, Any Number, Grand GameBob Hilton announces; Superball played for 3 trips; error in Grand Game - can you spot it?; 11K SCSD win

Angela, Patricia, Cy, Sammie

Blank Check, Hole In One, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Cliffhangers, Dice GameTaped 5-28-86; WIN TV; Angela in PG2 doesn't want the audience to see her putt - Bob tells them all to close their eyes; Holly completely encloses all 5-foot-11 of herself inside a small trunk; DSW

David, Sharon, Leslie, Grace

Golden Road, Grand Game, Squeeze PlaySafecrackers, Switcheroo, Range GameTaped 6-25-86; WIN TV; very painful Range Game loss

Dorene, Melvin, Michelle, Carol

5 Price Tags, Range Game, Take TwoBarker's Bargain Bar, Hi-Lo, Money GameTaped 12-1-86; WIN TV; Bob has a "this is my life" moment during PG4; perfect Money Game playing

Mitia, Brian, Wendy, Michael

Card Game, Plinko, Danger PriceBump, Ten Chances, Penny AnteFirst show of '87 actually taped in 1987; bad playings of Card Game and Ten Chances

Amy, Beth, Valerie, Steven

Any Number, Pick-A-Pair, Race Game2 For The Price Of 1, Lucky Seven, Secret X

Tonya, Del, Audrey, Kelly

Any Number, Range Game, Hit Me2 For The Price Of 1, Spelling Bee, Danger PriceTaped 6-12-91; WIN TV; Any Number played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Range Game seems to take on a mind of its own today; clueless contestant somehow pulls off amazing win in Hit Me

Maribeth, Gary, Svetlana, Adelita

Golden Road, Cliffhangers, Credit CardMost Expensive, Grand Game, Any NumberTaped 10-29-91; WIN TV

Dina, Timothy, Oscar, Tracell

Credit Card, Card Game, PlinkoBarker's Bargain Bar, Make Your Move, Hi-LoTaped 1-7-92; WIN TV; several close spins in SCSD1; Make Your Move played for a car

Lupita, James, Teri, Derek

Master Key, Range Game, 2 For The Price Of 1Poker Game, Ten Chances, Hi-LoA contestant falls spinning the Big Wheel

Jay, Anait, John, Barbara

Make Your Move, Pick-A-Number, CliffhangersSwap Meet, Hole In One, Check GameTaped 3-10-92; WIN TV; Raucous audience members make Bob jump at the beginning; Make Your Move played for a car; Jay busts a Samoan move on Bob; Hole In One win from the first line

Melanie, Diane, Andjoua, Christine

Check Game, Pathfinder, Buy Or SellSqueeze Play, Dice Game, BullseyePainful loss in Pathfinder

Nita, Eduardo, Stephen, Ann

Plinko, Cover Up, Check GameFreeze Frame, 3 Strikes, Super SaverChristmas Day show

Erick, Phyllis, Teresa, Catherine

Golden Road, Clearance Sale, Pick-A-PairDouble Prices, Plinko, Lucky Seven27th Season Premiere; originally scheduled for 9-21-98; new high for most expensive Golden Road grand prize; premiere of Clearance Sale; PG3 for a car; first show to incorporate the $250 DSW rule

Adel, Ryan, Honey, Maurice

Plinko, Temptation, Make Your MoveIt's In The Bag, Lucky Seven, Double PricesSalute to the US Army; originally scheduled for 6-14-02; $100,000 at stake in Plinko and SCSDs; Nestor wins over $61,000 total

Kristi, Debra, Eugenia, Jeffrey

Plinko, Ten Chances, 2 For The Price Of 1Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery GameMDS Salute To Teachers; Debra has some weird earrings; 2 For The Price Of 1 played for a minivan; wheelie in SCSD1; painful Dice Game loss; $10,000 hot tub offered in PG6

Amy, Willie, Stephen, Philip

1/2 Off, Lucky Seven, Clock GameCover Up, Grocery Game, Double PricesMDS; exciting Lucky Seven win; car in Lucky Seven probably the most expensive one ever offered in the game; Amy plays Clock Game with extreme intensity as if her life depended on it; HUGE showcase win

Kathryn, Dylan, Vera, Barbara

Money Game, It's In The Bag, Do The MathComing Or Going, Any Number, Secret X42nd season premiere (originally scheduled for 9-30-13) and first playing of "Do The Math"; unfortunately, but perhaps predictably, it's a bit confusing; picture has minor but frequent cable problems

Eileen, Derrick, Olivia, Roger

Bump*, Check Out, Ten ChancesSafecrackers, Poker Game, SwitcherooINCOMPLETE; opening & PG1 missing; grainy picture and tracking problems throughout; bad playing of Check Out; Play Along in Ten Chances; smart player in Ten Chances; Switcheroo played for 5-digit car

Bradley, Barbara, Lynn, Thomas

Swap Meet, Hole In One, Pick-A-Number1 Right Price, Plinko, Dice GameDian's last episode - she says goodbye before PG6; in-ground swimming pool offered in PG3; Dice Game played for a slightly more expensive version of the same car seen in PG2; terrible VQ throughout

Scott, Rosa, Chansee, Laura

Shell Game, Magic #, Cover UpMost Expensive, Card Game, Now...Or ThenBad bid by Ronald on IUFB6; Ronald has an unusual mustache; 132 containers of Baskin-Robbins ice cream offered in a showcase; WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS IT 34 DEGREES ON JUNE 11th?!

Jedediah, Amelia, Sheri, Laquita

Superball, Money Game, Switch?Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Penny AnteLast (and great) playing of Superball; SB played for a car; bad playing of Money Game; for some unknown reason, Gene Wood does the CNAOS plug

Eva, Bonnie, Vanchal, Cheryl

Any Number, Give Or Keep, Double PricesN/A

Joanne, Paula, Victoria, Julie

Most Expensive, Any Number, Hurdles5 Price Tags, Safecrackers, Race GameTaped 5-3-76; WIN TV; during PG6, Bob almost tells the contestant that she wins 3 out of 4 prizes, which is an impossibility because it would be impossible to have 3 right without having all 4 right

Darlynn, Mary, Lela, Joseph

Clock Game, Any Number, Trader BobDouble Prices, Temptation, Penny AnteExcruciating playing of Clock Game; car price in Temptation not typical for the game

Patricia, Sharon, Lise, Shirley

Now...And Then, Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain BarDanger Price, Bonus Game, TemptationSecond playing of Now...And Then; hilariously indecisive contestant in Temptation - Bob almost loses it

William, Merry, Christine, Barbara

Range Game, 5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain BarTake Two, Card Game, BullseyeTaped 9-23-80; Joe Arvizu's birthday acknowledged and Bob has him explain the rules of the Homeviewer Showcase; painful Card Game loss

Joni, Janet, Patricia, James

Temptation, Grocery Game, Poker GameSqueeze Play, Bonus Game, Double PricesNot-so-intelligent playing of Temptation; super-easy Poker Game win; unmarried female contestant tells Bob to "get a quick divorce,"; Double Prices played for a car

Jennifer, Avery, Penny, Barbara

Lucky Seven, Bonus Game, Danger PriceMost Expensive, Money Game, Grocery GameOriginally scheduled for 12-4-81; Bob calls the Homeviewer Showcase winner and gets a busy signal on his 1st attempt; DeLorean offered in HVSC; very close SC results; Clayton has quite a suit

Chesley, Laurie, Deborah, Genaro

Shell Game*, Double Prices, Ten ChancesTake Two, Grand Game, Clock GameINCOMPLETE; opening, PG1 and next calldown missing; Grand Game replaces a car game; great playing of Clock Game

Joey, Minnie, Marjorie, Lori

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Double PricesTake Two, Dice Game, Grocery Game"Home For Christmas" Homeviewer Showcase shown; GSN left CNAOS plug intact for this episode; Double Showcase Winner today

Patricia, Pamela, Bobbie, Jimmie

Safecrackers, Plinko, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Temptation, Penny AnteSome inept wheel spinners in SCSD1; Rose makes such a poor choise during PG5 that Bob can't help but try to save her from it; Plinko replaces a car game

Michelle, Agatha, Barry, Cathy

5 Price Tags, Clock Game, Take TwoDouble Prices, Hit Me, Any NumberAnnoying border on all 4 sides of the picture

Shirley, Ruby, Cynthia, Wilfred

Most Expensive, Range Game, Master Key*Poker Game*, Grand Game*, Any NumberINCOMPLETE - PG3, 4, 5, both SCSDS and 1 showcase missing; bad video editing and screen obstructions throughout; supposedly the first-ever appearance of Play Along

Linda, David, Michelle, Linda

Money Game, Check Out, Poker GameDouble Prices, Shell Game, Ten ChancesTaped 6-11-86; WIN TV; David's literally a very jumpy contestant; unusual aquarium offered as IUFB2; pitiful playing of Ten Chances; $11K SCSD win

Donna, Sandy, Janet, Cynthia

Superball, Take Two, Squeeze PlayMost Expensive, Now...And Then, 3 StrikesTaped 9-17-86; WIN TV; Superball played for a car; Donna teaches the models the "snake" dance

Jennifer, James, Caroline, Randy

Super Saver, 3 Strikes+, Danger Price*Clock Game*, Pathfinder*, Squeeze Play*INCOMPLETE - PG3, 4, 5, 6 and SCSD1 missing; 3 Strikes+ played for a car not seen on the show frequently

John, Michelle, Danita, Eric

Make Your Move, Grand Game, Check GameBuy Or Sell, Secret X, Card GameMake Your Move played for a car

Tamara, Richard, Michael, Margaret

Switch?, Plinko, Card GameSafecrackers, Bullseye, Any NumberExcellent Card Game win; unlikely Bullseye win

Kim , George, Jennifer, Patrick

5 Price Tags, Range Game, 2 For The Price Of 1Credit Card, One Away, Penny AnteMinor audio problem during opening; sub-model named Trisha

Zenobia, Barbara, Vincent, Richard

Golden Road, Clock Game, Secret XMagic #, Grand Game, Lucky SevenTaped 12-8-93; bad screen formatting; Bob reveals that he was a ditch digger in his college days; very excitable contestant in Lucky Seven; sub-model named Irina; 2 cars offered in a showcase

Jennifer, Christopher, Luis, Michael

Make Your Move, Punch-A-Bunch, Ten ChancesDouble Prices, Check Out, Lucky SevenAnnoying border on all 4 sides of the picture

Thomas, Carmen, Janel, Joey

Golden Road, 1 Right Price, Grocery GameMake Your Move, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky SevenOne contestant on this show has one of the more unique and unusual names I've seen: Valladene Veilleux

Jason, Lora-Rose, Martin, Tracie

Eazy As 1-2-3, Grand Game, 3 StrikesFreeze Frame, Master Key, Switch?

Reed, Mary Jean, Tonia, Tilton

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Now...Or ThenBarker's Markers, Cliffhangers, Dice GameTilton gets overly excited about winning kitchen appliances; Carolann wins $100 for a perfect bid, then accidentally almost gives it back; one of the worst spins ever in SCSD2

Julie, Joseph, Angela, Jeffrey

Golden Road, Clock Game, CliffhangersSqueeze Play, Card Game, Penny AnteWinless show; new record for most expensive Golden Road grand prize; painful Clock Game loss

Kristine, Lamar, Tara, Abigail

Golden Road, 1 Wrong Price, PlinkoBarker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, BullseyeGolden Road win; Lisa Gleave's first show; come-from-behind PG6 win; Double Showcase Winner today; minor tracking issues

Linda, Blake, Charisma, Brent

Golden Road, Grand Game, Flip FlopBarker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much, CliffhangersBad move in Golden Road

Emily, Wendy, Ricardo, Matthew

Golden Road, Cliffhangers, 1 Wrong PricePick-A-Pair, Card Game, Flip FlopRonald has a funny shirt; year's supply of bottled water offered in a showcase

Parker, Robin, Stephanie, Joseph

3 Strikes, 1 Wrong Price, Grand GameDouble Prices, Switcheroo, Magic #PG1 win ($46,000+); 1 Wrong Price played for 3 trips; Switcheroo played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Patrice, Roger, Jack, Jeffery

Clock Game, 3 Strikes, 1 Wrong PriceRange Game, Cover Up, Grocery GameCanadian broadcast; Jeffery gives Bob and unexpected and unpleasant surprise

Jennifer, Adam, Matthew, Denise

Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes, Balance Game1 Right Price, Pathfinder, Clearance Sale3 Strikes played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Robert, Sherri, Gonzalo, Raymond

Golden Road, Danger Price, Magic #Double Prices, Any Number, Now...Or Then$98K grand prize in Golden Road; special guest appearance by Wayne Newton; Double Showcase Winner (and with a painful overbid by the losing contestant)

