I am always looking to expand my already-impressive collection of TPIR. I will take pretty much any episode that I don't already have, though I'm especially on the lookout for episodes from 1977-1992. My collection currently includes 1715 episodes.

Take a look at my episode list here! Then, E-mail me when you want to set up a trade.

I'm almost always in the mood for a trade, so never hesitate to shoot me an e-mail for a trade request. More often than not, I can start and finish the trade pretty quickly, and even if I'm not able to do it right away, no request will go unacknowledged, and I will always keep you posted regularly on all things related to the trade.

Besides collectors like myself, I am also interested in possibly being able to obtain episodes from former contestants whose shows may not be available or widely circulated on the general trading circuit.

Also, if you are a former contestant who does not have a copy of your show, or if you need a new copy, and you recognize your show as being one that I have, please do not hesitate to ask. So far, I have reunited 9 contestants with their shows, and I would take pleasure in being able to do that favor for many more. For former contestants (or friends/relatives thereof) I will always do this unconditionally. A trade is not required on your part. However, if you should happen to have an episode that I don't, I wouldn't mind getting it.

Like most traders, there are some trading guidelines that I must lay down, but in most ways, I'm a very flexible trader who is easy to deal with and eager to make your trading experience with me a good one.

1: Like any other trader, I cannot trade for money or offer money for a trade.

2: Please try to keep trades equal or as close as possible. An extra episode or two is no problem if you see one that you really want, but please don't ask for 20 episodes if I'm only getting 10 from you.

3: I can format the trade any of the following ways: VHS-to-DVD, DVD-to-VHS, or VHS-to-VHS. However, my preferred method is putting VHS-sourced episodes to DVD (or to a new VHS, if you prefer), and putting DVD-sourced episodes to VHS. If you want DVD-sourced episodes put on DVD, I can of course do so, but it will take longer for the trade to be completed that way. Also, I can only edit commercials when doing VHS-to-VHS. Hopefully there will come a time when I can perfect, improve, and simplify these processes, but as of now, this is the best way for me.

4: I am not format-picky and will gladly accept episodes on either DVD or VHS. However, if doing VHS, please only use tapes that are new/unused.

5: Please do not send packages media mail.

People I've traded with in the past:

Carlos Arnold

David Barkow

James Bibbs-Hatten

Adam Bourre

Greg Brobeck

Nick Casiano

Jason Cranmer

Jay Fisher

David Frangioso

Greg Garsten

Michael Kriese

Andrew Kudey

Trent McSwain

Ryan Rinkerman

Russ Scottfield

Michael Wise

Stephen Wylie

Also, I wish to thank the following contestants who have reached out to me for assistance in obtaining copies of their shows

Jamille Sutton (5-11-77)

Karen Willis (7-1-77)

Stinson family (9-15-82)

Gary Conlin (12-9-82)

Kalyn Condon (1-11-83)

Cindy Shields (5-11-83)

JeffLynne Sullivan (5-20-83)

Viveca Mays (1-24-84)

Vanessa Ureste (3-20-02)