Lori, Willie, Nicole, Shane

It's In The Bag, 1 Wrong Price, Lucky SevenFlip Flop, Any Number, Range GameTaped 11-5-13; special appearance by Bob Barker, whose 90th birthday is being celebrated; he does a calldown and helps present a showcase; Drew makes a potentially misleading statement during PG3

Shannon, Hai, Annie, Stephanie

Lucky Seven, 1 Right Price, Bonus GameRace Game, Temptation, Grocery GameTaped 5-18-77; WIN TV; fantastic playing of Lucky Seven despite "evil" car price; Lucky Seven played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Corine, Christine, Janie, Ernestine

Switcheroo, Poker Game, Double PricesRange Game, Hole In One, Race GameTaped 6-20-77; WIN TV; wild and wacky contestant in Switcheroo; Bob asks Corine an insulting question during SCSD1; Hole In One played for a 5-digit car; sound goes bad briefly near the beginning

Carol, Shannon, Betty, Jessie

Any Number, Squeeze Play, Bonus Game1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Grocery GameWIN TV; 3 Strikes played for a car not seen on the show frequently; most of PG5 car plug missing; painful Grocery Game loss; Gene Kelly Great Entertainer showcase; outlandish showcase bid by Shannon

Linda, Edmund, Bonnie, Shirley

Golden Road, Hit Me, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Shell Game, Any NumberGolden Road win; Bob gets confused by Hit Me; Signe, who plays PG5, says, "This is a bad game, I don't like it" and ends up losing painfully

David, Tamara, Kay, Sherry

Card Game, Grocery Game, Squeeze PlayRace Game, Double Prices, Bonus GameOriginally scheduled for 11-5-81; confusion in Race Game leads to automatic win; Double Prices played for a car; episode was supposed to have Home Viewer Showcase, but GSN edited it out; jumpy video

Jill , Tammie, Linda, Kenneth

Golden Road, Grocery Game, Double PricesBalance Game, Safecrackers, Poker GamePremiere of the original Balance Game; bald guy in audience has "Hi Bob" written on his head; funny contestant in Golden Road; Safecrackers played for a car

Clay, Kathy, Colleen, Russell

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Take TwoDouble Prices, Now...Or Then, Add 'Em UpClay claims to have never seen Clock Game, then does beautifully with it; Bob thinks he's lying at first and tries to force the truth out of him

Anthony , Ellen, Keith, Terri

Now...Or Then, Ten Chances, Check GamePoker Game, Squeeze Play, Five Price TagsBob and Keith have hilarious conversation where Keith goes on and on about how much he hates the U.S. Navy; relatively clear but somewhat low audio (turn volume all the way up when watching)

Clarence, Ursula, Janet, Donna

Safecrackers, Take Two, Spelling Bee1 Right Price, Dice Game, Grand GameFunny exchange between Bob and Janet before PG2; terrible playing of Spelling Bee

Karen, Deborah, Ralph, Glenda

Golden Road, Super Saver, Most ExpensiveBump, Plinko, Money Game$39K grand prize in Golden Road

Ruth, Jesse, Kristy, Carl

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pathfinder, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Hole In One, Check GamePathfinder perfect win with a hard-to-guess price; Bob has a weird contraption for a putter in Hole In One

Frances, Robert, Lee Ann, Dennis

Five Price Tags, Race Game, Check GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Penny AnteBob and male bodybuilder Keverette have an unflattering discussion about female bodybuilders; Lee Ann passes a showcase with a sportscar despite not having won any cars on the show

Lydia, Kandy, Rene, Lynnette

Check Game, Pathfinder, Poker GameSafecrackers, Super Saver, Dice GameBob won't stop talking about how great he thinks the Ford Probe in Pathfinder is

Todd, Kristi, William, Amy

Check Game, Master Key, Race GameBarker's Bargain Bar, One Away, Grand GameGrand Game wipeout that eventually ends up not being so painful after all

Jennifer, Jesse, Socorro, Jose

Danger Price, One Away, PlinkoSwitch?, Lucky Seven, Hi-LoOpening missing; horrible playing of Lucky Seven - even Bob tries to save it, but to no avail; some expensive items in Hi-Lo

Rodney, Mardi, Patricia, Thelma

Five Price Tags, Check Game, Take TwoBarker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Any NumberFive Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Grand Game win

Jeffrey, Melody, Bruce, Maria

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Buy Or SellPick-A-Number, Card Game, Pick-A-PairDian teases Rod as he tries to describe a TV up for bids; Five Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Lydia "Bad Hair Day" Singleton from 5-14-93 is visible in the audience

Matthew, Denise, Peggy , Michael

Make Your Move, Hole In One, Range Game1 Right Price, Lucky Seven, Plinko

Lorelei, Derrick, Sandra, Ernest

Spelling Bee, Danger Price, Double PricesClock Game, One Away, Hi-LoFormer MLB ballplayers Greg Hibbard and Doug Jennings are in the audience; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently; exciting One Away win; Derrick bids $50 on IUFB6

Carl, Allison, Cynthia, Beverly

Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Race GameFreeze Frame, Now...Or Then, One AwayExciting PG1 win - Beverly doesn't understand the game and very nearly ruins it before coming to her senses at the last possible moment; all-male Contestant's Row before PG5

Cindy, Patrick, Cynthia, Paula

Shopping Spree, Cliffhangers, Ten ChancesBarker's Bargain Bar, Bullseye, One AwayExciting Cliffhangers win; perfect One Away win; perfect show overall, though somewhat ruined by painful showcase overbid

Melissa, Kia, Leslie, Primavera

Grocery Game, One Away, Range GameSafecrackers, Money Game, PlinkoTaped 7-16-97; One Away perfect win; painful showcase overbid

Tracy, Jay, Amie, Gorgeous

Eazy As 1-2-3, Pass The Buck, Push OverClock Game, Five Price Tags, Swap MeetGreat line from Bob: "I have something gorgeous for Gorgeous"; Bob makes (and later retracts) yet another false "this has never happened before" statement; annoyingly indecisive SC contestant; DSW

Chason, Jennifer, Jennifer, Ricardo

Barker's Bargain Bar, It's In The Bag, Card GameDouble Prices, Line 'Em Up, CliffhangersCanadian broadcast; Tyra Banks is a guest model today; PG2 win with very excitable contestant

Mardi, John, Samer, Nikki

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Coming Or GoingMake Your Move, Dice Game, Secret XOriginally scheduled for 12-3-07; Canadian broadcast; Drew pretends to forget who PG1 was named after; PG2 win with breakdancing contestant; no grocery product game today; John wins over $89,000 total

David, Julie, Terry, Zachary

Any Number, It's In The Bag, Switch?Swap Meet, One Away, Pick-A-NumberOne of the show's most controversial moments ever: Terry bids exactly right on a showcase; but is believed by some (possibly including Drew, based on his flat, emotionless reaction) to have cheated

Corinne, Jacob, Sharon, Eric

Race Game, Double Prices, Most ExpensiveRange Game, Plinko, 3 Strikes40th season premiere; Race Game played for cars and won on 1st attempt; show also features the return of memorable contestant Felice Kaplan from 3-27-97; 3 Strikes played for a Porsche

Susan, Patricia, Arthur, Lauren

Shell Game, 3 Strikes, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Hurdles, Any NumberBob mentions that he's been getting a lot of sympathy cards regarding Dorothy Jo's death; cars offered in both showcases

Patricia, Todd, Scottie, Marcia

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Poker GameDouble Prices, Check Out, Ten ChancesEarliest known appearance of Kyle; 5PT played for a 5-digit car; Patricia and her boss always watch the show together; both showcase contestants named Patricia; 6 foot hoagie offered in showcase

Suzanne, Margie, Marianella, Maryanne

Grocery Game, 1 Right Price, Dice GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money GameHome viewer "Christmas Party" showcase shown; very painful Grocery Game loss; yet another "Ultimate" showcase - this time it's "The Ultimate Shopping Spree"

Hollie, Terence, Jean, Allison

Golden Road, Give Or Keep, Barker's Bargain BarClock Game, Card Game, Penny AnteINCOMPLETE; SC results and credits missing; contestants include a sheriff and a corrections officer - Bob jokingly remarks that he thinks the show is being secretly monitored

Debra, Beverly, Sara, Rachel

Clock Game, Most Expensive, Spelling BeeDanger Price, Grocery Game, Lucky SevenINCOMPLETE - cuts out during SCSD2; annoying border surrounding the picture; contestant named "Philip Phillips"; unusually cheap car (for 1990) in PG3; car in PG6 not seen on the show frequently

Salvatore, Laura, Lori, Steven

Grocery Game*, 2 For The Price Of 1, Any NumberSqueeze Play, Shell Game, Card GameINCOMPLETE - opening, PG1 and next calldown missing; Salvatore's lived in 40 different places

Birgit, Paul, Ava, Clarista

Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar, Spelling BeeRace Game, Lucky Seven, Grocery GameNot a great playing of Make Your Move; Paul (not from the 1st 4) has a blindingly bright suit; funny contestant Alfreda who stops to see Rod on her way to Contestant's Row; primitive cell phone in SC

Trea, Raphael, Bartolo, Elizabeth

Range Game, 3 Strikes, Punch-A-BunchTake Two, Hole In One, Barker's Bargain BarAnnoying border on all 4 sides of the picture; a couple of "big" names on today's show: Ebunolorun Sims and Sathyanarayanan Ganysamyrthy; painful showcase overbid

Natalie, Tony, Amber, Gregory

Shell Game, 3 Strikes+, 1 Right PriceRange Game, Hit Me, Money GameBob gets a huge welcome; very excitable contestant in Shell Game; small chunk of PG2 missing; Homeviewer Showcase shown

Gavin, Mary, Leo, Kent

Squeeze Play, Plinko, Card GameMake Your Move, One Away, BullseyeTaped 3-29-93; contestant falls during Showcase Showdown 2; cars offered in both showcases

Gregory, Nancy, Dede, Connie

Check Game, Switcheroo, Most ExpensiveClock Game, Check Out, One AwayVery close win in Check Game; funny contestant in Switcheroo; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Hector, Nakia, Patrick, Alaievai

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Double PricesDanger Price, Plinko, Money GameSub model named Mindy; Hole In One bonus win; May gives Bob a wrapped birthday gift; Holly stumbles while modeling a Nordic Track; hilarious playing of PG4; SCSD win with 20 cents and no spinoffs

Chia, Brenda, Shirrell, Jason

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Range GameMost Expensive, Temptation, Hit MeFive Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently; absolutely ludicrous playing of Clock Game; all-male Contestant's Row twice

Calvert, Ginger, Deborah, Joseph

Switch?, Super Saver, Money GameDanger Price, Spelling Bee, SafecrackersSub model named Debbie; great Super Saver playing; perfect Money Game win despite not easily guessable price; Spelling Bee played for a car not seen on the show frequently; painful Spelling Bee loss

Kevin, Chantal, Olivera, Rodney

Danger Price, Hi-Lo, Ten ChancesBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, One AwayClose Cliffhangers win

Leslie, Larry, Cambria, Tomas

Switch?, Punch-A-Bunch, 3 StrikesMake Your Move, Hole In One, Pick-A-NumberWasted bonus spin in SCSD1; mediocre payout in PG2; winless show otherwise

Andrea, Thomas, Megan, Vernon

Clock Game, Switcheroo, Double PricesBoy Or Sell, Card Game, Hi-Lo

James, Cindy, Mindy, Karen

3 Strikes, Grocery Game, Swap MeetClock Game, Plinko, Lucky SevenSub model named Mika (or Nika); interesting exerciser offered in Clock Game

Myrna, Tiffany, Jacqueline, Brian

Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze PlayRace Game, Cover Up, Grand GameGreat Race Game win

Daniel, Kelly, Ailin, Ryan

Five Price Tags, Check Game, Danger Price2 Fot The Price Of 1, Pick-A-Pair, Any NumberFive Price Tags played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Bob whines about having to explain PG2; replica of famed AC Cobra sportscar offered in showcase; Ailin pronounced like "Eileen"

Ma'May, Larry, Kathy, Daniel

Spelling Bee, 2 For The Price Of 1, Range GameBuy Or Sell, Money Game, Penny AnteCar price not given in Spelling Bee; special appearance by Geraldo Rivera; the models go crazy for him; unusually expensive bedroom set offered in Penny Ante

Pamela, Stephen, Patricia, Hajar

Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, Cover UpClock Game, Plinko, Lucky SevenClose Clock Game win; very excitable contestant in Lucky Seven

Shirley, Jose, Diana, Katherine

Five Price Tags, Barker's Bargain Bar, Pick-A-NumberCredit Card, Bullseye, Ten Chances

April, Sharon, Cheryl, Mary

Clock Game, Give Or Keep, Any NumberN/AWas rerun by CBS in 2002, this is from that broadcast

Brooke, Marilyn, Melody, Corina

Temptation, Grocery Game, Race GameN/ATaped 8-3-75; error in Race Game that results in automatic win; fur coat offered in showcase

Phat, Alyson, Wendi, Michael

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grand Game, Ten ChancesRace Game, Money Game, CliffhangersAudience boos Phat after he plays it safe in Grand Game; Ten Chances played for a car not seen on the show frequently; not a great playing of Ten Chances (big surprise there); some AQ inconsistency

Heather, Michael, Keith, Peggy

Plinko, 3 Strikes, Clock GameCheck Game, Lucky Seven, Super Saver3 Strikes played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Holly dresses as Elvis when modeling an electric guitar; to the winner of IUFB5 goes a copy of "Husband, Lover, Spy"

Lori, Tyghe, Thais, Heidi

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Make Your MoveClock Game, Swap Meet, SwitcherooNoticeable loss of picture quality during PG3 with frequent blackouts; cars offered in both showcases

Paulo, Marta, Lynn, Alex

Golden Road, Range Game, Pick-A-PairMost Expensive, Any Number, Punch-A-BunchGolden Road win; showcase winner's showcase has an interesting price

Joyce, David, Marc, Christina

Switch?, Hole In One, Squeeze PlayPoker Game, Bonus Game, Any NumberFirst airing of 1995; painful Hole In One loss; perfect Poker Game win - Bob says it's a first; funny showcase where Holly is totally wasted after a New Year's Eve party; very close showcase finish

Jade, Jenna, Manuel, Richard

Golden Road, Plinko, Check GameSwitch?, Lucky Seven, Super SaverGolden Road win with a loyal-friend-and-true contestant who ultimately ends up the big winner of the day with more than $71,000; Bob offers yet another lesson on proper grammar

Angela, Erlinda, Alison, Daniel

Switcheroo, Credit Card, Flip FlopBarker's Bargain Bar, Time Is Money, Dice GameDaniel mistakenly identified as "David" at the opening, interesting because his last name is "David"; funny contestant Esther, a "praying opera singer"; episode features short lived PG "Time Is Money"

Amy, Karen, Kylie, Kirk

Lucky Seven, Any Number, It's In The BagPush Over, Dice Game, Range GameOS for 3-9-04; the so-called 6000th show (really the 6145th); L7 played for a car not seen on the show frequently; PG4 played for a $17,000 boat, PG6 for a $19,000 trailer; Amy wins over $97,000 total

Nilofer, Karen, Juanita, Richard

Give Or Keep, Poker Game, Money GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, BullseyeIf they gave out an award for lack of enthusiasm over a car, contestant James from this episode would probably win it (seriously, I've seen more reaction to a refrigerator)

Anne, Cynthia, Joseph, Kelly

Master Key, Range Game, Danger PriceMost Expensive, Grocery Game, Ten ChancesLow bids on IUFB6; as usual, not a great playing of Ten Chances; showcase salute to "cruising," the classic oldies "Come Go With Me" and "Surfin' Safari" play during it

Euler, Juliene, Lynda, Joan

Lucky Seven, Race Game, Hi-LoBlank Check, Five Price Tags, Squeeze PlayTaped 3-16-83; hilarious playing of Blank Check; overly excited contestant in Five Price Tags; VERY close showcase finish

Jamison, Connie, Jack, Linda

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Range GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Any NumberAny Number won without any mistakes

Nancy, Barbara, Valanne, Alice

Lucky Seven, Now...And Then, Double PricesClock Game, Trader Bob, Ten ChancesTaped 6-25-84; WIN TV; Dian has an embarrassing screw up with IUFB1; interesting prize in PG3; buzzer-beating Clock Game win; dept. store SC with the robot replacing Dian as the elevator operator

Mary, Venchei, Karen, Marianne

Five Price Tags, Clock Game, Most ExpensiveDanger Price, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante"Christmas Party" Homeviewer Showcase shown; Five Price Tags played for a 5-digit car; Squeeze Play played for a car

Julie, Leslie, Randall, Helen

Danger Price, Hole In One, Blank Check1 Right Price, Bonus Game, 3 StrikesA couple of the pennants in Hole In One get really stuck, and Janice and Holly really struggle to get them loose; Hole In One bonus win; last playing of PG3 before its name was changed

Joyce, Melisa, Perfecto, Carolyn

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Race GameSqueeze Play, Penny Ante, TemptationTechnical problems in Temptation; Perfecto continuously fails to the point that Bob wants to call him "Imperfecto"

Angela, Holly, Gabrielle, Anna

Money Game, Credit Card, Super SaverMost Expensive, Spelling Bee, Double PricesAngela gives Bob a real scare in PG1, also for no apparent reason she has 2 identical name tags; low credit limit and one unusually inexpensive prize in PG2; Rod calls a Chevy Cavalier a sports car

Cheri, Gwyneth, Jerome, Roberta

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Ten ChancesDouble Prices, Check Out, Money GameGeorge tells Bob something that he never likes to hear; poor playing of Ten Chances (sigh); all numbers on Money Game board end with 3; terrible showcase bid by Gwyneth (the Ten Chances player)

Shellie, Rebeca, Marianne, Bryan

Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check GameCredit Card, Now...Or Then, Dice GameLorene's not a very good sport during SCSD1

Lynnette, Anthony, Patricia, Janet

Squeeze Play, Temptation, Super SaverDouble Prices, Shell Game, Lucky SevenNot a great playing of Temptation; Gayle has huge, pouffy "rock star" hair; $11K SCSD1; more than $700 worth of small prizes offered in Shell Game; great Lucky Seven win

Michelle, Julie, Robert, Dawn

2 For The Price Of 1, Hole In One, Poker GameRange Game, Dice Game, PlinkoTaped 6-19-91; WIN TV; Janice absent today; Rod in unusually good voice for 1991; Dice Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently; female contestant named "Roy"

Eric, Kimberly, Harold, Mary

Superball, Check Game, Lucky SevenSwitch?, Now...Or Then, Dice GameBob announces higher-than-ever ratings; error in Superball that Roger D. comes onstage to correct; Superball win

Linda, Peter, Shirley, Christina

Most Expensive, Check Out, Card Game1 Right Price, Ten Chances, PlinkoOne of the worst Check Out losses ever; first time Card Game is played for a 5-digit car

Inger, Ralph, Tammie, Randall

Superball, Money Game, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Grand Game, 2 For The Price Of 1Superball win; 2 For The Price Of 1 played for a car; perfect show; Tammie gets excited over anything they show her

Tammi, Tanya, Sherry Ann, Shanelle

Most Expensive, Any Number, Hit MeRace Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain BarClueless contestant in PG3 that somehow still wins

Kay, Gary, Andre, Angela

Superball, Range Game, Money GameSwap Meet, Any Number, Penny AnteUnknown male model named Mark helps to model some golf clubs; Superball played for a car; questionable loss in Superball; Andre has a girlfriend named "Andrea"

Jennifer, Cathryn, Kugen, Ann

Range Game, 1 Right Price, Hole In OneSwap Meet, Punch-A-Bunch, Money GameRange Game played for a car; Barbara does a VERY nice thing during showcases; commercials include a Physicians Mutual insurance plug featuring Dennis James

John, Mercedes, William, Ruby

Make Your Move, Hit Me, TemptationSqueeze Play, Master Key, Range GameContestant Ronald looks and sounds a bit like Willie Nelson; DSW that Bob claims is a record, but it's been bettered at least 3 times prior to this show

Adriana, Patricia, Marc, Carmen

Range Game, Temptation, Punch-A-Bunch1 Right Price, Money Game, Hit MeFirst-ever appearance of Gena Lee Nolin

Christopher, Gaylene, Freddie, Jayne

Range Game, Master Key, Barker's Bargain BarCheck Game, Temptation, Pick-A-Pair

Susan, Reginald, Catherine, Antoinette

Range Game, Joker, Ten ChancesClock Game, Money Game, Now...Or ThenHead stagehand Bob Lamont comes on stage to announce his retirement; Range Game played for a car; Susan has a very systematic way of playing Joker

Andrea, Roger, Jacqueline, Bret

Super Saver, Card Game, SafecrackersMost Expensive, Plinko, Dice GameCard Game played for a more expensive car than those typically seen in the game in 1994

Adam, Janet, James, Keri

Money Game, Barker's Markers, Hit MeRange Game, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain BarTerrible playing of Pathfinder, and one guy in the audience has no qualms about making sure the contestant knows what he thinks of him

Terri, Michelle, Patsy, Donald

Superball, 1 Right Price, 3 StrikesMost Expensive, Now...And Then, Dice GameNot-so-smart move by Michelle in SCSD1; funny model chat after PG4 about Fingers Greco; jumpy video for about first 10-15 minutes; most of credits missing

Andree, Linda, Beverly, Deborah

Safecrackers, Any Number, Trader BobDanger Price, Penny Ante, Card GameBob likes Carla's leg warmers; color-mismatched appliances offered in PG3; unusual IUFB6; painful PG6 loss; leg-warmer Carla wins a copy of "Jane Fonda's Workout" (Jane wears them in the cover photo)

Teresa, Kathryn, Janet, Jane

Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Take TwoBlank Check, Dice Game, Grand GameBad move in Switcheroo; easy Dice Game win; Bob makes yet another false "this has never happened before" statement; jumpy video

Debra, Patricia, Karen, Janice

Barker's Bargain Bar, Squeeze Play, PlinkoRace Game, Bullseye, SafecrackersSafecrackers played for a car; Plinko replaces a car game; funny response from Ethel when Bob asks her what she would do with $11,000; no proper car games today; DSW; jumpy video

Curtis, Patricia, Victoria, Mina

Safecrackers, Check Out, Dice GamePoker Game, Squeeze Play, Five Price TagsVictoria's a major LF&T who makes for an entertaining first one-bid and PG1; great Check Out win; one of the highest 4-digit prices ever in Dice Game

Matthew, M'Liss, Dianne, Angelina

Clock Game, Plinko, Blank CheckDouble Prices, Hit Me, 3 StrikesBennette scares Bob from the get-go, and I'm honestly not sure why (she's a little enthusiastic but hardly dangerous); Plinko chip falls off the board; another clueless Hit Me player who still wins

Laura, Susan, Karen, Edwin

Master Key, Danger Price, SafecrackersMost Expensive, Check Out, Money GameGreat Check Out win

Pam, Elaine, Arlene, Jack

Golden Road, Double Prices, Now...And ThenRange Game, Trader Bob, Dice GameJack's an enthusiastic contestant who's happy with anything he's offered; most expensive Golden Road grand prize of 1983; first appearance of yellow Dice Game board

Charles, Elizabeth, Robin, Muriel

Danger Price, Add 'Em Up, PlinkoDouble Prices, 3 Strikes, Now...And ThenTaped 9-1-86; WIN TV; pitiful Plinko playing; yet another false "this has never happened" statement; showcase featuring "Ways To Cure The Common Cold," interestingly, Rod seems to have a cold today

Donna, Yolanda, Kevin, Cynthia

Bump, Poker Game, Hole In OneBlank Check, Secret X, Any NumberTaped 9-2-86; director Marc Breslow's last episode; contestant named "Every Jack"; very close results in Poker Game; premiere (not including the '86 specials) of the 1986-2010 Any Number board

Renee, Jay, Laurie, Jesse

Bump, Hit Me, TemptationDanger Price, 3 Strikes, Bonus GameKyle fills in for Holly; Jesse has 3 cars but still wants to win another one - and he does; Dian's a little clumsy today; yet another false "this has never happened" statement during PG5; jumpy video

Therman, Sydne, Jeffrey, Heidi

Grocery Game, Temptation, Clock GamePoker Game, 1 Right Price, SwitcherooTaped 11-4-86; crazy SCSD1 - Bob insults Heidi and almost makes a huge mistake with Therman; Switcheroo played for a 5-digit car; SC where Rod hams it up as an Italian restauranteur

Carolyn, John, Barbara, Robert

Check Game, Pathfinder, Take TwoRange Game, Safecrackers, Penny AnteBob announces higher-than-ever ratings; "Impostors" brand faux jewelry offered as consolation prize; Safecrackers played for a car

Melanie, Cassandra, Kelley, Ross

Most Expensive, Temptation, Check Out1 Right Price, Plinko, Money GameFunny old lady in Temptation; some background noise issues but AQ is generally loud and clear

Matthew, Dwight, Sharon, Mario

Super Saver, Take Two, 3 StrikesMake Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze PlayGreat come-from-behind win in 3 Strikes

Sheri, Willie, Kristen, William

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, Take TwoClock Game, Ten Chances, Secret X

Michael, Beverly, Tracy, Claudia

Safecrackers, Pathfinder, Buy Or SellCheck Game, Dice Game, Penny AntePerfect Pathfinder win; painful Check Game loss

Tamara, Kimberly, Honorio, Kenneth

Swap Meet, Spelling Bee, Magic #Squeeze Play, Lucky Seven, Hi-LoHolly's jukebox dummy loses its pants; Lucky Seven played for a 5-digit car for the first time since 1986 and only the second time ever on a regular daytime show; not a great playing of it, either

Douglas, Princess, Ami, William

Most Expensive, Punch-A-Bunch, TemptationDouble Prices, Card Game, Super SaverHuge error before PG4 that makes things very awkward for Princess; cars offered in both showcases

Andrey, Gloria, Lawrence, Dawn

Swap Meet, Grocery Game, Ten ChancesMagic #, Secret X, Dice GameGreat playing of PG2; terrible playing of 10C (big surprise); Sherrill Paris (formerly of the Paris Sisters) models a karaoke machine and lip-synchs her own recording of "I Love How You Love Me"

Charles, Mary, Marilyn, Alexx

Spelling Bee, Buy Or Sell, Squeeze PlayMagic #, Now...Or Then, Dice GameAwful playings of Spelling Bee and Buy Or Sell; Squeeze Play played for a car

Paul, Barbara, Desiree, Maile

Credit Card, Ten Chances, Cliffhangers1 Right Price, Dice Game, Now...Or Then

Angel, Tracy, Kaylee, Erika

Any Number, Switch?, BullseyeSqueeze Play, Shell Game, One AwayEasy One Away win; Bob mentions Danielle Torres (the Pepperdine student who won $88,865 the year before); painful showcase overbid

Chad, Panina, Mai-Ling, Christopher

Make Your Move, Five Price Tags, Squeeze PlayCredit Card, Grand Game, Lucky SevenFingers Greco is one of the models today; trip to Australia offered in PG1, and "Australia" is misspelled on the game board

Robert, Norma, Glen, Earlita

Lucky Seven, Side By Side, Check OutBarker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, PlinkoPremiere of Side By Side

Sherrie, Mark, Charlotte, David

Lucky Seven, Race Game, Grand GameSqueeze Play, Pathfinder, Check GameGreat Race Game win with a really fast player; Bob asks Sherrie what she would do with $10,000 and gets a less-than-typical response; funny Pathfinder contestant

Jeanette, William, Kim, Daniel

Swap Meet, Spelling Bee, Double Prices2 For The Price Of 1, Bullseye, One AwayOne Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Elaine, Jody, Eric, Mindy

Check Game, 2 For The Price Of 1, SwitcherooSqueeze Play, Pick-A-Pair, One AwayDisastrous Switcheroo; Eric is one HUGE guy; contestant named "Content"

Lorraine, Nina, Joyce, Janet

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Range GameTemptation, Hi-Lo, Race GameNot a great playing of Lucky Seven; interesting aquarium for IUFB2; Hi-Lo played for a car

Joyce, D.J., Yoshiko, Angela

Give Or Keep, Any Number, Most ExpensiveN/AValentine's Day show; Bob gives roses to the contestants (all women today); Bob almost misses an overbid in Contestant's Row; D.J. hails from Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico; Angela wins 3 cars

Yosepha, Lynn, Reine, Christine

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Double PricesN/AThe most painful showcase overbid ever

Delaine, Robert, Bonnie, Nicki

Any Number, Give Or Keep, Clock GameN/ARerun by CBS in 1998, this is from that broadcast; great playing of Clock Game

Mildred, Phyllis, Donald, Bonnie

Clock Game, Grocery Game, Card GameN/ADSW; picture has tendency to freeze in some places

Carol, Irene, Graciela, Helen

Grocery Game, Ten Chances, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, Temptation, Give Or KeepFunny "Saturday Night Fever" showcase with disco dude Johnny (complete with white disco suit); painful PG1 loss; horrible playing of Ten Chances

Marvin, Christi, Dianne, Shirley

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, Swap MeetClock Game, Spelling Bee, SwitchTaped in 1992 and originally scheduled to air 1-20-93; frustrating playing of Clock Game; very painful showcase overbid

Deanna, Cynthia, Homer, Leslie

Shell Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money GamePoker Game, Check Out, Dice GameSome interesting contestant names today - Homer, Heldor, Prudence and believe it or not, "Pumpkin"; Heldor's originally from Estonia; Leslie has an interesting "pantsless" outfit; DSW

Harley, Julie, Caroline, Freddie

Money Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hi-LoRace Game, Ten Chances, CliffhangersMoney Game played (badly) for a boat; Hi-Lo played for a car; close Cliffhangers win

Andrea, Herman, Stanley, Christina

Check Game, Pathfinder, Make Your MovePick-A-Number, 3 Strikes, Grand GamePathfinder played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Bob calls dessert bars in PG6 "Desert" bars; big showcase win

Randall, Jamie, Carolyn, Timothy

Check Game, Pathfinder, 2 For The Price Of 1Poker Game, Grand Game, Money GamePainful Check Game loss; dog up for adoption during IUFB6 won't stay still for Holly

Dennis, Sheila, Eric, Vladimir

Lucky Seven, Now...Or Then, Poker GameCheck Game, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveAll male Contestant's Row before IUFB4; cars offered in both showcases

Anne, Joseph, Gina, Carolyn

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, TemptationRange Game, Hit Me, Lucky SevenAudience member James has an interesting story; Rod mistakenly calls Bob "John" before IUFB2; 2 small prize cues from PG2 reused in PG3; very close Range Game win; house draws 4 cards in PG5

Cary, Ruth, Robert, Limapoa

Most Expensive, Bullseye, TemptationSqueeze Play, Magic #, PathfinderSamoan contestant with a mouthful of a name that Rod really stumbles on; she's probably the least dangerous one ever but Bob still gives her the lecture

Donna, Margaret, John, Stephanie

Clock Game, Hole In One, Make Your MoveSqueeze Play, Card Game, PlinkoBad bid by Margaret on IUFB1; Alain Leveille (host of Canadian TPIR) is in audience

Verenia, Jennifer, Kajeen, Darren

Superball, Card Game, Side By SideMost Expensive, Bullseye, Lucky SevenMiserable playing of Superball; small interruption during showcases

Douglas, Jacquelyn, Leo, Julie

Lucky Seven, 1 Right Price, Hit MeSwap Meet, Spelling Bee, 2 For The Price Of 1OSF 6-6-94; painful L7 loss; female contestant named "Henry"; Lana Heying (the show's hairstylist) comes onstage to fix Jacquelyn's and several other people's hair; VERY painful showcase overbid

Kenneth, Rebecca, Lawrence, Andrea

Barker's Bargain Bar, Pick-A-Pair, TemptationRange Game, Pathfinder, Clock GameUnusual occurrence of two cars that were essentially the same in 1995 (Thunderbird and Cougar) appearing in the same show together; amazing Clock Game win; cars offered in both SC's; DSW ($51,000+)

Pearl, Kim, Kenneth, John

Lucky Seven, Grand Game, Side By SideCredit Card, Pathfinder, SafecrackersExcited winner in Pathfinder

Gary, Claire, Jennifer, Jose

Safecrackers, Grand Game, Any NumberPoker Game, Pathfinder, Freeze FrameLarry Emdur (host of TPIR in Australia) is in the audience; 2 of the small prizes in Pathfinder have the same pair of prices

Kathleen, Elizabeth, Julie, Molly

Hi-Lo, Money Game, Range GameN/ATaped 6-23-75; Molly's a wacky, rambling contestant who chases Bob all over the stage; grocery plugs missing from PG1

Fernando, Shannon, Patricia, Wayne

Superball, Squeeze Play, One AwayBarker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Dice GameOriginally scheduled for 9-25-89 then 9-26-89 before being bumped back to 12-5-89; not a great playing of Superball; Bob asks Wayne what he'd do with $11,000 and gets a very unexpected response

Danielle, Jacqueline, Harry, Robin

Switch?, Hit Me, One AwayTake Two, Plinko, Money GameOne Away perfect win; Rod does the TV send-up

Ricarda, Heather, Kimberly, Melissa

Grand Game, Ten Chances, Danger PriceBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, One AwayPerfect show; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Tracie, Cheryl, Jack, John

Most Expensive, Check Out, Ten ChancesSwitch?, Plinko, Dice GameVery vociferous audience during PG3

Rickie, Karen, Linda, James

Barker's Bargain Bar, Master Key, Squeeze PlayCredit Card, Grand Game, Any NumberINCOMPLETE - cuts out after PG6; Rickie makes an outlandish bid on IUFB1 and Bob teases him about it repeatedly; 5th 1-bid missing; Grand Game wipeout

Irma, Jason, Stacie, Marlinda

Safecrackers, Dice Game, Penny AnteMake Your Move, Spelling Bee, Magic #Bob embarrasses Holly before PG2; Bob makes a mistake explaining PG5; very close win in PG6
1994.9153D4-6-94MKriese 46.2.6/8CBS

Welton, Karen, Wendy, Francisco

Five Price Tags, Make Your Move, Credit CardPick-A-Number, Super Saver, Lucky SevenExciting PG1 win; perfect bid on IUFB3 that Bob seems oblivious to; great Super Saver win; Bob has a contestant perform "shirt surgery," making for one of only so many times he's seen sans jacket

Tess, Donald, Betty, Francis

Super Saver, Switch?, Card GameMost Expensive, Shell Game, One AwayOutlandish bid on IUFB3; Great Card Game win; Bob makes fun of Holly during PG4: WARNING: EPISODE COPIES TO VHS ONLY

Maura, Tony, Marcia, Mark

One Away, Range Game, Super SaverMost Expensive, Clock Game, Spelling BeeExciting One Away win with very enthusiastic contestant; very close Range Game win; Rod wears a freakish wig during one of the showcases

Marsha, Cynthia, Randall, Colin

Lucky Seven, Pick-A-Pair, Danger PriceSide By Side, Punch-A-Bunch, Ten ChancesAll-male contestant's row before PG3; yet another candidate for the Ten Chances hall of shame

Yolanda, Paula, Jordan, Jennifer

Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, TemptationRange Game, One Away, Hit MeRare occurrence of 2 sportscars being offered in regular gameplay on the same show

Terri, Ronald, Amanda, Stephen

Freeze Frame, Card Game, JokerMagic #, Pick-A-Pair, One AwayPremiere of Freeze Frame; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Amy, Ronnie, Robert, Michelle

Spelling Bee, Buy Or Sell, Clock GameFreeze Frame, Card Game, Pick-A-PairTaped 3-8-95; Freeze Frame breaks down; Rod stumbles on 6th contestant's name; unusually expensive living room set offered in PG6

Susan, Terry, Barbara, Bobbie

Any Number, Give Or Keep, Race GameN/AThe most exciting DSW ever; carousel offered in a showcase, everybody gets on for a ride during the credits

Martha, Madeleine, Nancy, Pamela

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, Double PricesCard Game, Shell Game, Bonus GameTaped 8-31-75; OSF 9-12-75; PG1 played for a car not seen on the show frequently; lady in SCSD2 doesn't understand that she's lost and gets a not-so-friendly farewell from the winning contestant

Brenda, Marketta, Paula, Susan

Clock Game, Five Price Tags, Range GameTemptation, Give Or Keep, Double PricesTaped 12-16-75; WIN TV; unusual IUFB1; unpredictable but great Clock Game player; interesting "stock market" showcase offering shares of stock in now-defunct AMC...can you guess what goes with that?

Joyce, Dennis, Carol, Helena

Golden Road, Give Or Keep, Double PricesRace Game, Grocery Game, Money GameTaped 7-1-79; OSF 8-22-79; features Johnny's infamous "Go To Helena" moment; Race Game played for the L.A. sports tickets; fur coat offered in PG5; PG6 played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Terry, Kim, Madeline, Patricia

Danger Price, Range Game, Hole In OneDouble Prices, Bonus Game, TemptationTaped in 1979 and originally scheduled to air 12-26-79; Charlene makes a remark during PG6 that would get her locked up nowadays; fur coat offered in a showcase; Holly takes a spill during the credits

Theresa, Michele, Rosalina, Nora

Temptation, Penny Ante, Race GameSqueeze Play, Bonus Game, Money GamePoor playing of Temptation; showcase where Johnny plays a chef who specializes in "shark fin fillet"

Delia, Susan, Martina, Adib

Shell Game, Double Prices, Ten ChancesRace Game, Hole In One, SafecrackersSome sources give airdate as 9-18-81; fur coat offered in Shell Game; Hole In One played for a $14,000 van and lost despite a short putt for the contestant

Patricia, Darren, Susan, Lynne

Range Game, Five Price Tags, Credit CardDouble Prices, Ten Chances, Now...Or ThenTaped 1-18-88; hilariously wacky contestant in PG2; Kyle fills in for Dian; contestant Andy makes a rather outlandish bid on IUFB5; yet another candidate for the Ten Chances hall of shame

Javier, Jennifer, Christine, Stephen

Danger Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky SevenMake Your Move, Hole In One, Double PricesTaped 12-2-91; microwave in PG1 is probably the cheapest one ever offered on the show (and it's a pretty well-known brand, too)

Karen, Lionel, Mildred, Todd

Safecrackers, Spelling Bee, Swap MeetPick-A-Number, Bullseye, Dice GameInteresting first prize in Swap Meet; Karen got dressed in the dark that morning and ended up with mismatched shoes; Mildred wins SCSD1 by default, then turns around and wins $11,000

Anthony, Terri, Calvin, Carol

Switcheroo, Danger Price, Check Game1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, Grocery GameLady in audience upsets Bob, then ends up being the next person called; frustrating playing of Grocery Game with aforementioned contestant; super-close showcase differences

Vieda, Marla, Traci, Charles

Switch?, Lucky Seven, Bonus Game2 For The Price Of 1, Hole In One, Swap MeetTaped 3-18-92; Bob pokes fun at Arsenio Hall; Kyle fills in for Janice; Vieda takes a major spill during SCSD1; great Hole In One win

Barbara, Sherri, Heather, Clarence

Safecrackers, Hi-Lo, Money GameTake Two, Spelling Bee, Pick-A-NumberFunny shirt in audience "To heck with Bob Barker, I want to kiss Rod Roddy"; fun contestant in Spelling Bee; Bob and Rod have funny conversation about Rod's weight

Carla, David, Marlene, Gerald

Barker's Bargain Bar, Temptation, Punch-A-BunchPick-A-Number, Hi-Lo, Card GameDavid punches out all the corners on the Punchboard; 9 cards drawn in PG6 without getting a face card

Jill, Glenna, William, Sakita

Safecrackers, Pathfinder, Range GameMake Your Move, Money Game, Check OutWinless show; not a great playing of Make Your Move; funny shirt in audience, "Barker For President" with the word "president" crossed out and replaced with "king"

Rebecca, Aaron, Ualanda, Grant

Shopping Spree, Side By Side, Spelling Bee1 Right Price, 3 Strikes, BullseyePremiere of Shopping Spree; exciting Spelling Bee win in which Ualanda wins a crappy car and is apparently so happy about it that she passes a showcase with a much nicer one; very close SC results

Robert, Agnes, Regina, Geoffrey

3 Strikes, Make Your Move, Grocery GameSwitch?, Plinko, Lucky SevenThe all time worst playing of Plinko; Kyle (in what may have been her last appearance) is one of the models today; bad vertical hold problems for much of episode

Alyce, Minnie, Carol, Gail

Five Price Tags, Grocery Game, Double PricesN/AOriginally scheduled for 1-29-73; Bob screws up PG2; showcase featuring "everything you'll need if stranded on a desert island"

Judy, Denise, Frances, Effie

Hi-Lo, Double Digits, Range GameN/AEpisode features short-lived game "Double Digits" (it's similar to Temptation); show also features early Range Game playing when the range was only $100

Joyanne, Joel, Shelby, Ponciano

Most Expensive, Pathfinder, Freeze FrameTake Two, Hit Me, Any NumberBob gets confused by the name of the car in Pathfinder; perfect Pathfinder win; one of the lowest house scores ever in PG5

Brianna, Michael, Sandra, Mark

Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Switch?Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Clock GameTaped 1-31-96 and originally scheduled for 2-15-96; Adam Sandler appears as himself in a Happy Gilmore-themed showcase (includes clip from the movie where Bob beats him up); has tracking problems

Melissa, Deborah, Jody, Christopher

Freeze Frame, Grand Game, 3 StrikesBuy Or Sell, Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play3 Strikes played for a car not seen on the show frequently; long, painful playing of it

Bryce, Ruth, Rodney, Merrilee

Lucky Seven, Freeze Frame, Grand GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Switcheroo, Push OverBob's 80th Birthday being celebrated; Lucky Seven played for a Lincoln; very hyper contestant in PG3; PG5 played for a powder-blue T-Bird; Push Over played for a car; Tracy wins over $83,000 total

Sadye, Paul, Rebecca, Michael

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Coming Or GoingMoney Game, Safecrackers, Double PricesMDS celebrating Bob's induction into the TV hall of fame; Money Game played for a Chrysler convertible and won perfectly; PG5 played for a car; PG6 played for a $13,000 piano; painful showcase overbid

Zane, Dustin, Bobette, Natalie

Golden Road, 1/2 Off, Push OverSwitch?, Dice Game, Pick-A-PairTaped 6-9-05; 34th season premiere; Golden Road win (more than $93,000 total); 1/2 Off win; majorly hyper contestant in Grand Game; Switch? played for cars; nearly $200,000 given away in total

Deanne, Shelia, Andrew, William

Money Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Poker GameRange Game, Hole In One, 1 Right PriceTerrible luck in Punch-A-Bunch; weak wheel spinner gets very lucky with it

Lori, Connie, Barbara, Giuseppe

Squeeze Play, Check Out, Money GameTake Two, Make Your Move, Punch-A-BunchBlack guy wins a tanning bed; Make Your Move played for a truck; one of best MYM playings ever

Kim, Scott, Demus, Carolyn

Make Your Move, Switcheroo, Buy Or SellRange Game, Pick-A-Pair, Any Number

Daina, Dominic, Steven, Danny

Range Game, Swap Meet, Spelling BeeMagic #, Money Game, Super Saver5 out of 6 onstage contestants are males; 5th-called contestant has a mouthful of a name; not a great playing of Money Game; close Super Saver win

Patricia, Christine, James, Ann

Superball, Money Game, Magic #Most Expensive, Penny Ante, Any NumberOne of least expensive Superball prize packages ever; Bob really blows his Superball practice shot; surprising PG3 win; Felisa totals her car (a Mustang), then has a chance to win a new Mustang in PG6

David, Gail, Scott, Christine

Super Saver, Credit Card, Dice GameDouble Prices, Spelling Bee, SafecrackersRod screws up opening; cheap car (for 1993) offered in Spelling Bee

Melissa, Gregory, Ronald, Robin

Swap Meet, Dice Game, Pick-A-PairMake Your Move, Spelling Bee, 1 Right PriceUnusually expensive vacuum cleaner offered in PG1; kitten up for adoption gets lost in Holly's hair; every contestant one-ups each other during IUFB6

Alvernon, Richard, Jessica, Sandra

Money Game, Buy Or Sell, Punch-A-BunchDouble Prices, Ten Chances, BullseyeNothing but wrong decisions in Buy Or Sell; male contestant bids on showcase featuring "Things Needed To Become A Cover Girl"

Valerie, Justin, Ruby, Jacquelyn

Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, Penny AnteDouble Prices, Spelling Bee, SafecrackersBob forgets the spay/neuter plug

Ginger, Michael, Naomi, Lawrence

2 For The Price Of 1, Dice Game, Grocery GameRace Game, Spelling Bee, Squeeze PlaySub model named Cynthia; Naomi blows PG3 big time; Michael wins a bracelet and has difficulty deciding who gets it, as he's apparently a "busy boy"

Elvis, Maria, Larislado, Tara

1 Right Price, Plinko, Dice GameSwap Meet, Hole In One, Side By SideSurprising Dice Game loss; yet another plug for "Husband, Lover, Spy"

Tess, Jean, Linda, Mike

Five Price Tags, Hi-Lo, Range GameN/A5PT played for a car not seen on the show frequently; jazzy variant of regular car cue used for trip; female contestant named "Corky"; VW Thing offered in showcase; SC with a magician who does tricks

Gwendolyn, Virginia, Jane, Leonora

Any Number, Bonus Game, Double PricesN/ATaped 4-28-74; 5th contestant has a lulu of a name that Johnny actually spits out pretty nicely; Leonora's a very wacky contestant; time counter at bottom of screen for whole show

Rochelle, Isabella, Laura, Michele

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Range GameN/ATaped 4-28-74; Rachel loses a shoe and tosses her purse coming on down; time counter at bottom of screen for whole show

Shallot, Judy, Suzie, Vicki

Hi-Lo, Money Game, Double PricesN/ATaped 8-5-74; Money Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently, and a rather cheap one even for that time; one of the earliest appearances of the elevator showcase; DSW

Anne, Shauna, Jane, Linda

Lucky Seven, Give Or Keep, Double PricesN/AOne of the earliest-known instances of a contestant wearing a TPIR-related shirt; premature price reveal in Double Prices

Cynthia, Rosemarie, Karen, Debbie

Any Number, Hi-Lo, Race GameN/ADSW

Lydia, Neva, Andrea, John

Clock Game, Five Price Tags, Range GameN/ATerrible playing of Clock Game

Monagayle, Diane, Cynthia, Patricia

Shell Game, Double Prices, Any NumberN/APart of opening missing; Showcase winner misses by exactly $100

Winnie, Winifred, Doreen, Adrienne

Lucky Seven, Hi-Lo, Range GameN/AShowcase featuring "everything you need for that last minute tax return"; prizes include Bromo-seltzer stomach & headache relief; trip to paris offered with hotel accommodations by the "Paris Hilton"

Connie, Sally, Lucinda, Madelene

Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Grocery GameN/ATaped 6-30-75; at one point, Bob almost refers to the show as "Truth Or Consequences"; crew member Pam Freeman is a sub-model today

Judy, Caryl, Marta, Lyllette

Any Number, Range Game, Grocery GameN/ATaped 8-2-75; not a great playing of Grocery Game; Bicentennial Showcase salute to Norman Rockwell; close showcase differences

Sabrina, Cheryl, Diana, Susan

Give Or Keep, Money Game, Clock GameN/ATaped 8-2-75; Money Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently; funny showcase featuring Johnny as a crooked frog prince

Philip, Charisma, Doris, Stanley

3 Strikes, Grand Game, Shopping SpreeSwitch?, Cover Up, CliffhangersNot one of TPIR's better Christmas shows

Stephanie, Barbara, Lajena, Donna

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Clock GameN/APremiere of Temptation and it's played for a car not seen on the show frequently; jumpy video

Kathy, Carolyn, Linda, Joyce

Lucky Seven, Mystery Price, Most ExpensiveN/AFeatures short lived game "Mystery Price"; two cars offered in a showcase

Barbara, Sue, Jane, Marie

Grocery Game, Five Price Tags, Double PricesN/ARarity in Grocery Game; Melvin has an interesting occupation; painful showcase overbid

Jamie, Sister Irene, Virginia, Patricia

Card Game, Give Or Keep, Range GameN/AEarly playing of Card Game where Bob and the contestant stand on opposite sides of the table

Patricia, Beverly, Denise, Ronald

Card Game, Grocery Game, Race GameN/APainful Grocery Game loss; reportedly the first show where Grocery Game has a sign; Bob mentions the dog named "Mr. Baker"

Deborah, Sandra, Terry, Joanne

Danger Price, 3 Strikes, Shell GameDice Game, Hi-Lo, Most ExpensiveTaped 5-4-76; second playing of Dice Game; car in DG has an 8 in the price; unusual IUFB6; Flaky Flick showace "The Maltese Mustang"; Anitra smokes during it

Sherry, Kit, Donna, Carrie

Lucky Seven, Safecrackers, Grocery GameTemptation, Give Or Keep, Poker GameTaped 7-27-76 and originally scheduled to air 10-1-76; one of the earliest appearances of the "Family Feud" theme as car music; interesting IUFB6

Maxine, Donita, Janet, Wanda

Range Game, Clock Game, BullseyeSafecrackers, Ten Chances, Bonus GameTaped 8-2-76 and originally scheduled to air 10-7-76; Range Game played for a car; Bullseye with original $9-10 range; not a great playing of Ten Chances (sigh)

Diana, Leslie, Linda, Diane

Hi-Lo, Money Game, Race GameDice Game, Give Or Keep, SafecrackersTaped 8-23-76; WIN TV; Race Game played for the L.A. sports tickets; car in Dice Game has a 7 in the price; interesting smaller prize in Safecrackers; Anitra has difficulty with the Safecrackers door

Delamar, Nancy, Bettye, Keith

Money Game, Most Expensive, Grocery GamePoker Game, Punch-A-Bunch, TemptationKyle (looking particularly attractive today) fills in for Dian; Bob tries to rush Keith into marriage; all-male Contestant's Row before PG4

Heather, Rosina, Denise, Jeffrey

Range Game, Punch-A-Bunch, TemptationMost Expensive, Super Saver, Lucky Seven*INCOMPLETE; cuts out during Super Saver

Kenneth, Kelly, Linda, Margaret

Range Game, Hole In One, Swap MeetDouble Prices, Plinko, Money GameBob drops his putter during PG2

Loretta, Guillermo, Lilia, Lauralee

Any Number, Grand Game, Race GameCheck Game, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain BarTaped 9-28-92; Bob gets a raucous welcome; horrible playing of Race Game; unknown, middle-aged male model appears in a showcase; VERY close showcase differences

Juan, Angela, Christopher, Robin

Safecrackers, Switcheroo, Magic #Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, One AwayAmazing Switcheroo win

Marcos, Nancy, Chong, John

Plinko, Range Game, One AwayClock Game, Card Game, Super SaverSeason 22 finale and definitely not the happiest of all season finales; upsetting playing of Plinko; superb Clock Game win; unusually expensive Ford Escort (for 1994); offered in PG5

Karen, Cynthia, Troy, Bruce

Money Game, Grand Game, Race GameSide By Side, 3 Strikes, Bonus GamePerfect Money Game win

Nicole, Paulette, Leroy, Claire

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hi-Lo, Money GameBarker's Markers, Cliffhangers, Any NumberShow features a contestant named Robert "Bob" Barker

Grace, David, Joe, Katie

Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Now...Or Then2 For The Price Of 1, Punch-A-Bunch, Any NumberDisappointing PG2; several close spins in SCSD2; Rod The Rapper showcase

Christine, Tamara, Edwin, Stephen

Superball, Money Game, Barker's Bargain BarSide By Side, Hi-Lo, Cover UpSomebody backstage apparently fell asleep before SCSD2

Brian, Kimberly, Tanea, Michael

Range Game, Temptation, Pick-A-PairCheck Game, Plinko, Dice GameTanea makes a noticeably poor choice in PG2; fortunately some of the smarter members of the audience come to the rescue; Tanea's a very excitable contestant

Carol, John, Garry, Nancy

Cover Up, 2 For The Price Of 1, Grocery GameDanger Price, Money Game, Punch-A-Bunch

Elizabeth, Terry, Anita, Maxmillian

Switch?, Spelling Bee, Buy Or SellCheck Game, Dice Game, Pick-A-PairBiggest PG3 win ever up to that point; Chequita has a very loud suit; Bob plays a sneaky trick on Anita; first time Dice Game is played for a $20,000 car; perfect show

Teresa, Mark, James, Ruth

Any Number, 1 Right Price, Grand GameBarker's Markers, Money Game, Bonus GamePerfect Any Number win (aside from not getting the numbers in order); 103-year-old lady in audience who looks great for that age; frequent screen blackouts throughout

Tamara, James, Mabel, Wendy

Safecrackers, Pick-A-Pair, Cover UpMost Expensive, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain BarPick-A-Pair played for a $15,000 grand piano; Mabel has a rather systematic way of playing Spelling Bee; painful showcase overbid

Christopher, Rebecca, Sandra, Menar

Switch?, Temptation, Punch-A-BunchMake Your Move, Lucky Seven, Super SaverHorrible bad luck for Menar in SCSD1; Bob makes fun of Janice when she models a tennis machine, then runs for cover when she points it at him; cars offered in both showcases

Jamie, Maryann, Clinton, Melinda

Grocery Game, Danger Price, Any NumberDouble Prices, Most Expensive, Spelling BeeTaped 7-10-95; fun contestant Beulah celebrates her 90th birthday

Roberta, Glen, Bettina, Joy

Golden Road, Squeeze Play, CliffhangersMost Expensive, Ten Chances, Check OutGolden Road win ($60,000+); most expensive single prize ever won up to that point; amazing Cliffhangers win; major overbid on IUFB4; terrible playing of Ten Chances; DSW missed by just a few dollars

Peter, Shawntel, Vienna, Adam

Eazy As 1-2-3, Hi-Lo, Money GameShopping Spree, Five Price Tags, Pick-A-NumberThird playing of Eazy As 1-2-3 - no music during the game; Vienna has much difficulty making up her mind in Money Game

Carol, Larry, John, Tekia

Split Decision, Check Out, Double PricesMagic #, One Away, PlinkoJames steps on Bob's microphone cord and drags it down; Martin gets another contestant's nametag stuck to his rear end; Larry spins again on 75 cents...and you won't believe what happens

Carol, Diane, Lionel, Manuel

Safecrackers, Swap Meet, SwitcherooBuy Or Sell, Card Game, Penny AnteLucien (pronounced "Lu-Shane") makes a less-than-intelligent bid on IUFB2 and still wins; great come-from-behind win in Buy Or Sell; Bob shares a nostalgic T/C moment during PG6

Leonard, Richard, Michelle, Matilda

Range Game, Master Key, Clock GameBarker's Markers, Hit Me, Dice GameGlenn has a very funny shirt; DSW ($56,000+)

Jessica, Jerry, George, Leah

Range Game, Five Price Tags, Safecrackers1 Right Price, Temptation, Now...Or ThenRod really stumbles describing a prize in Temptation; groovy "Psychedelic 60s" showcase; Leah wins over $48,000

Rowena, Jason, Kristen, William

Split Decision, Hi-Lo, Eazy As 1-2-3Double Prices, Plinko, One AwayTerrible final playing of Split Decision; unusual occurrence in Hi-Lo that may or may not be a mistake

Charles, Joseph, Veronica, Corey

Lucky Seven, Swap Meet, Shell GameSide By Side, One Away, Grand GameHyperactive and indecisive contestant in Lucky Seven; very expensive Lego set offered in Shell Game

Nancy, Andre, Lisa, Toni

Freeze Frame, Bullseye, Barker's MarkersBarker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, One AwayBullseye played for a car

Christine, Faith, Jeremy, Cathy

Range Game, 3 Strikes, JokerBarker's Bargain Bar, Hi-Lo, Any NumberA 6 appears upside down in 3 Strikes, making it look like the car price has 2 9's in it

Jean, Dorothy, Carol, Scott

Five Price Tags, Squeeze Play, Most ExpensiveMagic #, Now...Or Then, Ten Chances5PT played for a car not seen on the show frequently, and one that offers a rather dubious option, the "smoker's package"; terrible playing of Ten Chances; Dorothy wins big; some tracking issues

Jason, Jina, Jessica, George

Switch?, Cover Up, Hi-LoBuy Or Sell, Joker, Lucky SevenSamoan contestant called; as usual, Bob doesn't give her a warm welcome; huge Buy Or Sell win

Kurt, Lisa, James, Joelle

Money Game, Safecrackers, BullseyeSwap Meet, Pathfinder, Check GameJoelle's a Broadway cast member of "Grease"; Pathfinder played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Ian, Andrea, Jayme, Christopher

Clock Game, Master Key, Double PricesCheck Out, Fortune Hunter, Dice GameTaped 9-9-98; unfortunate rarity in Master Key; great playing of Check Out; Timothy rolls 4 of the same number in Dice Game; DSW (barely)

Pamela, Jimmy, Susan, Roy

Plinko, Lucky Seven, Clearance SaleBullseye, Any Number, 1 Right PriceChristmas Eve show; Brian literally ran from Delaware to be on the show; rare occurrence of 2 complete sets of furniture being offered in a showcase

Craig, Tricia, Gerald, Amanda

Safecrackers, Hole In One, Squeeze PlayTake Two, Five Price Tags, Barker's Bargain BarFingers Greco does the inspiration putt; PG6 has to be manually operated today; close showcase results, over which Amanda does NOT look happy

Felicia, Jeffery, Andrea, Daniel

Five Price Tags, Flip Flop, Race GameNow...Or Then, Eazy As 1-2-3, Money GameError in Race Game leads to the contestant receiving her choice of one free prize; DSW

David, Dawn, William, Bobbie

Golden Road, Shopping Spree, Squeeze PlayPenny Ante, Switcheroo, Side By SidePerfect Switcheroo win

Melissa, Daniel, Angelina, Ryan

Push Over, Check Out, 3 StrikesMost Expensive, Switcheroo, Double PricesOutstanding 3 Strikes win

Steven, Christa, Lois, Paul

Golden Road, Range Game, Now...Or ThenDanger Price, Switcheroo, Double PricesSteven has an interesting last name; perfect Switcheroo win; Paul kisses Bob

Elisol, Stephanie, Theona, Daniel

Clearance Sale, Push Over, Let 'Em Roll1 Right Price, One Away, CliffhangersSome inept wheel spinners in SCSD1; hammy contestant in One Away; one of the most exciting Cliffhangers wins ever; Daniel is Danny Smith from the show "Big Wolf On Campus"

Xylena, Jeremy, Meredith, William

Five Price Tags, Range Game, Credit CardHi-Lo, Money Game, Barker's Bargain BarRange Game played for a car

Eric, Bryan, Summeur, Dennis

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Race GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, BullseyeExciting Lucky Seven win; Dennis runs all over the studio; over $600 worth of small prizes in Punch-A-Bunch; picture skips in a few places

Linda, Ward, Cyndee, Ronnie

3 Strikes, Magic #, Grand GameMost Expensive, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain BarWard presents Bob with a frisbee with his picture on it; Bob tosses it to Roger D., who makes a great catch

Joy, Alexander, Jody, Ryan

Barker's Bargain Bar, Plinko, Ten ChancesDouble Prices, Check Out, Any NumberAlexander gets very lucky with a Plinko chip after Nikki kisses it; Ten Chances board really acting up today - not a great playing either

Joshua, Christina, Narayan, Shay

Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes, CliffhangersMost Expensive, It's In The Bag, Dice GamePaul Boland announces; painful 3 Strikes loss; Marian really wears her heart on her sleeve (or in this case, her back) for Bob; wasted bonus spin in SCSD2

Jennifer, Shelby, Cindy, Selwyn

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Double PricesEazy As 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, BullseyeContestant named "Joseph Montana" and he wears an actual #19 Joe Montana jersey; Bob almost ruins 3 Strikes; unusually expensive trip to Australia offered in PG6; tons of cash given away today

Eddie, Sandra, Erin, Patricia

Triple Play, It's In The Bag, Coming Or GoingCliffhangers, Money Game, 1 Right PriceChristmas Eve show; PG1 win ($57,000+)

Ginger, Patt, Pat, Sherry

Bonus Game, Any Number, Clock GameN/AVery interesting IUFB1; last contestant called runs up onstage - Bob rushes her right back down before she can say a word; exciting-turned-painful moment during the showcases

Arlene, Patricia, Rodney, Candy

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Range GameN/A

Angela, Deborah, Hilda, Jeanne

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Clock GameN/AThe clam opens up, supposedly to reveal IUFB1, but instead it turns out to be Bert Convy and Anitra making out

Gloria, Judith, Sylvia, David

Five Price Tags, Race Game, Double PricesN/AVW camper bus offered in a showcase

Hazel, Sherry, Bernice, Carol

Clock Game, Grocery Game, Five Price TagsN/ASherry loses her cool in Clock Game; hyper contestant in Five Price Tags who wants to know whether or not the car is new

Gabriella, Susan, Cheryl, Carol

Temptation, Range Game, Grocery GameN/AOriginally scheduled for 4-3-75; unusually cheap grandfather clock offered in Temptation; interesting "camper boat" offered in a showcase

Gregory, Kyle, Leah, Hector

Joker, Race Game, Lucky SevenSqueeze Play, Grocery Game, Money GamePremiere of Joker; superb Race Game win; Leah thinks she lost Lucky Seven, then freaks out when Bob tells her otherwise; Grocery Game won with a total of $20.01; Bob forgets the spay/neuter plug

William, Susan, Tracy, Lisa

Check Game, One Away, Punch-A-BunchSwitch?, Now...Or Then, Lucky SevenRod has a surprisingly low-key suit today; one contestant tries to bid 10 cents on a wine refrigerator

Aaron, Nell, Renee, John

Money Game, Barker's Markers, Now...Or ThenSafecrackers, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain BarPainful Spelling Bee loss; Rod has an interesting suit

Matthew, Heather, Richard, Kimberly

Plinko, Any Number, Most ExpensiveRange Game, Temptation, Hit MeINCOMPLETE - cuts off during showcases; Debbie gets big boos for her St. Louis Rams shirt

Nathan, Jennipher, James, Mimi

1 Right Price, Money Game, Hit MeMagic #, Temptation, Secret XUnusual camera angle when the car in PG2 is shown; bad playing of Magic #; $14,000 won on the wheel today; weird error in showcases - the podiums prematurely (and wrongly) reveal the contents

Anthony, Melissa, Acquinetta, Tina

Credit Card, Card Game, Pick-A-PairBarker's Bargain Bar, Cliffhangers, Cover UpBob sounds slightly congested today; Acquinetta's very hyper (and a bit hammy); both cars essentially the same

Angelique, Sheldon, Tomika, Vasilis

Lucky Seven, Make Your Move, Hit MeEazy As 1-2-3, Money Game, PlinkoKen has an actual "I Love TPIR" license plate that he brings to the show

Rosa, Rebecca, Theresa, Douglas

Any Number, Race Game, Grocery GameDouble Prices, Punch-A-Bunch, One AwayFemale contestant named "Nino"; 8th contestant known only as "J. Evans"; Rebecca has near-zero reaction to PG5; a bird apparently flies through the studio near the end of the show

Brandi, Jay, Nicolas, Kathleen

Range Game, Punch-A-Bunch, Buy Or SellSqueeze Play, One Away, Hit MeNicolas lives dangerously in PG2 and does NOT end up sorry; some less-than-intelligent bidding on IUFB4; AQ goes a bit "underwater" after PG4

Jennifer, Troy, Rodrigo, Kandis

Superball, Money Game, 1 Right PriceEazy As 1-2-3, Grand Game, 2 For The Price Of 1Bob makes yet another false "that has never happened before" statement during PG1; $4000 sofa offered in PG3; PG6 played for a truck - price of truck not given (it's $11,005); "underwater" AQ

Jeremy, Julie, Jasmine, Charles

Range Game, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveMost Expensive, Lucky Seven, Grand GameRuth begs for a car and says she wants to play Lucky Seven - she gets her wish on both counts; AQ a bit "underwater"

Amber, Kimberly, Eric, Sylvia

Push Over, Barker's Markers, PathfinderBarker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Now...Or ThenPremiere of Push Over; one of the worst spins ever in SCSD1; no-decision Dice Game win
1999.1194K9-30-99AKudey 9.1.10/9CBS

Halli, Dustin, Mildred, Suzanne

1 Wrong Price, It's In The Bag, Any NumberBarker's Bargain Bar, Five Price Tags, Range GameINCOMPLETE - cuts out after SCSD2; Bob, Rod and Kathleen have a silly argument about a lawnmower in PG4

Reshwat, Denise, Rebekah, Herman

Golden Road, Clock Game, PlinkoDouble Prices, Grocery Game, Range GameGolden Road win ($72,000+); premiere of the current Golden Road set; Herman is quite possibly the largest contestant ever (497 lbs); Bob almost makes a huge mistake during SCSD1; PG6 played for a car

Elena, John Paul, Angela, Denise

Money Game, 1 Wrong Price, Bonus GameSqueeze Play, 3 Strikes, Grand GamePG5 win ($42,000+); year's supply of Coke offered in a showcase

Betty, James, Randall, Teodora

Lucky Seven, It's In The Bag, Push OverBuy Or Sell, Shell Game, Switch?Shell Game played for a car; Betty wins over $65,000, including a Ford Expedition and Mustang convertible

Ryan, Angela, Laura, Michael

Golden Road, 1 Right Price, 1/2 OffSqueeze Play, Cover Up, Hit MeHorrible playing of 1/2 Off; Michael proposes to his girlfriend during SCSD1 and ends up with both a yes and a dollar; Bob says the proposal is a first for TPIR, but it's not; Desiree is super hyper

Jennifer, William, Rochelle, Terence

Range Game, 3 Strikes, Grand GameEazy As 1-2-3, Five Price Tags, Coming Or GoingINCOMPLETE - most of PG3 missing; painful 3 Strikes loss; Bob makes a funny slip-up regarding Christopher's shirt; Pontiac GTO offered in a showcase

Penny, Janie, Thelma, Karen

Lucky Seven, Mystery Price, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 1-6-74; featuring rare PG "Mystery Price" and it's played for a car today; not a great playing of Lucky Seven; time counter on screen for whole show

Sandra, Lynn, Laurie, Elaine

Temptation, Hi-Lo, Range GameN/ATaped 12-22-74; unusually expensive products (for 1974) in Hi-Lo (nothing less than $1.00); Laurie calls herself stupid and Bob affirms

Bernadette, Lorraine, Linda, Paula

Range Game, Grocery Game, Money GameN/A

Julie, Sheila, Patricia, Gloria

Five Price Tags, Double Prices, Hi-LoN/AIUFB1 worth over $900, and Julie bids $45 on it; Patricia is a nervous wreck

Sheryl, Margaret, Erika, Alicia

Five Price Tags, Hi-Lo, Double PricesN/ATaped 3-15-75; Bob has some interesting pants; prior to PG3, every contestant in Contestant's Row is a foreigner

Catherine, Deborah, Freida, Janet

Temptation, Grocery Game, Clock GameN/ATaped 6-16-75; during slate, somebody holds up a sign that says "up yours, Breslow"; first show where Clock Game's name appears on the prop; one product in PG2 costs only 13 cents

Peggy, Glenda, Florida, Karen

Card Game, Bonus Game, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 6-23-75; interesting contestant name "Pablo Piedrajita"; faux bearskin rug offered in PG2; funny showcase parody of "All My Children"

Pamela, Gidget, Jill, Sue

Temptation, Double Prices, Grocery GameN/ALast episode with the original brown-themed set; Jill decides to forego the car in Temptation because she really wants the free lawnmower instead - turns out she could have had the car

Curtis, Gabriella, Wendy, Charles

Superball, Range Game, Make Your MoveSqueeze Play, Lucky Seven, BullseyeSlight upset during opening; Make Your Move played for a car; big spender in PG6; painful showcase overbid

Susan, Kelly, Philip, Leesa

Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze PlaySwap Meet, Money Game, Check OutFrank Greco (Fingers Greco's husband) models some golf clubs; interesting coincidence preceding last calldown; one of the last shows where Bob lets a female contestant reach into his pocket

Carolyn, Kelly, Mark, Thelma

Lucky Seven, Punch-A-Bunch, Buy Or SellSwitch?, Grocery Game, One AwayBob gets confused during PG2 and almost allows something that's not supposed to be; slight upset in VQ during PG2; One Away perfect win

William, Candace, Stella, Thomas

Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Dice GameTake Two, Spelling Bee, SafecrackersNothing works in PG1 today; Spelling Bee played for a 4-digit car; when Bob asks Thomas what he wants to win, he gets a rather unexpected response; very painful showcase overbid

Pamela, Douglas, Mary, Christopher

Five Price Tags, Freeze Frame, Switch?Credit Card, Cover Up, Pick-A-PairOne of Kyle's last appearances; Bob refers to her as Kyle Oldham rather than her more well-known last name of Aletter; 5 out of the 6 onstage contestants come from places other than California

Ana, James, Marlene, Audra

Plinko, Card Game, Squeeze PlayDanger Price, 3 Strikes, BullseyeINCOMPLETE - opening and IUFB1 missing; show features stage-hogging contestant Kimberly Crawford (clip from then-unaired show featured on 25th Anniversary Special)

Jennifer, Wayne, Juan, Christian

3 Strikes, Switch?, Secret XTake Two, Hi-Lo, Cover Up3 Strikes played for what may be the priciest Lincoln Town Car ever on the show (over $46,000); funny reference to Happy Gilmore made in a showcase

Bryan, Holly, Camron, Dorothy

Golden Road, Cliffhangers, Take TwoSqueeze Play, Hit Me, One AwayDorothy bids $9000 on a range and almost does it again with some skis; One Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently, and nearly 75% as expensive as the one in Golden Road today

Gladys, James, Jamie, Pamela

Card Game, Hi-Lo, Take TwoMagic #, Pathfinder, Side By SideTaped 11-19-96; painful Card Game loss; 7th contestant has a mouthful of a name; Karen has a lot of difficulty spitting out her showcase bid

Laurie, Denise, Jewel, Aaron

Shopping Spree, Money Game, Hit MeBarker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-Bunch, Any NumberNot a smart playing of Money Game; Lisa hails from a place that my dad used to live; interesting dinette offered in PG4; Rod does the TV send-up; DSW

Jose, Jodie, Mark, Maria

3 Strikes, Now...Or Then, Side By SideSwap Meet, Punch-A-Bunch, Money GameContestants named "Jose Garcia" and "Joseph Garcia" end up together in Contestant's Row

Laura, Loretta, Keely, Jeffrey

Squeeze Play, Temptation, Penny AnteBarker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Plinko

Stephen, Lynn, Amber, Gary

Money Game, Poker Game, It's In The BagDouble Prices, Magic #, Five Price TagsStephen takes his time coming on down and causes Rod to have a fit; Otis causes all kinds of trouble from the moment he's called; first ever complete win in PG3; some background noise

Kelly, Willie, Randy, Ashley

Bullseye, 3 Strikes, Race GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Punch-A-Bunch, Range GameContestant named "Willie Mays" and ironically he's the one who plays 3 Strikes; great come-from-behind win in 3 Strikes; Willie also wins big on the wheel; Range Game played for a truck

Jay-R, Sharon, Melissa, Michael

3 Strikes, Check Out, Squeeze Play1 Right Price, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky SevenHorrible playing of 3 Strikes; unusual prize offered in Squeeze Play; interesting turnout in Punch-A-Bunch

Djuana, Kara, Frederick, Kathleen

Freeze Frame, 3 Strikes, Grand GameMost Expensive, Lucky Seven, Shell GameOma takes a good spill during SCSD2

Stacey, Adrian, Ashleigh, Timothy

Golden Road, Plinko, Most ExpensiveNow...Or Then, Money Game, 1 Right Price

Beverly, Romyl, Brooke, William

Golden Road, Plinko, Range GameBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Pick-A-PairGolden Road win ($65,000+); lights and electrical mechanisms in PG4 not working today; wasted bonus spin in SCSD2; slightly jumpy video

Travis, Geoff, Angela, Peter

Golden Road, Most Expensive, Punch-A-BunchSwitch?, That's Too Much, Grocery GameOriginally scheduled for 9-20-01; huge Golden Road win that almost breaks the Danielle Torres record; every onstage contestant is a male

Mary, Shirley, Janet, Irina

Lucky Seven, Mystery Price, Most ExpensiveN/AContrasting showcases, "Dieters" vs. "People Who Love To Eat"; one prize in "Dieters" showcase is a Detecto doctor's scale

Gary, Judy, Zola, Stephanie

Hi-Lo, Five Price Tags, Clock GameN/AThe two showcase contestants are best friends; Bob jokes that the friendship won't last following the showcase results; picture goes bad briefly near the beginning

Claire, Rosalind, Paulette, Stanne

Grocery Game, Any Number, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 4-22-74; time counter at bottom of screen for whole show; part of showcase segment missing

Maria, Mary, Esther, Mary

Range Game, Five Price Tags, Hi_loN/ATaped 6-17-74; Johnny introduces Bob as "jumping Bob Barker"; Esther is very hyper

Angela, Suzanne, Mildred, Robin

Temptation, Grocery Game, Most ExpensiveN/A

Cathleen, Susan, Cynthia, Pamela

Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Most ExpensiveN/ADebatable outcome in Lucky Seven; unusually inexpensive pool table offered in Most Expensive

Linda, Judith, Violetta, Susan

Give Or Keep, Any Number, Double PricesN/AShowcase featuring various types of tape players, including a really old-school VCR

Susan, Susan, Sharon, Diet

Grocery Game, Five Price Tags, Range GameN/ADiet pronounced "Dee-ette"; both Susans end up in the showcase together; interesting "stereo bar" offered in a showcase

Julie, Sandra, Lynn, Kristi

Temptation, Range Game, Hi-LoN/ALynn almost sends the Range Game board toppling over

Betty, Karen, Cindy, Cheryl

Grocery Game, Any Number, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 12-2-74, the only taping date that Bob ever missed; Dennis James fills in; Johnny plays Santa in a showcase and almost refers to himself as such during the credits

Ellen, Debbie, Joyce, Cecilia

Give Or Keep, Any Number, Most ExpensiveN/ATaped 12-22-74; funny Marx Brothers showcase with Johnny particularly wacky as Harpo

Milena, Venita, Teresa, Roxanne

Money Game, Shell Game, Race GameN/AMotorcycle offered by a company called "Toyoda"; huge showcase overbid

Bettie, Emily, Shirley, Dalia

Most Expensive, Any Number, Shell GameN/ATaped 3-15-75; "cat lover's" showcase featuring 2 cars (one of them something pretty cool) and the opportunity to have a lion cub named after you

Kimberly, Pamela, Dalene, Patricia

Money Game, Give Or Keep, Race GameN/ANuri makes a hilariously insulting comment towards Bob; Bob's not sure what a wok is; unusually cheap grandfather clock offered in PG3; painful showcase overbid

Pamela, Ruphina, Elizabeth, Nancy

Hi-Lo, Any Number, Double PricesN/AShow features hilarious contestant Ruphina "the carpet lady" and the unusual "Do It Yourself" showcase (not hard to see why this didn't last)

Rosemarie, Pamela, Jacqueline, Bonceu

Range Game, Five Price Tags, Double PricesN/ATaped 6-16-75; Bonceu claims to be a baseball player for the New York Mets, but this claim does not seem to be supported by leading baseball encyclopedias

Freddy, Raquel, Richard, Leo

Cover Up, Grocery Game, Credit CardSqueeze Play, Switcheroo, Barker's Bargain BarCover Up played for a car not seen on the show frequently; Rod sounds very tired when describing IUFB5

Benigno, Linda, Kellie, Toby

Credit Card, Cliffhangers, One AwaySwitch?, Card Game, Now...Or ThenMercury Cougar in PG3 possibly the priciest one ever offered on the show

Miguel, Janice, Kaarein, Ricky

Switch?, Hole In One, Squeeze PlaySwap Meet, Plinko, Dice GameWashington, DC reporter and talk show host Andrea Roane does the inspiration putt; interesting revelation in Squeeze Play

Christopher, Richard, Tori, Ronald

Safecrackers, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveMagic #, Lucky Seven, Grand GameSub-model named Mindy Kennedy; 5th contestant has a rather unusual name; Pathfinder perfect win for a pretty nice car; Frank Greco (Fingers Greco's husband) models some golf clubs

Alvin, Kandi, Jerry, Carole

Barker's Bargain Bar, Cover Up, Grocery GameRace Game, Spelling Bee, Pick-A-NumberKandi has a moment of supreme embarrassment during PG2; painful Spelling Bee loss

Eunice, Scott, Pamela, Heather

Credit Card, Grand Game, Ten ChancesSqueeze Play, Secret X, Dice GameGreat playing of Ten Chances; Secret X gets stuck, Bob and Roger both fight unsuccessfully with it, eventually forcing an unusual reveal; frequent picture jumping for first 10-15 minutes

Alec, Gigi, Pat, Lisa

Make Your Move, Plinko, Ten ChancesMost Expensive, Hit Me, Money GameTerrible playing of Make Your Move

Elizabeth, Michael, James, Vanessa

Clock Game, Pathfinder, Freeze FrameBuy Or Sell, Lucky Seven, Hi-LoFreeze Frame played for the last 4-digit car ever offered on the show; every contestant one-ups each other on IUFB4; interesting special effects in one showcase

Fritz, Sharon, Wendy, Rose Rene

Switch?, Hole In One, Side By SideBuy Or Sell, Punch-A-Bunch, One AwayKathleen does the inspiration putt, and Fritz thinks he wins after she makes it; One Away falls apart; a lady whose name isn't called slyly inserts herself into a CR seat during the CNAOS plug

Julie, Freddi, Dennis, Catherine

Range Game, Cover Up, Grand GameClock Game, Cliffhangers, One AwayPremature price reveal in Grand Game; Bob almost screws up Clock Game

Denise, John, Melissa, Jimmie

Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole In One, Race GameDouble Prices, Plinko, Money GameFunny discussion about Jimmie's off-the-beaten-path hometown of Copperopolis, California; blooper win in Race Game; Money Game played for a car not seen on the show frequently

Lashare, Robert, Lavel, Terrence

Check Game, One Away, Pick-A-PairBarker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, PlinkoRod screws up the opening; amazing Check Game win; interesting price reveal in Check Game

Monica, Michael, Mary Helen, Christopher

Swap Meet, Pathfinder, Range GameSwitch?, Any Number, Hi-LoFemale contestant named "Gary"; painful Range Game loss

Jeffrey, Jodi, Michael, Melissa

Range Game, Cover Up, Bonus Game1 Right Price, Temptation, Penny AnteError in Penny Ante; Showcase winner's total winnings exactly $26,000

Bonita, Anne, Scott, Janet

Clock Game, One Away, Grocery GameFreeze Frame, Punch-A-Bunch, Lucky SevenGreat Clock Game playing; painful turnout in Punch-A-Bunch

Kimberly, Eric, Shonte, Antonia

Shopping Spree, Bonkers, Spelling BeeMost Expensive, Money Game, BullseyeSpelling Bee played for my car; 3 perfect bids today

Barbara, Terri, Ava, Jan

Grocery Game, Five Price Tags, Range GameN/ATaped 3-17-73; subtle rarity in PG2 - can you spot it?; early playing of Range Game with original $50 range finder; all original commercials included; time counter on screen for whole show

Mechele, Sandy, Sylvia, Claudia

Money Game, Give Or Keep, Clock GameN/ATaped 3-17-73; Bob and Sandy share a less-than-subtle kiss; horrible playing of Money Game; Clock Game won with no time to spare; includes original commercials; time counter on screen for whole show

Bonnie, Dani, Barb, Steve

Any Number, Hi-Lo, Clock GameN/ADani really, really hates Clock Game; submarine offered in a showcase

Jose, Sue, Jill, Donna

Five Price Tags, Hi-Lo, Clock GameN/AJose is a female; Donna complains that Clock Game is too hard, then turns around and wins it beautifully; crown once worn by Greta Garbo offered in a showcase

Becky, Regina, Penny, Vicky

Hi-Lo, Five Price Tags, Double PricesN/AUnbelievable showcase occurrence

Robin, Jana, Virginia, Carol

Hi-Lo, Money Game, Most ExpensiveN/A

Jean, Dee, Susan, Lynda

Lucky Seven, Bonus Game, Most ExpensiveN/APremiere of Lucky Seven

Cathy, Elaine, Sharon, Corky

Money Game, Give Or Keep, Range GameN/AGive Or Keep played for a car; very close Range Game win; very painful showcase overbid

Vickie, Theresa, Barbara, Lucille

Temptation, Grocery Game, Range GameN/AEarly playing of Temptation where the contestant cannot change any of the numbers they've selected

Donna, Cindy, Margaret, Lillian

Lucky Seven, Give Or Keep, Double PricesN/A

Melissa, Geial, Clark, Roy

Check Game, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveSwitch?, Any Number, Pick-A-PairPainful Pathfinder loss; picture blacks out frequently

Lawandia, Richard, Elizabeth, Thanh

Squeeze Play, Plinko, Any NumberTake Two, Hole In One, Switch?Hole In One won from the first line; underwater audio quality

Bernice, Noemi, Ernest, Kari

Any Number, Cliffhangers, Credit CardSqueeze Play, Bullseye, Dice GameShow features the infamous playing of Squeeze Play (clip seen on 25th A.S.) where it gets stuck, Bob kicks it, then the price falls out

Mimi, Ronald, Lisa, Ann

Cover Up, 1 Right Price, PlinkoDouble Prices, Now...Or Then, Temptation23rd season finale

Diane, Alice, Robert, Elise

Check Game, Hole In One, Clock GameDouble Prices, Plinko, Lucky SevenHole In One bonus win

Cheryl, Pamela, Titus, Laura

Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Magic #Double Prices, Split Decision, Penny Ante

Barbara, Richard, Elsa, Shawn

3 Strikes, Pick-A-Pair, Squeeze PlayPoker Game, Pathfinder, Make Your MoveLong, frustrating playing of 3 Strikes

Louis, Cheryl, Zelma, Mark

Range Game, Master Key, Pick-A-NumberEazy As 1-2-3, 3 Strikes, Hit MeOne of the closest Range Game wins ever

Darleen, Dawn, Sarah, David

Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Shell GameRange Game, Ten Chances, Penny Ante82-year-old contestant drove his '56 Oldsmobile from Michigan to be on the show; unlikely win in PG3; some audio inconsistency

Jack, Kristin, Ronald, Margwenn

Master Key, Range Game, Credit CardMagic #, One Away, Penny AnteRange Game played for a car; audience member Kenneth gets to hug and kiss Kathleen (Bob doesn't seem too happy about the latter)

Christine, Jerry, Kaui, Joanna

Plinko, Eazy As 1-2-3, Money GameDouble Prices, Check Out, Lucky SevenChristmas show; painful Check Out loss; Jacques drove to the show from "sunny" Montreal and encountered snow in Arizona along the way

Jennifer, Steven, Linda, Arthur

Lucky Seven, Plinko, Swap MeetDouble Prices, Hole In One, Range GameOnetha makes a very embarrassing admission; Chantel does the Inspiration Putt

Daniel, Shauna, Larry, Linda

Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, Lucky SevenSqueeze Play, Grand Game, Dice GameMatch Game/Hollywood Squares cue not used in Superball today

Jorge, Christina, Elizabeth, Reginald

Freeze Frame, Cliffhangers, Ten ChancesClock Game, Check Out, Switch?Not a great playing of Ten Chances

Greachia, Robert, Charles, Danise

Most Expensive, Grocery Game, Ten Chances1 Right Price, Plinko, 2 For The Price Of 1Most Expensive played for trips; 2 For The Price Of 1 played for a car

Julie, Josephine, Ramiro, Frances

Hi-Lo, Money Game, Any NumberSwitch?, Punch-A-Bunch, Card Game6th contestant has a hilarious mishap on her way to Contestants Row; Ramiro's not great at paying attention to other contestants' bids; Frances almost faints when she gets out of CR; winless show

Eugenia, Jeanette, Murray, Minette

Cover Up, Range Game, Bonus GameBuy Or Sell, Pick-A-Pair, Lucky SevenMale Samoan contestant with an unpronounceable mouthful of a name; great come-from-behind win in Buy Or Sell

Kristina, Syeta, Anthony, Stephanie

Switch?, Ten Chances, Penny AnteEazy As 1-2-3, Spelling Bee, Pick-A-Number

Antoinette, Ronald, Laverne, Loree

Squeeze Play, Superball, Dice GameSide By Side, Grand Game, Any NumberSuperball win; Loree is Loree Jon Jones, world-famous women's pool champion, and she cleans up pretty well on today's show

Jane, Lakesha, Kyle, Debra

Range Game, Pathfinder, Race GameSafecrackers, Money Game, Penny AnteWacky Pathfinder contestant; has frequent tracking and occasional blackout issues

Thorna, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Hae Jean

Make Your Move, One Away, Check OutSide By Side, Any Number, PlinkoOne Away played for a car not seen on the show frequently; picture quality deteriorates from SCSD1 forward

Jessica, Matthew, Kathryn, Ernesto

Safecrackers, Spelling Bee, Side By SideShopping Spree, Hit Me, Ten ChancesKathryn misses all the small prizes in Spelling Bee by more than $10; Bob says it's a first, but it happened on a show from early 1992 (possibly 2-5-92); Jeffrey wins $44,000+, including 2 cars

Catherine, Ronald, Joan , Barry

Eazy As 1-2-3, Bullseye, Any NumberRange Game, Master Key, Clock Game

Vitie, Judy, Nancy, Adam

Superball, Side By Side, Dice GameMagic #, Pick-A-Pair, Lucky SevenYale Acapella Choir sings the famous Sam Cooke hit "Wonderful World"; rare occurrence in Magic #

Sharon, Robert, Candi, Leonard

Clock Game, Ten Chances, Secret XPick-A-Number, Check Out, Dice GameJudy has a shirt with a picture of Bob, shirtless and very muscular; Bob tries to say it's really his body, but I'm pretty sure it's not; close showcase results

Ivy, Sherry, Brandon, Maria

Range Game, Plinko, Lucky SevenShopping Spree, Hole In One, Side By SideTaped 4-28-97; fun contestant in Plinko

Nichelle, Bryan, Maria, Colin

Make Your Move, One Away, Hit MeSwap Meet, Punch-A-Bunch, SafecrackersError during 3rd one-bid that goes unnoticed; Safecrackers played for a car

Mindi, Shawn, Stacey, Aphrodite

Switch?, Hole In One, Magic #Side By Side, Any Number, Bonus GameJeretha is an extremely hyper contestant who has Bob cowering like a scared puppy; Any Number played for a fairly expensive car; Bonus Game played for a car; Speed 2 VHS video costs $91?!; jumpy video

Michael, Miraleene, Elrachel, Zachary

Barker's Bargain Bar, Spelling Bee, Card GameMost Expensive, Cover Up, Now...Or ThenCard Game undergoes updates to the special deck and starting bid; Derek wins over $63,000 total

Regina, Kim, Olga, LaWonda

Money Game, Cliffhangers, Clock GameN/AOriginally scheduled for 2-22-84; show only 30 minutes today; wrong car shown onstage in PG1; amazing Clock Game win; funny showcase where Johnny plays a talk show host

Dominique, Raymond, Diane, Kirk

Switch?, One Away, Penny AnteCredit Card, Spelling Bee, Squeeze PlayContestant named "Kirk Douglas"; huge bust in Credit Card; show followed by short news clip about one of today's contestants

Melissa, Russell, Barbara, Tara

Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, Clock GameBarker's Markers, Hit Me, 2 For The Price Of 1Pathfinder played for a fairly expensive car; Rod gets his papers mixed up and almost says that IUFB6 is a new car; PG6 played for a car; painful Hit Me loss; VERY painful double overbid

Connie, Lori, Kathleen, Erin

Money Game, Magic #, It's In The BagPick-A-Number, Bonus Game, 1 Wrong PriceMagic # won despite strong audience objection and Bob being none too optimistic himself; Bonus Game played for a car; 92-year-old contestant in PG6

Gretta, Floyd, Pamela, Todd

Eazy As 1-2-3, Dice Game, It's In The BagPush Over, Cliffhangers, Cover UpPainful Dice Game loss; absolutely flawless Cliffhangers win